Statement from the new AIP Chairman, Jim King

Chairman Jim King

“I am proud to introduce myself to you as the new legally elected Chairman of this great party called the American Independent Party. The over forty years of efforts to retain our Constitutional rights has historically been our primary motive for existence. These rights are currently under siege by principalities who do not represent the Judeo Christian values passed on to us by the founders of this great nation. I promise that I will continue to do everything I can to protect this on going effort. It will be a great honour to serve.

I am here to serve you the party and not to be served. Our endeavors if they are successful will require the help of as many members of our party as possible. My responsibility will be to see we are successfully focused to win elections and fly higher than we ever have at faster speeds that have never been achieved. In that regard we have a Presidential Candidate Mr. Chuck Baldwin, a righteous man of extreme talent and capabilities that has the integrity, brains, strength and fortitude to indeed be elected the next President of the United States. Our party will focus to do everything we can to succeed to help Chuck Baldwin in this endeavor.

We will continue to be affiliated with the Constitution Party nationally. Since 1992 we have had this affiliation with the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party reflects the values and the platform of our party. Our party platform will be adhered to completely and be closely endeared by this Chairman. I invite all those who wish to protect our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to participate in this party.

My election as your chairman at our meeting in Los Angeles, California on June 29, 2008 has been done legally under the election codes and bylaws of our party. Any other small group or unlegal attempts currently under way to pirate away our party have no legal validity and I ask the members of our party and the public to not participate in their folly. Let no one attempt to rob this great outlet for freedom away from the citizens of the great State of California

God Bless and protect our party as we endeavor to protect our freedoms.”

- Jim King,

AIP Chairman

15 Responses to “Statement from the new AIP Chairman, Jim King”

  1. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home: ‘Hmmmm. The same James King of San Bernardino County whom has been ignoring the lethal plight of disabled veterans in your own neighborhood for over a decade? The same guy whom never visited the worst veterans care campus on the planet, the Veterans Home of California at Barstow, after request after request?

    You had a state officer in Yountville whom you claimed that he [in 1999] saw nothing wrong going on. Hmmmm. Some vision? Barstow [to the tune of $11M] costs the state taxpayers as for only the second time in federal history, monies ear marked for a care campus were suspended for negligent operations.

    Dozens of patients have suffers and even died. The San Bernardino County coroners and the state Department of Health Services have declared one ‘negligent homicide’ after an other!

    Dozens of DHS and other fines up to $100K. The only veterans home [2 national, 164 state] in the nation with out a SNF [‘sniff’ or Skilled Nursing Facility! The only one.

    Mister King, you owe us an apology and you need to buy some glasses!

    Happy Fourth of July, you self congradualing son of a bitch!

  2. Cody Quirk Says:

    No wonder why the RfP is not a viable party any more.

  3. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Why, because the former leaders, now with the Independence Movement, are thieves and liars? Because the former leaders of the so called reform movement, with all of their many faults, at least paid tribute to former active duty and did not QUIETLY allow Barstow to slide into ‘death trap’ status?

    Unhappy with the way that the reform movement has been headed? The Constitution Party types are headed down the same fractured high way!

    On the other hand, I have heard that the move from the tarnished [er, ah, Golden] state to the Silver state has gone relatively smoothly and things are well [tho warm] in the Quirk house hold and machine!

    Congrats and next time you are on I-15 near the Barstow Veterans home, drop in, have a meal or a tour, and see how horrible it still is.

  4. enrique Says:

    Well, that press release was careful to show that this is a dispute between state laws and the party by-laws.

    It really might be a legal mess. I wonder what Richard Winger thinks.

  5. Cody Quirk Says:

    Richard thinks that Ed Noonan is full of crap.

    Go ahead and ask him.

  6. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    I KNOW that Jim King is negligent and lying when it comes to abused veterans! I lived it and count less point less contacts with King a decade ago.

    If it does not have to do with a woman’s control over her own body Jim is just not interested. Yet he will knowingly lies through his teeth on the party’s care and concern for former military.

    Your national party hardly ever talks about the Constitution. Your national party has a veterans committee that does next to nothing with veterans and is mostly a recruiting tool for the party. [And I have been told so, off the record, time and time again!]

    You guys have the ethics of the reform movement!

  7. Cody Quirk Says:

    Too bad Veterans are not joining the RfP in large numbers.

    BTW is there a RfP Veterans organization?

  8. Bill Lussenheide Says:

    Jim King is an excellent man, steady leader as well as a full supporter of our nations veterans. He has and continues to add class and vision to the status of the American Independent Party.

    Expect a bright future for the party.

  9. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Flawed and even fatal California State Reform Party chair Jeff Rainforth set up five WONDERFUL web pages high lighting abused veterans and Citizens For A Better Veterans Home in 2003/2004! Within weeks of the other alternative parties doing nothing, there was an official CALVETS Investigations Committee of the Reform Party of California.

    John Coffey and I were co-chairs. It was integrated in to conventions, siminars and other official party functions. From ‘zero to sixty’ in weeks.

    Plz tell me how strong and unified the AIP is in California.

