Three suburban Chicago Green Party candidates removed from ballot

Suburban Chicago’s Daily Herald reports:

The field of candidates narrowed in three suburban congressional districts Monday as the Illinois Board of Elections bumped Green Party candidates off the November ballot.

The three are 8th Congressional District candidate Iain Abernathy of Round Lake Beach, 10th District candidate David Kalbfleish of Arlington Heights, and 14th District candidate Robert Hill of DeKalb—all of whom the party had slated after the state’s Feb. 5 primary.

In each case, the election board agreed with objectors who said the Greens failed to follow legal procedures in slating their candidates.

Patrick Kelly, Illinois Green Party media committee chairman, says:

We’ve come to expect this type of thing from the Democrats who, despite their names, are out to end democracy in Illinois. They’ll never stop until they can win every election without competition, apparently.

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