Al Sharpton calls Nader’s comments ‘most troubling’

Al Sharpton sent an open letter to independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader, criticizing him for saying Barack Obama is “talking white” and appealing to “white guilt.”

“I don’t know how one “talks black or white,” wrote Sharpton in the open letter, which was emailed to members of the press. “There are clearly different styles and speech cadences in every community.”

Sharpton added that Nader’s comments were “”beneath the respect many have had for you and more importantly below the level of political discourse we need at this point in history.”

4 Responses to “Al Sharpton calls Nader’s comments ‘most troubling’”

  1. 35332 Says:

    I have still yet to see any one post the actual letter. Know where I can see it?

  2. Gerald Says:

    I have yet to see that letter from Sharpton myself.

    “There are clearly different styles and speech cadences in every community.”

    I find it hard to believe, if that quote is indeed accurate, that this is how Sharpton would interpret such comments. It seems pretty obvious that Nader was not referring to a style of speaking, but instead calling out the white, wealthy audience that benefits from the most from the issues Obama speaks to.

  3. steve conn Says:

    When Obama dumped his pastor, was it because what Wright said was wrong or was it because he was “talking black” and scaring non-whites with the hard truth about being a minority in America? Somehow this question was lost . Nader appears to want the next President to stand for something and is not afraid to demand it. We are just finishing up with a President presented with an open-ended mandate by 9/11.

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