Green Party solutions for Pain at the Pump

Green Party candidates like Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Johnson, Kent Mesplay, and Katherine “Kat” Swift offer positive solutions.

The British are paying $8 dollars a gallon for gas. Goldman Sachs predicts Americans will be paying $6 a gallon next year.

Green Party candidates positive solutions. “More Trains, Less Traffic”. Build modern high speed rail across America. New High Speed rail in the intersate corridors, and light rail in communities to cut dependance on foreign oil in half. Stop wanton waste of $1 Trillion tax dollars on foriegn military misadventure. Stop the deficit spending that has brought a weaking dollar, and inflated prices. Seek political solutions for political problems. Use tax savings to balance annual $3.1 trillion federal budget, pay off $9.4 Trillion federal debt, install auditable accounting system at pentagon. Build rail with tax savings.

Kent Mesplay, ” Cut out tax payer funded oil, auto, aspault subsidies”.

Columist Charles Krauthammer wrote in the Washington Post this week. “Tax the damn thing.”

“Why have the extra $2 dollars (above the current $4) go abroad? Have it go to the U.S. Treasury as a gas tax.” To pay off the federal debt and strengthen the U.S. economy. Force conservation.

Announce a schedule of gas tax hikes of 50 cents every six months for the next two years. And put a tax floor under $4 gasoline, so that as high gas prices transform the fleet, change driving habits, and hugely reduce U.S. oil demand and bring down world oil prices .. the American consumer and American economy reap all the benefits”.

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  1. Thane Eichenauer Says:

    Haw and haw! Four dollar a gallon gasoline isn’t a bug it’s a feature! And gas isn’t expensive enough at $4 a gallon - it really should be $6.00 (minimum) per gallon.

    At times I wonder whether the anti-imperial tendencies of the Socialist Party (oops - I meant Green Party) would be enough to outweigh the self-evident drawbacks of the Republican and Democrat Parties and then I see a post like this.

    They can’t even hold themselves back to eliminating the hundreds of foreign US military bases overseas before launching a 21st century jobs program building trains.

    I’ll tell you folks, no government program is auditable or corruption-proof, just read a few articles about Maricopa County Arizona’s light rail program in the Phoenix New Times.

    The only solution worth pursuing is less government, be it gas taxes, income taxes, less government spending, be it soldiers or good loyal government rail contractors.

    There is no such thing as a government jobs or research program that doesn’t kill more jobs and research than it creates.

    Ron Paul for President!

  2. Morgan Wick Says:

    YES! An environmentalist group that realizes that no alternative fuel is a substitute for investment in our mass transit infrastructure. Every city should be like New York - they certainly are in Europe and indeed in the entire rest of the industrialized world.

  3. C. Al Currier Says:

    Tax the damn thing

    Yeah! Sounds like a blues tune, or maybe country-western with some funky guitar rifts.

    Of course, we need Fair-Tax to tax, tax, tax which sounds more like rock-and-roll.

    Why have the extra $2 dollars go abroad

    .. the American consumer and American economy reap all the benefits

    2 Greenbacks go, go go abroad. We can’t have that.

    and reap? this is about farming and reaping and consuming

    Green farming and green consuming and green reaping. Hard to figure all that, but there’s potential for a good song somewhere in it all.

  4. Thane Eichenauer Says:

    Wick, just a tip here - New York City is New York City - Arizona is Arizona and no amount of utopian dreams are going to change that, even with advantage of the hammer of government.

    What is the deal with communists and trains?

    Even at $4 per gallon it is still not cost effective to build light right or “high speed” rail in the west.

    See “A Ticket to Nowhere: 12 Myths About Light Rail in the Valley”

  5. Tomsail Says:


    YOU, yes you!.... YOU have the power to do something right now.

    A new book tells you how: “HOW TO LIVE WELL WITHOUT OWNING A CAR” by Chris Balish.