    Plz tell me how pissed veterans are to find the CP vets committee merely a recruiting sham having next to nothing to do with veterans ’ issues!

    Do your home work next time! Got a mailing address? Wanna copy of the Taxpayers Party/ AIP ‘every thing is AOK’ with California veterans in 1999 letter?

    Dead and dying former military, their friends and families: you and Jim King just do not care. Not one little bit!

    So how are things in California these days? Oh, that’s right! Things were so ‘good’, you ‘left town’. You are so sad, you are such a tool!

  10. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:


    Your national folks have done two ethical, good things! Hurray!

    After months of me complaining about the immorality of a veterans committee have little to do with former military, they dropped the six bull shitty ‘talking points’!

    Some one is not only keeping the Hackworth saga alive, but continues to expose McDuffus McCain. Oh, that is not you, but your straight talking ally, the National Veterans Coalition.

  11. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    William Lussenhelde: You either do not know Jim [King] well [classy, more like negligent!] or you are an out and out liar.

    As early as 1998, San Bernardino County Jim was presented with documented evidence that Veterans Home of California - Barstow was sliding toward being the worst former military care campus on the planet.

    Jim did nothing, and Barstow is now the worst vets home ever!

    Simple as that, you Bible thumping liar!

    Seen it first hand——Donald Raymond Lake, 619.420.0209

  12. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    I am adding my support for Jim King, as our new State Chairman of the American Independent Party (California’s CONSTITUTION PARTY affiliate).
    I have known Jim for a long time and our state AIP is in good hands now.
    The Ed Noonan regime will soon evaporate into thin air, as the California Secretary of State gives their ruling in favor of “us” the REAL AIP in California.
    EVERY POLITICAL PARTY OR INSTITUTION will unfortunately get their share of “wackos”, from time to time. The AIP (CP) gets a few now and then. When we do, the rest of the party loyalists band together and take action , on behalf of our sacred platform & principles and all the thousands of registered AIPers in the state, and stand up to the nonsense and stop it in it’s tracks.
    We are doing just that. We owe the 400,000 registered Aipers no less.
    I commend Jim King and Dr. Grundmann. They will lead our party out of the Ed Noonan oppressive regime into better days. This will be proper re-construction. Bill & Elieen Shearer are smiling down from heaven, at us, for doing our duty.
    Jim King is a good AIP loyalist and “leader”. So is Dr. Grundmann. They have no egos or self pride to get in the way, like “others” ....whose names are not worthy to even mention here.As to you Don Lake…you should get off your high horse,and get a life. As a “veteran” of Vietnam/Desert Storm, and the ‘Cold War’ as well with ‘SAC’, I, and many other veterans I know, thank God for the AIP/CP. YOU should too. Stop and smell the roses.Apparently YOU have way too much time on YOUR hands to sit around and bad mouth good men, that YOU don’t even know.
    As the National Chairman of the NATIONAL VETERANS COALITION, on behalf of the “NVC”, I say to our new state leadership…THANK YOU…WELCOME ABOARD…GOD BLESS YOU. GOD PROTECT OUR REPUBLIC. ‘Defensor Fortis’.

    Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.)USAF
    National Veterans Coalition…

  13. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    I know do nothing James King for over a decade! What has Jim King or the AIP/CP, including Escondido’s Diane Templin, ever done to politically help abused veterans? A very empty cup! A very blank bill board!

    Even you claimed that the six non veterans ‘talking points’ of the Veterans Committee were good and proper. Strange/ not so strange that they have disappeared since we last chatted, er, ah, you lectured me!

    Stick to the truth! Say what you mean! Mean what you say!

    The truth, the truth, the truth!

  14. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    Mr. Lake, apparently YOU just don’t get it. You probably will never get it, even if it is starring you in the face. I suppose you have a right to rant and rave, go ahead. The “SIX KEY ISSUES” that will save our counrty, if handled correctly, spelled out on our web site ( the BIG PICTURE. If they are not addressed correctly, SOON, you won’t have to worry about all of your so-called veteran oriented local issues anymore because, “they” won’t matter….we won’t be a country anymore…just a regional government swallowed up with all the other third world countries in a NORTH AMERICAN UNION.-Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.)USAF

    Vietnam/Desert Storm veteran,
    Deputy Sheriff retired (27 yrs.)
    Nat. Chrm. National Veterans Coalition,
    of the Constitution

  15. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Then the [no longer posted] six ‘psueto veterans’ issues should have been published on the main site?

    Then local negligent homicides of former military are not important?

    Then we wait until the world is perfect before really working on local and regional problems?

    Larry and Cody, their personal, independent opinions seem so scripted, so predetermined. What narrow minded tools!

    The national populist, border to border and Coast to Coast, is so hungry for an alternative direction, and the false Constitution Party serves up left over Bible Thumping and illogical reasoning.

    Larry and Cody, black is white and white is black.

    AIP, and it’s bright future, one can only hope, but they keep on kicking their own movement [example the 2008 CP convention and the Alan Keyes [any one remember Patrick and Bay Buchanan?] in the rear! Mean while the Democans and Republicrats are snickering in back room smoke filed corridores.

    Good luck, I still remember Long Beach P2000!

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