Barr says he’s drawing Paul support

Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidaHe told themte for President, was in Atlanta filing ballot access papers at the capitol when he was asked about the campaign by reporters. He told them he is receiving support, as volunteer workers and as contributors, from backers of Ron Paul’s previous bid for the Republican nomination. He also said he is in touch with Congressman Paul.

Associated Press noted: “Paul still enjoys a loyal base of support. Some of them say they are now giving Barr a look.”

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  1. disinter Says:

    “Paul still enjoys a loyal base of support. Some of them say they are now giving Barr a look.”

    Gee. I wonder why.

  2. Nick Says:

    I dont understand why they keep talking about Barr When Baldwin is clearly getting more of Pauls supporters than Barr. Bob is not the next in line to get the supporters its chuck baldwin all the way

  3. Teddy Says:

    No is ine line to get votes, you earn them.

  4. Man Faded Says:

    The media or powers in charge prefer Barr to Baldwin. They will not in no way support our constitution or Baldwin just like they did to Ron Paul.

  5. larry Says:

    Chuck Baldwin verses Barr. Look at google image constitution party ballot access. Go to the site and compare with Livertarian ballot access. Bottom line Libertarians are best at ballot access. If you are not on the ballot it does not matter. Constitution Party if you want the attention of Bob Barr get on the ballot and run a celebrity or qualified candidate. Please get a brain.

  6. Mickey Bennett Says:

    Bob Barr has more than three times as many groups as Baldwin with more than four times as many members.

  7. ecoli Says:

    Hey, I’m all for people going with their gut when voting for politicians, but I think Barr is the smart vote right now. It’s a longshot, but the media doesn’t seem to be doing that bad a job right now, and with Ron Paul’s help, they’re giving him some of the coverage that was passed over (seeing that there’s actual a market for it).

    Barr has a chance to at least be a spoiler, and we should let the mainstream see that.

  8. MikeB Says:

    Yes, the ‘elephant in the room’ for the Barr campaign is that anyone with a brain knows he can’t win in November. Even Barr knows he’s not going to be President—but what his candidacy WILL do is bring libertarian ideas and solutions to a wider audience just as Ron Paul’s did. I think the libertarian cause and the nation will be greatly served by Barr’s candidacy. Sadly, it probably means votes stolen from McCain and an Obama presidency for four years. But take heart! After four years of Obama ramming government down everyone’s throats, the nation will be ready for some libertarianism. It should also help to pull the Republican Party back toward its libertarian roots also.

  9. End the Empire Says:

    The number that matters in POTUS elections is 270! If you are on the ballot in enough states to mathemactically WIN the Electoral College you are a player.

    Anyone who says Barr or BaldWIN can’t win is putting off negative vibes DUDE! I don’t care for negative vibes, do you? A third party POTUS candidate can win the white house with as few as 26.5 million votes in the right places…

    As for the Ron Paul support? How long must it go on? Barr gets some, BaldWIN gets some and some dummies write in Paul. Nobody gets $35 million out of them. Get over it and find your own funds. They need to be more worried about getting the over 200 million people who didn’t vote for Ron Paul.

    People need to send in $4,600 checks NOW to BaldWIN and/or Barr! The money matters now, Oct. is too late.

  10. MikeB Says:

    Well, I wish the whole nation felt as I do and would vote libertarian in November, but my knowledge of life in this nation tells me it will be a while longer. Some things will have to change first. Libertarians haven’t made their case with the American people yet. The Libertarian Party has held extreme positions on certain issues that has earned it a ‘kook fringe’ label with mainstream Americans, even though polls show there are millions of voters who have strong libertarian leanings—and would vote libertarian if the right candidate and party were presented. A good example is the ‘non-aggression principle.’ This principle is expressed in the pledge that every person swears to when joining the Libertarian Party. What could be wrong with promising not to support the use of force in politics, right? I, along with many thousands of others, swore the Pledge not realizing that we were promising to uphold many things that are not apparent in the Pledge itself, such as no taxes. That’s right. The LP actually holds to the idea there should be absolutely no taxes of any kind. Ever. Even the most ardently anti-tax voter among mainstream Americans recognizes this as a kooky and unworkable idea that looks great on paper. It’s not part of the real world that most people live in. This is just one a several examples of where the LP leopard is going to have to change its spots before it manages to grow beyond a tiny party with virtually no chance of changing the direction of this nation.

  11. jhonboatamer Says:

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