Getting the facts straight on Ed Noonan

From a former AIP member…


1. Ed Noonan is no longer the state Chairman of the American Independent Party. The new chairman of the California state central committee is Jim King of Los Angeles. He was elected at the State Central Committee yesterday in Los Angeles which followed the state convention, which was held Saturday at the same location.

2. Of course, we acknowledged Noonan as the State chairman (the biggest mistake our party made in its 40 year history)—he is so insecure. His name and contact info was posted on the CP contact during the period of his term. Unfortunately, the fact that he was elected chairman in September became a two year nightmare for the AIP.

3. In the fall of 2006 while Noonan was running for Governor, Jim Gilchrist, at the time an AIP member (who has always had and independent streak and has shown himself to be a bit of a loose cannon) endorsed a candidate from another party for Governor. [Not something that was really very smart because that SAME DAY that he had called Bill Shearer soliciting his aid to run for the Constitution Party Presidential nomination] Anyway, Noonan went ballistic (and this may be when he really became unhinged) and called Gilchrist and was very abusive and as a result Gilchrist—the AIP’s most prominant public figure left the party. Even Noonan’s crony Mark Seidenberg, has admitted that to me.

4. Noonan’s first attempt at communication with the AIP membership was a proposed letter that he sent to Nancy Shearer with a request that it be sent out. The letter included a naked picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and was addressed to “Dear residents of Sodom and Gomorrah”. He then proceeded to tear into the party memberhship for not working harder for his dismal Governor’s campaign. Needless to say, that letter never saw the light of day—but was preserved as evidence.

5. Noonan next—over everyone’s objection—appointed a person who was under investigation for hate crimes by the San Diego District Attorney’s office and who had clearly lied to the court about having AIP information on his computer (as a purported reason to get his computers back—which had been taken). The man had never been actively involved in the AIP before and his “group of supporters” was a biker club.

6. Next, Noonan got talked into supporting somebody’s hare-brained scheme to divide California into “Old California” (counties that had voted Democrat) and “New California” (counties that voted Republican). There was not even contiguous geographic boundaries to these proposed new states. (I don’t really think I need to go further to explain the ridiculous and embarrassing nature of this proposal) I sent Ed a personal and private email describing this proposal as a “non-starter” and urging him to abandon this idea. (Certainly, I acknowledged him as Chairman there) Noonan’s response was to attack me on his “Yahoo chat room.” As far as I know California is still just one state so I don’t think his crusade on that issue went very far.

7. By the way, Noonan ran the party activities strictly through his yahoo chat room—one of the silliest and most counter productive ideas I have encountered in 37 years in politics.

8. Noonan—our state chairman—-was quoted in a major California newspaper saying that our registration base—the foundation of our ballot qualification—was a mistake in 99% of the cases. Even if that were true (and it is not) it surely is not something that the state chairman ought to be telling the media.

9. In the summer of ‘07 his great idea for fundraising was to invite Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama and the rest of the major (and minor) party candidates to participate in a debate along with AIP/CP candidates in an AIP sponsored meeting in Sacramento. He actually sent invitations to the other party’s state chairmen! Need I say more?

10. After I came to California last year (my home state and the state where I was registered to vote at the time) and met with AIP leaders about what to do about Noonan’s antics—he circulated a proposed motion which he claimed he was going to bring at the Council Bluff’s National Committee meeting to “ban” me from the Constitution Party for 20 years! Well, I showed in Council Bluffs and he didn’t. Not much courage for a gentleman who had accused me of “hiding behind” Nancy Shearer’s skirt.

11. More recently his great crusade on his chat rooms was another crack-pot scheme to organize what could only be called a “posse” to go and effect a citizen’s arrest on the Mayor of San Francisco.


Ed Noonan has done nothing but bring scorn and ridicule on the American Independent Party—the party to which I have served since 1971.

Everybody makes mistakes—Lord knows I have (and some have been documented here) and those mistakes made me a much more humble person—but in Noonan’s case it is a matter of stupidity compounded by arrogance compounded by a nasty sneering attidtude compounded by rude behavior.

Yes, we WAS our State Chairman and possibly the greatest embarrassment the party has suffered in 40 years.

The so-called “facts” he has listed in his two parts are, as usual, filled with mistakes and an astonishing lack of understanding of the election laws and procedures in California.

There has been NO disaffiliation by the California AIP from the Constitution Party. On the contrary, there was just this weekend a state convention and state central committee legitimately called pursuant to the bylaws of the party, with 30 days notice and attended by leaders of the party from all over the state. This will become readily apparent to all.

[The purported “meeting” by which the disaffiliation was supposed to have taken place was an online “meeting” to which the members of the prior State Central Committee (of which it was purported to have been a meeting) received no notice. Ed Noonan, Mark Seidenberg and Markam Robinson are making a laughable attempt to hijack the AIP—though at the moment is a bit of a pain in the neck from a PR point of view]

The California American Independent Party enthusiastically reaffiliated with the Constitution Party and nominated Chuck Baldwin as the AIP nominee in California at its State Convention in Los Angeles, last weekend.

12 Responses to “Getting the facts straight on Ed Noonan”

  1. Cody Quirk Says:

    This post may be below the belt, but believe me, Mr. Noonan has really screwed things up in California, people need to see that the king is naked.

    BTW, I could provide more details and evidence about Ed if anyone wants me to.

  2. Plain Truth Says:

    Jim Gilchrist did not leave the AIP Party because of Ed Noonan, but for greed and the love of money. Gilchrist could not speak at Republican events unless he became a Republican, so he could not go after their money or have credibility with them until he switched parties. Someone said he thought the AIP’s were wackos and cheap to boot.

