Darrell Castle to speak July 4

Darrell Castle, vice-presidential candidate (www.baldwin2008.com) of the Constitution Party, will speak July 4 from 5 pm to 6 pm at Camp Vigilance in Boulevard, California. Camp Vigilance is located 65 miles east of San Diego in Oak Grove, 2.5 miles from the border fence.

Events run July 3 to July 6 with camping (donation required), full hook-up, games, BBQ, and speakers on immigration. Many groups will be there—Save-Our-State California Coalition for Immigration Reform, many Minuteman groups from the state of California. See www.Secure-America-Now.com for more details or call 1-888-826-0948.

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  1. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    This is true. Darrell Castle, the Vice Presidential Constitution Party (American Independent Party in California) candidate will be there. I will be there too, representing the Constitution Party’s NATIONAL VETERANS COALITION. OTHER local congressional candidates will be there, OTHER anti-illegal immigration organizations will also be there. I accompanied Chuck Baldwin on his recent BORDER tour (Cal/Mex) yesterday, at the U.S.Customs facility, and the Border Patrol Auxilary tour of the border near Boulevard, California. We had planned to meet with T.J.Bonner (it was on the schedule) however, due to time restraints, we could not meet with him at that time. We hope to re-schedule a meetup with Mr. Bonner soon. Robert Lauten, American Independent Party congressional candidate will also be there. As a retired L.A.County Deputy Sheriff (27yrs.) and a retired USAFR Msgt. Security Police, I am very moved by the dedication of the volunteers of the BORDER PATROL AUXILARY, Border Patrol, and U.S.Customs who put their lives on the line, especially in these VERY wide open borders with Mexico, under the watchful eyes of the drug cartel.
    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.)USAF

    Constitution Party…www.nvets.org

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