Green Party Roundup

Illinois Greens issue press release:

This week, the State Officers Electoral Board decided to remove four anti-war Green Party congressional candidates from the November ballot, two of whom served during the Iraq War. The removed candidates are Iain Abernathy of Round Lake Beach (8th District), Dave Kalbfleisch of Arlington Heights (10th District), Rob Hill of DeKalb (14th district) and Troy Dennis of Mount Zion (17th district). This decision denies all voters in these districts a fair choice for the November election.

Now it’s up to each candidate to fight it in court.

voters across Illinois will have the opportunity to vote for a record number of Green Party candidates, including a presidential candidate to be determined at the Green Party National Convention to be held in Chicago, July 10-13, 2008.

Minnesota Greens hold convention
by Gregg Jocoy, GPW

In a post at their state party website, Minnesota Greens report that they held a state convention last weekend, and elected to send 11 of their 12 delegates committed to Cynthia McKinney, with one to cast a vote for running no one.

The same article says that Michael Cavlan , who was seeking the Green Party nod for US Senate fell one vote short of the 2/3 vote he would have needed to win the party’s nomination. He has said that he will run as an independent now.

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