AIP holds its State Convention, endorses Chuck Baldwin and reaffirms CP affiliation

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The American Independent Party of California, at its State Convention in Los Angeles on June 28th and 29th at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel, announces its continued affiliation with the national Constitution Party and its endorsement of Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle as its Presidential and Vice-Presidential ticket in the coming November elections.

Newly elected State Chairman Jim King, and his fellow elected officers, celebrated the Baldwin/Castle ticket: “Chuck Baldwin is a fantastic candidate who stands for the greatest future for our nation and the solution of our greatest problems. Chuck Baldwin will solve the problems which Obama and McCain fear to address. He gives real straight talk and will bring real change and hope.”

More details will be upcoming…

Note: This was the official Convention of the AIP, in accordance with its bylaws.

17 Responses to “AIP holds its State Convention, endorses Chuck Baldwin and reaffirms CP affiliation”

  1. Bill Lussenheide Says:

    Bill Lussenheide hosts Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin of the
    Constitution Party, the nations third largest political party, in an
    exclusive, issue targeting, radio interview.

    KBRT 740, has the nations second largest Christian radio audience,
    and 10th largest radio “footprint” covering all of Southern California out to
    Arizona and Nevada.

    Feel free to distribute and use in any and all ways.

    BTW- Chuck confesses to be a Green Bay Packer Fan at 24:50 !

  2. Meh Says:

    Interesting news. However, I read that Alan Keyes’ group is claiming to have taken control of the California AIP. I, of course, assume that is false, but here is the “press release” for anyone that is interested in reading it:

    Any comments?

  3. Bison Says:

    Another very good interview given by a local Michigan TV reporter

    I have not seen it posted on here elsewhere, unless of course I missed it.


  4. Red Phillips Says:

    Meh, scroll down a few posts. There are several posts on this matter.

  5. Porter_Rockwell Says:

    Ed Noonan and his foolios are allowed to post whatever they desire on the web. The reality is simple: The State Executive Committee of the AIP called a State Convention and State Central Committee meeting. It was called according to the By-Laws of the Party.

    Ed Noonan and his foolios have ruined and bankrupted the AIP. He might desire to be that narcissitic black Harold Stassen’s attack pit chihuahua, but the truth is simple, the AIP remains affiliated with the Constitution Party.

  6. Porter_Rockwell Says:

    Baldwin…A Green Bay Fan??????

    Hmmmmmmmmmm…The Gates of Hell are wide…


  7. Sean Scallon Says:

    I think what happened is that Noonan got the jump on everyone with his press release that, with his title of chairman (even if we wasn’t) the medai would take seriously not knowing the situation fully. Hopefully this post was a news release as well otherwise there’s going to be a lot of confusion.

  8. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    Be advised…. the lunatic fringe…”painty-waisted” Grouch Ed and the “Marks Brothers”...are ‘legends in their own minds’. WE in the American Independent Party (affiliate of the Constitution Party) made doubly sure that when we had our AIP State Convention and State Central Committee, this last 28-29 June in L.A., that ALL of our “T”s were crossed and our “i”s were dotted , documentation wise and that we did everything LEGAL. WE did. The California Secretary of State’s Office has been very helpful and they already have the legal documentation. The lunatic fringe can go fly a kite!Their little “conspiracy” did NOT work. The AIP in California is in good capable hands at the leadership level with JIM KING as our new State Chairman and Dr. Grundmann as our Vice Chairman.

  9. Cody Quirk Says:

    Interesting news. However, I read that Alan Keyes’ group is claiming to have taken control of the California AIP. I, of course, assume that is false, but here is the “press release” for anyone that is interested in reading it:

    Any comments?

    = Uhmmm, I don’t see that ‘news release’ you were talking about.

    I believe the website is back in the hands of the right people.

  10. Cody Quirk Says:

    This is a Official release of the AIP state convention in LA.

    Ask Jim King himself.

  11. C.T. Says:

    That press release was False I know this for a fact the by laws were followed and it is sad that in fighting is more important than moving forward, sure the republicans and dems do it this year especially, but we have a tougher road ahead and our stuff needs to be smoother and quicker, thats war 101

  12. Meh Says:

    BTW, I am not involved in this factional struggle in any way.

    If the press release was false, and the real IAP-CA is still the affiliate of the national CP, then someone should correct this Wikipedia article:

    Someone at Wikipedia is claiming that the CA party is now part of Keyes’ organization.

  13. Douglas Strother Says:


    The official AIP site has Robinson’s announcement of disaffiliation and a link to “America’s Independent Party” in place of the Constitution Party link. The original address http;// now goes to !

    I supported Ed Noonan in his gubernatorial campaign, and I spent a few hours on the phone with Robinson last Fall. I was lead to believe that they were up-front guys. Their subsequent actions show that I was wrong.

  14. Carlsbad Says:

    Mr. Keyes cannot even get the funds for the flight to CA (per his site and funny little call-in show). Perhaps he should use some of the funds he used from his campaign so far.
    He is a silly man who really needs to consider a new a line of making money. All he is doing is making third party politics a joke, something that we cannot have!

  15. Pat Rogers Says:

    Carlsbad, if you view him as a silly man why are you so concerned about what is said on his funny little call-in show? Your slanderous and petty comments serve more to give third party politics a bad name. Why aren’t you out promoting Chuck Baldwin as a household word instead of wasting your time listening for every morsel of news about said silly man?

  16. carlsbad Says:

    There is no slander when you discuss public facts. Pat, I do not support Baldwin, I just want to make sure Keyes and people like him NEVER get in a position of responsibility.
    Keyes is the one defaming third party politics. He has never accomplishes even one political goal to completion. He is the personification of a loser and a there is nothing lower than a loser politician.

  17. D Kennedy Says:

    Carlsbad is right. Very few people support Alan Keyes. All Keyes does is blame the media when it is him who defiles the general media. When Keyes and Obama met in an election, Obama, then a relative unknown, recorded a record lopsided win in a state that should have been strong for Keyes. Why does even one Keyes supporter think that Alan would get even a few votes in a general election? He cannot even get on the ballot in nearly every state. And this CA thing will not fly either. Keyes is a joke.

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