Obama campaign manager thinks Barr could swing election

“We have a lot of different combinations to get to 270,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said Tuesday, according to John Berman and James Gerber of ABC News. And Plouffe made it clear that Bob Barr could play a key role in Obama achieving that electoral majority:

Obama’s campaign manager sees the Libertarian presidential bid of former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr® being a positive factor for Obama in Georgia and Alaska.

In Georgia, Plouffe thinks Barr will get 4% of the vote, “most of it coming out of McCain’s hide.” In Alaska, Plouffe said Barr “can get 4, 6, even 8 percent.”

With Barr picking up a slice of the vote in Alaska, Plouffe thinks Obama can score an upset win in a state that hasn’t voted Democrat since 1964.

9 Responses to “Obama campaign manager thinks Barr could swing election”

  1. Steve Kubby Says:

    The Republican Party has blood on its hands from the Bush Administration and Bob Barr is just the man to put the GOP six feet under, where it belongs. It’s not enough to impeach Bush/Cheney, we need to impeach the entire Republican Party for its illegal, unconstitutional and immoral behavior.

  2. James Patterson Says:

    Are you the Steve Kubby who vied for the LP nomination? If so, cool! You are a hero for having been a part of history.

    By the way, a big way Bob Barr can win 5% more of the national polling percentage would be if he came out swinging against laws the NOW passed recently. Bush completely caved into radical feminism and there has been nobody except Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo to even meekly protest their new laws.

    IMBRA, for instance, makes it a crime for a dating website to introduce an American to a foreigner without background checking the American and forcing the foreigner to sign an affidavit before communication is allowed to take place. Look up IMBRA and Constitution on Google please.

    Nobody is challenging IMBRA apparently because very, very few Americans date foreigners online (people mostly look within a 40 mile radius).

  3. disinter Says:

    If Bareback Hussein Osama doesn’t think the can beat McWar without Barf, then he has some serious campaign problems.

  4. Mickey Bennett Says:


    When you say “entire Republican Party”, I assume you’re exempting Dr. Paul.

  5. Teddy Says:

    Both parties need to be kicked out of both Congress and State Offices.It is time for third parties to work against the ruling parties.Nader will take from Dems and Barr will take from GOP. State offices Greens will Take from Dems and us Libertarians will take from GOP.Even if we dont win we must keep running and in time hopefully we will start making gains.

  6. Stefan Says:

    disinter: exactly. The same with regard to McCain. What do you bet that McCain may drop out of the GOP nomination before the RNC in September with a lower polling, more dissatisfaction etc.? This is not so preposterous, I heard this possibility has been mentioned on certain radio programs. McInsane obviously try to be everything to everybody and may end up being nobody for anybody! Also wonder how his health may hold, heard he is not campaigning on weekends.

  7. Stefan Says:

    Steve: I would be a bit more differentiated: many in the Bush administration have indeed blood on their hands, but you have to understand many congressmen were probably duped into voting yes and simply vote according to the mainline party position. I read Dick Armey has his real doubts about the constitutionality of the invasion. There were 6 GOP congressmen (Ron Paul, Jimmy Duncan, Butch otter - now governor etc.) that voted against and in the meantime there would be more against the war, like congressman Walter Jones (NC), sen. Chuck Hagel (NE) etc. Then also, the opening for the Iraq attack has already been been created by CLinton in the late 1990’s - as Ron Paul pointed out,, and then most of the media certainly also played a big role. Remember not only Fox, but also MSNBC, CNN, BBC etc. etc. Ventura, who has a show and agreement, mentioned how they told him to refrain form expressing any criticism about going to war… it is of course a “newsworthy” issue that bring them money and viewers. Some Democrats also voted for the war, including Edwards, Clinton etc. etc.

    Steve: there is an interesting and very significant new development! You know about Vincent Bugliosi’s book, NYT bestseller but virtually no mention in the media. Also leftwing radio stations do not want to touch it with a 10 foot pole.
    Well look at this short, but starling revelation! It could be the start of a “revolt” within the GOP and be more effective than Scott McClellan’s book:


  8. Miguel Says:

    Hey Kubby, I was hoping Barr would pick you as his vp candidate. I thought you were the best option out of them all. What I really would have liked to have seen is a Kubby/Gravel lp ticket. Either way, keep up the hard fight for liberty.

  9. Miguel Says:

    By the way, I forgot to mention I really think you should run for congrees in California’s district 4. Im from the area, and since Terbolizard didnt get the GOP nomination, I cant vote for McClintock or Brown.

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