Throw a wrench in the system

Steve Newton has had his Saul Alinsky moment. Alinsky, the famous radical agitator, said: “And if you’ve got no power and no numbers, the least you can do is make a stink!”

Writing in the Delaware Libertarian blog, Newton sees that opportunity in this election year:

...the best we can do as Libertarians (in concert with other third party movements) is mobilize to throw the entire Demopublican monopoly electoral system into chaos.

Bob Barr has already done that in Georgia; in tandem with Michael Munger he’s doing that in North Carolina. Ralph Nader is accomplishing something similar in Michigan….

Let’s make election night a real nail-biter for all those apparachiks who for years have given us only the choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledumber.

2 Responses to “Throw a wrench in the system”

  1. End the Empire Says:

    Now this is the BEST post in days. OH YES! Throw several wrenches in and listen to the clanging! All third party candidates need to tell and show america that the Ds and Rs are the PROBLEM, we are the SOLUTION!

    Run as if you can win no matter your funding. It doesn’t cost much to pump flesh in the mall asking for their votes! Get the message out, they are listening this year.

  2. allyahoo Says:

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