A president who will listen on immigration issues: Chuck Baldwin

Both John McCain and Barack Obama are for various forms of amnesty for illegal aliens, but not so Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin. Baldwin’s background as a staunch opponent of abortion and illegal immigration lends him credibility on the issues, as Baldwin’s been outspoken in his support of Christian conservative causes for years. Baldwin also holds little back in criticizing his former home, the Republican Party.

The Conservative Voice profiles Baldwin, and here are a couple brief clips from the article:

Upon accepting the Constitution Party nomination, Rev. Baldwin told party members and the news media that his presidency would result in the ending of illegal immigration and abortion. He also discussed his plans to streamline of the federal government, the tapping of oil reserves in Alaska, and a quick withdrawal from Iraq.

“Chuck is the real deal,” said Constitution Party Chairman Jim Clymer. “The party’s immediate tasks are raising money and gaining ballot access in each state.” The party currently is qualified to be on the ballots of 21 states. Clymer expects the eventual total to top 40 and including Kansas and Missouri.

12 Responses to “A president who will listen on immigration issues: Chuck Baldwin”

  1. mlimberg Says:

    Please.. give me anyone who will stand up against the criminals who enter Our Country illegally

  2. Clay Says:

    Go get ‘em Chuck! At last a Presidential nominee that will #1) do what the people want and #2) do what a President should do and stop the invasion of our country.

  3. will Says:

    chuck comes off as a racist to me

  4. End the Empire Says:

    The majority of the electorate is opposed to Amnesty and illegal immigration. That includes a majority of blacks also. These stances should sale if they reached the voters.

  5. Monique Says:

    Chuck Baldwin is our only hope to restore American values: the family, safety from terrorists as we should close the borders to illegals, a small government—as the Constitution outlines, and freedom for a mom and dad to educate their children as they see fit—public schools today are awful!! Our country needs change, and the only way it will change, is if we “as the people” change our vote

    My blessings to Dr. Baldwin and Mr. Castle


    chuck balwin is the only hope.


  7. Cody Quirk Says:

    chuck comes off as a racist to me

    = As racist as Lou Dobbs I guess.

  8. End the Empire Says:

    There you go again Demon Dave, I thought we had come to a truce, Friend. You may just be upset BB’s moneybomb didn’t quite reach Ron Paul numbers…

  9. Ferenc Says:

    D—D (dum and dummer)
    Mr.Baldwin is the only true American in this race.
    Mr. Barr?????
    Who knows what he is. A true dem, a true rep, or now a true lib.
    Think about it before you open your mouth.

    God Bless

  10. Cork Says:

    Keep the scary brown people out. End economic freedom. Vote Baldwin (or Barr)

  11. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    Chuck Baldwin’s campaign is spreading like wildfire in ALL “anti-illegal immigration ” circles…Minutemen, California Coalition of Immigration Reform, Christians for Secure Borders, ...just to name a few.
    The ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION & BORDER SECURITY ISSUES are exclusively Chuck’s and the Constitution party’s. Chuck is the ONLY presidential candidate that WILL IMMEDIATELY CLOSE THE BORDERS, ARREST EMPLOYERS WHO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS, RELEASE RAMOS/COMPEAN (and give them back their jobs with retro-active pay-if they want it),and BUILD THE FENCE 100% ! -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF,


  12. germanfrogge Says:

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