Libertarian Party congressional contest in Wisconsin

Libertarians in Wisconsin’s 3rd congressional district apparently have a couple of candidates fighting for the congressional nomination.

One candidate is businessman Ben Olson III. The other is University of Wisconsin faculty member Kevin Barrett. The Wisconsin Radio Network identifies Barrett as a “9/11 truther,” and Barrett identifies Olson as the “old” kind of libertarian who wants to “shut down every aspect of the government overnight.”

Barrett says he is a “new” libertarian who believes that “the government actually needs to be strengthened in a certain way so it can go after the worst abuses of private power,” such as big banks and corporations. He identifies himself as in the tradition of Bob LaFollette, the early 20th century Progressive from Wisconsin.

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  1. timothy west Says:

    Barrett is the beginning of a new movement in politics, neither liberal nor conservative. He knows that private monopolies often abuse government power to oppress the common man. example: the banking bill that allowed banks to buy and own every other type of financial enterprise and merge into huge global corporations accountable o no one. It was even described by a legislative aid at the time as a payback bill to the banks for supporting dozens of crooked republican and Democratic candidates in 2002.

    A successful LP will face this truth head on and realize it is corruption that is the issue here and face the issue of private corporate abuse of our laws or another party will come along to do it.

  2. Roscoe Says:

    Is this Ben Olson of the Aloha Caucus fame?

  3. Galileo Says:


  4. silver Republican Says:

    This Barett guy sounds like bad news.

  5. paulie Says:

    Barrett is the beginning of a new movement in politics, neither liberal nor conservative. He knows that private monopolies often abuse government power to oppress the common man.

    That’s true, and they do so with government permission and encouragement.
    Putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop doesn’t help the chickens any. Just the opposite.

  6. Free Al. Says:

    I happen to prefer the “old” kind of libertarian, though Barrett is wrong that we want to shut down all of government overnight. We want to shut down all unnecesary government ASAP. As far as I’m concerned, the old kind of Libertarian is the ONLY kind. People like Barrett, who want to strenghtn governemnt to fight private business, have no right to call themselves Libertarian in any way, shape or form. A TRUE libertarian would leave the battle against abuses by Banks and Corporations to Labor Unions and Boycotts, not to mention Freedom of the Press.

    Oh, and barrett is not the beginning of a “new movement,” at least, not from what I read in the article. What I read sounds a lot like Communism, and its been around for quite some time, and is not in any way connected to the libertarian philosophy.

    We lost one round in the selection of Barr as our nominee for President. Lets not lose another round to a Communist. Enough is enough.

  7. Paulie Says:

    On the other hand, he helps bring balance.

  8. Michael Seebeck Says:

    This “new” libertarian sounds more like an anti-corporatist progressive that Air America has on the air (see also Thom Hartmann).

    Libertarian? Nope.

    Can corporations be corrupt? Sure they can. That’s last century’s news.

    It ties back directly with the rise of the taxation state, fiat money, and calling corporations “persons”.

    Sorry, but if a corporation is a person then I want to see that person in labor or having surgery or donating organs.

    The LP focuses on the evils and ills of government, and one of those is the enabling legislation that allows corporations to have theri monopolies, and by extension, become corrupt.

    Going after the corporations is not getting at the root of the matter, and it will not work. Most of us “old” libertarians (whatever that really means) understand this.

  9. True Truther Says:

    Barrett’s juvenile self-promotion and his lack of concern for the facts, his
    endorsement of holocaust denial, and his fascination with violence make him
    an embarrassment to the 9/11 Truth movement.

    For 9/11 Truth, read Dr. David Ray Griffin and google Dr. Steven Jones. It
    doesn’t take much googling of Kevin Barrett to find that this clown is Very
    Bad News.

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