Libertarian Party seeks new Executive Director

This announcement was posted on the website of the Libertarian Party of Indiana:

LP Seeks New Executive Director

Submitted by lpin on Sat, 06/28/2008 - 22:47 | LPN

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Seasoned professional with background in non-profit management & fundraising experience, who has an understanding of Libertarian Principles wanted for Executive Director.

Job Description:

Chief Operating Officer of the Libertarian Party. Reports to the Chair, Libertarian National Committee (LNC)

Directs, coordinates and administers the activities of staff at LNC headquarters in Washington DC. Recruits, trains and develops staff of 10-12 with full and part time employees plus interns

In coordination with the Treasurer, develops and executes the annual budget (in excess of $1.7M)

Solicits major donor participation in funding Party operations

Directs the execution of effective fundraising through direct mail, web and donor development


Represents the Party in the DC community; acts as a spokesperson

Nurtures effective working relationships with news media, think
tanks and state Party affiliates

Compensation: as negotiated with LNC Chair; great benefits package

Please submit resume to LNC Search Committee at: [email protected]

23 Responses to “Libertarian Party seeks new Executive Director”

  1. Rosanne Barr Says:

    I apply.

    And advocate a McKinney/Barr Green Party / Libertarian ticket.

  2. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Yeah, sure, right…....

  3. John Killian Says:

    May I suggest Steve Gordon for the job. Steve is well qualified, has a broad background in political campaigns, and has a pleasant personality as well.

  4. kenneth Says:

    Sounds like they really want a fundraiser.

  5. Stefan Says:

    Steve Gordon sounds like an excellent choice, if he wants. One will have to find a candidate that is acceptable to most/all in the LP, someone that has respect with all factions and can articulate basic LP principals well. Robert Capozzi also a possibility..

  6. johncjackson Says:

    Obviously Bob Barr should get the job or at least hand pick a friend for the job.

  7. Mike Guess Says:

    Bob Barr ass kisser please apply. Libs need a Republican to run their party now.

  8. Jason Gatties Says:

    Although I wouldn’t have an issue if Steve Gordon got the job, they should look for someone who isn’t currently attached to the Barr campaign. I like Karl Dickey from Florida, although, there are several who are very qualified. I would like this person to be an actual PARTY MEMBER this time though.

  9. DrGonzo Says:

    The most important thing is to get someone who can raise money. We aren’t going to do much with only 1.7 million a year.

  10. DIAMOND DAVE Says:

    July 2nd is coming , everyone please please email everyone to donate on this date $25 minimum.

    This is the date we kick off the campaign

    This is the date we send a message

  11. Sinclair Says:

    I’d go for Gordon despite his work with Barr. He’s always seemed fair and probably more politically radical than a lot of us radicals think. Pauli says he is and I’ve not seen that many direct quotes of his where his ideological views were in question. He (except for the one HoT fiasco) has always done a professional job projects he undertakes. Even his work with Barr was professional (what’s he doing now? he’s been too quiet lately) even if I disagreed with his candidate.

    I’d vote no for Robert Capozzi. He’s a nice guy, but too tied to the Reform Caucus, which Gordon refused to join.

    Another possible name is Adam Mayer from Oregon. I hear some radicals there don’t like him, but I’m not sure why.

    Mark Thornton from the Mises Institute would be great, too.

  12. Shane Cock Says:

    Someone who can suck Republican cock.

  13. Paul K. Says:

    Bob Capozzi is the best choice. He has a wide range of executive experience both in fundraising and public relations. He has been involved for nearly 30 years in the Libertarian movement and knows both the history and the players. While he is identified with the Reform Caucus this should not detract from his clearly superiour qualifications for the position.

  14. Arizona Indie Says:

    Hopefully an actual Libertarian, not a Barrf Republican or a destroy 04ite. Heaven forbid, somebody who actually stands for and believes in something, how novel!

  15. disinter Says:


    - Much be a member of the retard caucus. - Must not fully grasp the concept of libertarianism. - Must be able to issue press releases condemning LP candidates prior to conventions - Must be a Republicrat that has, supposedly, suddenly seen the light. - Must work towards the ultimate goal of making the LP just as moderate, and therefore useless, as the Republicrat party.
    - Must be an extremely naive and desperate person that will fall head of heels for any neocon ex-congressman that claims he is one of you now.

  16. disinter Says:

    The most important thing is to get someone who can raise money. We aren’t going to do much with only 1.7 million a year.

    And now that the LP has nominated a Republican for the prez candidate, it is reported that the LPUS is nearly broke. I wonder why….

  17. Jason Gatties Says:

    I hope a “retard” takes issue with the fact that Disinter throws that term so loosely around.

  18. Arkansas Refrain Says:

    You want to raise over $2 million hire Imperato.

  19. mattcip Says:

    Only $2 million from Imperato? He’ll raise that much from the Vatican alone.

  20. DrGonzo Says:

    I hope a “retard” takes issue with the fact that Disinter throws that term so loosely around.

    Well I doubt there are any who actually pay attention to him so it probably won’t even get noticed.

  21. Craig Says:

    Sounds like they’re looking for Richard Viguerie.

  22. Andy Says:

    There should be an opening for a new Libertarian Party Political Director soon as well, as Sean Haugh is currently embroiled in a scandal that should end up with him being terminted and possibly going to prison.

    Mr. Haugh ordered the burning of 2,000 Libertarian Party ballot access petition signatures (with high validity) in Massachusetts. This is a CRIME.

    In addition to this being a crime, Mr. Haugh showed ZERO regard for Libertarian Party donors by wasting party resources in this manner, and he also showed ZERO regard for Massachusetts voters as well as the candidates who are trying to secure spots on the Massachusetts ballot.

    Read more about the nefarious actions of Sean Haugh here:

  23. What Stinks? Says:

    Shane Cory’s mouth.

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