Barr can expect more Huckabee-type attacks

Michael Freeman at thinks Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party can expect more attacks along the lines of Mike Huckabee’s comments that libertarians are selfish, with their platform constituting a “soulless type of economic conservatism.”

Freeman notes that Huckabee is indeed the polar opposite of a libertarian:

Huckabee is a strong believer in the power of government to help people economically by the redistribution of wealth and the allocating of taxpayer money for spending programs, and to change the culture through nation bans.

Bob Barr and the Libertarians “can expect to hear plenty of complaints like the ones Huckabee made,” Freeman warns, and “this November may be a good indication of whether the Libertarians can truly tap into a sense among the American people that government works best by getting out of the way.”

13 Responses to “Barr can expect more Huckabee-type attacks”

  1. Roscoe Says:

    So what if libertarians are self-interested? Huckabee trashes compassion and promotes greed for the possessions of others. Hardly a Christian, eh?

  2. timothy west Says:

    yep. exactly. Barr needs to attack the injection of religion to every facet of public policy and solidly make the argument that doing so has made the nation less moral, not more. this is one way he can drive independent voters to himself rather than MC Cain or Obama.

    religion should stay in church where it belongs. Governmental policy should be that which most encourages life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  3. texpat Says:

    Roscoe has it right. Huckabee ought to re-read the Tenth Commandment.

  4. paulie Says:

    Not coveting his neighbor’s wife?

  5. hmmm Says:

    ox or donkey or anything else your neighbor owns…

  6. disinter Says:

    libertarians are selfish

    Proudly so.

    “The Constitution sought to set up a government with the sole purpose of protecting individual rights (against the use of force by others), not as the provider of welfare through the redistribution of wealth.”

  7. paulie Says:

    Many libertarians are not selfish.

    Opposing government violence is, if anything, contrary to self-interest. It would be more selfish to go along, get along, and use the system for illegitimate personal gain. Many libertarians give this up to fight for freedom, and often pay dearly for it.

  8. jane Says:

    If your not up to date on the verbal thrashing that Bar and Huckabee have been doing you can check out, they have a section called Huckabee vs Barr. LOL they have a play by play of the whole thing. They have it at too.

  9. Paulie Says:


    That is one hideous website.

    The content might be excellent for all I know, but I was afraid I would have something akin to an epileptic seizure if I stayed for more than three seconds.

  10. disinter Says:

    They have it at too.

    I wonder if Barf will try to steal that private property like he did this one:

  11. Stefan Says:

    disinter: Dr. Phillies registered not suspicious and strange to you?

  12. End the Empire Says:

    Someone tell RAT tooth Huckabilly to go back to his cabin in the Ozarks and take his MTN woman with him. His CFR handlers aren’t going to make him veep…

  13. jane Says:

    I found a site that has the Back and forth that has been going on between Barr and Huckabee. If anyone is interested. I will post the link its pretty funny. They lay the whole feud out. Just go to the site and click on the Barr vs Huckabee link. LOL The site is

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