  6. C. Al Currier Says:

    Arizona, commies & trains

    “A Ticket to Nowhere: 12 Myths About Light Rail in the Valley”

    “Reality: The future belongs to automobiles, freeways, and competitive bus transit.
    Maricopa County needs to expand its transportation infrastructure, especially…. “

    I confused! The ‘greens’ want to tax an inanimate object -”Tax the damn thing” and the politicians in Maricopa County claim the future belongs to inanimate objects, not people.

    Seems to me that once you have a tax subsidized interstate highway system from coast to coast, you can never undue the damage. Transportation infrastructures become the playground of politicians (who of course ‘know-all’ and will ‘give’ us good deals on THEIR infrastructure.

  7. Old Whig Says:

    Yearly 50 cents a gallon tax increases? A $4 a gallon floor to gas prices? Kinda harsh on your typical working stiff who happens to commute.


  8. Bryan Says:

    Starting with the 5th paragraph, the increased taxes issue, these are the words of columnist Charles Krauthammer, NOT a Green. Far from being a socialist, Krauthammer is generally considered conservative/neocon on MOST issues. He does believe in taxing to achieve conservation.

    The “More Trains, Less Traffic” slogan, and most of the 3rd paragraph are ideas and excerpts from the website of the Virginia Independent Green Party…WHO ARE NOT AN AFFILIATE OF THE Green Party of the United States!

    I can only guess that the reasons for including the names of the GPUS presidential candidates, and a quote by Kent Mesplay, is to add credibility to the rest of the article.

    Carey…why are you so ashamed of a party you lead, and helped to create? One huge aspect of party building is to get ideas, opinions, and the names of your candidates in the public eye as often as possible…Why are you trying to hide? What are you trying to hide?

    Oh…by the way…thanks for including a “green” voice to TPW…it was rarely heard a few weeks ago…Unlike you, I’ll take publicity any way I can get it…

  9. Cameron Wigmore Says:

    O.W., Climate change is ‘kinda harsh’ on your ‘typical working stiff’, but even harsher on many many people in other countries. The Green Party has ideas on how to shift away from dependency on fossil fuels, but it seems a few cats commenting here would rather express their contempt for the Greens than consider the reality that fossil fuels are a dead end street.

    When will the USA give up on forcing other nations to supply them with oil? When will the USA realize that as fossil fuels are being depleted, it will become progressively more difficult to invest in renewable energies and alternative forms of transportation?

    To all those who would rather have cheap gas for their vehicles I have this to say: who doesn’t want cheap gas? But since that will never happen, let’s look at how WE can take responsibility for our own lives. Move closer to work or get a job closer to where we live. Forget suburbia: it’s an unsustainable system born out of cheap fossil fuels that no longer exist. If you can’t (or won’t) do that, then ask your government what it will do for you as we reach peak oil and the prices continue to increase.

  10. Michael Seebeck Says:

    More Green hogwash. They seem to be stuck in some urban fantasyland.

    Rural-to-urban commuters don’t have a mass transit option. Neither does small-town America. Neither does most of metro Los Angeles, and what’s there for rail options is medicore at best. Farmers don’t have to commute, but they do have to gas their tractors, trucks, and combnes.

    These are the people that the Green “solutions” don’t reach and don’t do a thing for.

    The solution is to relieve the pump pain, not add to it. It would very difficult in today’s debt and credit crunches to finance a new vehicle when your car payment is compounded by more pump taxes.

  11. C. Al Currier Says:

    & back to Arizona and ‘Tips’ from Thane Eichenauer says

    way, way back in January, in the year of our lord, 2004 the folks in the ‘Zona gob’ment figured out cars are the future. The people spoke (polls) and have and article in the ‘Special to the Tribune’ to prove that they don’t want no trains in Arizona.

    That’s all clear to me!

    Maybe we shouldn’t bother with elections in Arizona anymore, and just have polls! Think of all the money we could save. I’m talkin’ Green money!

    We need to continue with ec’nomic soluushuns based on 2004 gas prices and then there won’t be no ‘Pain-at-the-Pump’ in ‘Zona.

    “A Ticket to Nowhere: 12 Myths About Light Rail in the Valley”

    Is that all clear?

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