Third-party presidential debate July 24

Miller Politics will be hosting the first Third Party Presidential Candidates Debate of the general election. The debate will air on July 24 at 7:30 PM (ET) from

The candidates in this debate are Brian Moore of the Socialist Party USA, Frank McEnulty of the New American Independent Party, and Charles Jay of the Boston Tea Party.

[Note: When we click on the debate URL listed above, we get the message: “The page cannot be found.” We presume Miller Politics will correct this, so just click on the Miller Politics URL for the corrected connection.]

10 Responses to “Third-party presidential debate July 24”

  1. GoNolzOhio Says:

    Socialst Party? Boston Tea Party? This is really the bottom of the barrell, as far as debates go.

  2. Glenn Brown Says:

    Requirements should if you are on ballot in enough state to win the office. New American Independent is not ballot qualified in any state.

  3. Evert Wilson Says:

    What a joke!

    Please. These people are by and large not even on the ballot.

    Why aren’t you covering the Green Party Convention.

  4. Nexus Says:

    Glenn, I don’t think any of these parties are on enough ballots to win. It looks like the requirements are backwards.

  5. Ben Says:

    All of the candidates currently scheduled will appear on Colorado’s Presidential ballot. It is up to the other minour party campaigns to give this debate more teeth by agreeing to appear themselves. Don’t attack the group setting up the debate for making it inclusive, but rather the fact that most debates are exclusive to just “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.” I think third party folks should welcome an opportunity to hear from as many different candidates as possible. “A rising tide raises all ships.”

  6. Ben Miller Says:

    First off, is up and running now.

    Next, yes these candidates may not be the ones with the most ballot access but they are running real campaigns and deserve to be heard from. I try and give as many candidates as possible coverage, including the seemingly unknown candidates.

    Also, Evert Wilson mentioned covering the Green Party convention. I would like to point out that last month I hosted a debate for the Green Party presidential candidates and all four of the candidates recognized by the party were in it.

  7. End the Empire Says:

    And I listened to the Green debate as well as several of your programs over the months. The guy from WV was like Romney in the Repub debates, a LONGWINDED gasbag! A timer used fairly would make for fairer debates on all levels.

    I won’t be listening to this debate, just irrelevent candidates. If a candidate has ballot access to over 269 EC votes they deserve to be heard. By the entire nation BTW. It they are eligible to less than 100 EC votes they don’t! They are on somekind of ego trip, money scheme,or revenge factor etc. to run such a completely hopeless campaign.

  8. Ayn R. Key Says:

    None of those that are on enough ballots to win will deign to debate a minor party candidate, and insist that they will only debate against major party candidates. The major party candidates will not deign to debate a third party candidate.

    A real third party debate would include McKinney, Baldwin, Barr, and Nader.

  9. Ben Miller Says:

    I fully support the idea that candidates on enough ballots to win the electoral college should be the candidates in the major televised debates.

    I will point out that during the 2004 campaign, candidates (or their stand ins) from the Socialist Party USA, Personal Choice Party, Socialist Equality Party and the Workers World Party were all in at least one third party presidential debate.

    Only a certain number of phone lines are available so this debate is to give these three candidates a chance to make their case.

    However, I do hope to get a debate with the other, more competitive candidates at a latter date and there will probably be another debate with lesser known candidates as well.

  10. ElfNinosMom Says:

    Why isn’t Bob Barr participating? Was he invited?

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