Libertarian Green Party Candidate Steve Lee Childes

According to The, the Colorado Green Party has an interesting and worth noting Libertarian Green. Libertarian Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 7th district, Steve Lee Childs.

As visitors to Third Party Watch well know, there were several such joint candidates this for President seeking both the Libertarian and Green Party nominations. Both parties have worked well together for America at important times. Remember the important work in Ohio after the 2004 election.

3 Responses to “Libertarian Green Party Candidate Steve Lee Childes”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Carey strikes again! A candidate that cannot be googled…a candidate that neither the GPUS nor LP sites list, not only as a candidate, but in a general search.

    If you have a link to that article…I’d like to see it…I hate thinking someone is running for US Congress, and can’t even get coverage in on the web….

  2. Carey Campbell Says:


    Thank You for the comment, and reading the post

    Here’s the link

  3. Jen Says:

    The post on the Green Pages makes no reference to the Libertarian Party so I must ask again Campbell with you please stop spreading BS lies and get your head out of your ass.

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