  3. Porter_Rockwell Says:

    Post it Cody…Post it all…

  4. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    Thanks Cody for posting all of this. Ed Noonan and his elk can go wander off into that grey twilight , where timid souls wander, who have no clue what victory IS or can be. -Larry Breazeale, NVC/CP

  5. Constitution Lover Says:

    It is great news that the AIP has reaffiliated itself with the Constitution Party. Chuck Baldwin is a fine candidate that I can wholeheartedly support. The Ed Noonans of the world give credence to the claims of those who say that the AIP is a party of wackos. It will be good if we can put Ed Noonan behind us.

  6. Stefan Says:

    Would it not make sense for the AIP to rename themselves the “Constitution Party of California” over time? This will make it a lot easier in the future, is a nicer/more descriptive name with identity and also differentiate themselves from other parties with the name “Independent” such as the one Alan Keyes is now trying to form.

  7. Cody Quirk Says:

    Jim Gilchrist did not leave the AIP Party because of Ed Noonan, but for greed and the love of money.

    = True, but Ed still went crazy from it and viciously attacked Jim.

  8. Cody Quirk Says:

    Would it not make sense for the AIP to rename themselves the “Constitution Party of California” over time?

    = FYI, they would have to start all over and collect 80,000 signatures from scratch.

    BTW, the AIP name has a good populist ring to it and I even think the national CP ought to dump their current name and add ‘Indepedent’ and ‘American’ to their title.

  9. Cody Quirk Says:

    And the guy that posted this has most of the crazy emails from Ed.

  10. Porter_Rockwell Says:


    Dear Ed,

    Consider this the last email ever from me to you.

    Since you have been our Chairman, I’ve tried to stay out of all in-fighting that has gone on in the Party, thanks to you.

    But now I’ve had it.

    Ed, you are the WORST State Chair the AIP has EVER had! You have caused more problems then you did build the party! Now there’s only ONE AIP candidate running for this year and AIP registration.

    Appointing that moron (D. Clark) and his biker gang to be the San Diego AIP Committee has caused us nothing but hardship, and it did nothing.

    Attacking Gary Odom and Nancy Shearer in a deranged manner is definably disgusting and petty of you. Especially since Gary has done more for the AIP in its history then you have, as has Nancy. Gary even has tried burying the hatchet with you and helping you out, but you have rejected his peace offerings.

    You have also driven people out from the AIP, just because they don’t see eye-to-eye with you, and have attacked Party members simply for not being active enough. David Christensen was one that you have unjustifiably dragged through the mud.

    Endorsing Alan Keyes, to the point of breaking off from the party was a new low for you. Alan killed his chances with the Constitution Party by refusing to reconcile his foreign policy views with the Party and chiding Constitutionalists for not thinking like him on his views.

    Alan is nothing more then a political opportunist and a poor debater, even Chris Hansen will not support him. After losing the nomination, his own actions (by bashing the CP), speak louder then words in showing that the CP dodged a bullet by nominating Chuck instead.

    And when I went to the IAP state convention in Reno, I found Mark Seidenburg and Markham Robinson there trying to sway the IAP to leave the Constitution Party, with Mark telling me it was going to happen- which it did not.

    Man Ed, have you no decency?! any dignity at all?

    I guess you don’t, after trying to disrupt the OFFICIAL AIP convention in Los Angeles, first by calling up AIP members, including Jim Griffin, and bashing Gary Odom and telling a distorted history of the AIP and at the convention, having Mr. Seidenburg hang out outside the convention hall and harass convention goers until he had to be escorted out by security.

    You haven’t sunk rock-bottom; you’re well below the rocks themselves.

    And don’t bother claiming this is a anti-Mormon conspiracy- Nevada, Utah, and Idaho voted for Baldwin, Paul Venable argued against Keyes, Janine and the Fluckigers are backing Baldwin 100%. The man is no anti-Mormon. You can forget about LDS support for your tyranny in the AIP.

    And now you’re claiming, after a unannounced meeting you had, that the AIP is leaving the CP and joining “America’s Independent Party” is utterly pathedic. But the most pathetic part is you claim that the CP has never elected anyone to office!


    Besides our office-holders in Nevada, we have city councilmen in Utah and Michigan, town mayors in Florida and Minnesota, a County commissioner in Wisconsin, another office-holder in West Virginia, and of course there’s Rick Jore of Montana.

    Well Ed, you did it for me, as of now, I’m leaving CA Mormon Battallion and I’m kicking you out and deleting your posts on Independent- American.

    I guarentee you Ed, if you take AIP Chairman Jim King and the Party to court- YOU WILL LOSE!

    Thank you for destorying Bill Shearer’s legacy, you Gaddianton Robber! What you have done will count against you in the Book of Life Ed.

    -Cody J. Quirk

  11. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    Cody, thanks for having the courage to stand up to Ed Noonan and ‘his elk’. We should now, ignore the ‘wackos’ and put 100% of our attention on the BALDWIN/CASTLE 2008 CAMPAIGN. WE in the CP have a golden opportunity with the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION issue, nationwide.
    NO OTHER CANDIDATE or PARTY will touch it with a ten foot pole.
    WE ARE! It is ALL ours for the taking. Go for it!

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF

  12. Mark Seidenberg Says:

    The AIP ticket is Alan Keyes and Wiley Drake. This was the results of the
    Convention in Sacramento on July 5, 2006 at the auditorium of the California Secretary of State Building.

    Conventions of AIP must be conducted in Sacramento because of Election
    Code sections 7608(b) and 7620. The location of a Convention is set according to the
    AIP by-laws and the Election Code and requires it to be picked at a meeting of the State Central Committee and not by 9 offices signing
    a sheet of paper calling a convention.

    The AIP is now looking for people who want to see Alan Keyes the next
    President of these United States.


    Mark Seidenberg
    Vice Chairman
    American Independent Party

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