18-year-old creates Facebook page for Barr

The Barr campaign highlights one of the candidate’s younger supporters, John Paul Lewis, 18, creator of a Facebook page for Barr supporters.

Asked “Why did you decide to support [Barr]?” Lewis answered:

Congressman Barr fits my personal ideology quite well because he seems to be a more moderate libertarian, as am I. Sen. Gravel, and many of the other Libertarian candidates seemed a bit to extreme for me. Cong. Barr fit perfect for my beliefs.

As for what led him to the Libertarian Party:

The Libertarian Party seems to be a party for thinkers. The debate and discussion is not based on sound bites, or rhetoric that is appealing to emotion. Rather the LP offers sound, philosophical debate over the issues.

6 Responses to “18-year-old creates Facebook page for Barr”

  1. No Drills in A.N.W.R./Coasts!!! Says:

    Seeeeee? Bob Barr can attract young supporters, not just Barack Obama!

  2. George Whitfield Says:

    John Paul Lewis, Thank you for taking the initiative and creating the Facebook page. You have helped the campaign and it is much appreciated. We can restore America to the Constitution and bring peace, prosperity and liberty if we all do something to help.

  3. disinter Says:

    Oh wow. One retarded teenager creates a facebook page for Barf and this is big news?

    Good grief.

  4. disinter Says:

    “Although he has worked for the Barr grassroots campaign, and gotten involved with the Libertarian Party, John Paul is a proud member of the
    Republican Party, and believes the best way to change the face of American politics, is to reform the Republican party. ”


  5. Mike Theodore Says:

    So does that go against Paul and his supporters as well, disinter. I really don’t know who your angry at anymore.

  6. youjuicywhit Says:

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