Jesse Ventura invited to Green Party convention

According to Green Party sources, the former Independence Party Governor of Minnesota, famed actor and wrestling star, Jesse Ventura has been invited by members of a state Green Party to attend the Chicago Convention of the Green Party July 10-12.

No word yet whether Governor Ventura will attend.

Green Party declared candidates for President include:
Cynthia McKinney
Jesse Johnson
Kent Mesplay
Katherin “Kat” Swift
Joe Shriner
Daniel Imperato

19 Responses to “Jesse Ventura invited to Green Party convention”

  1. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Now you’ve got my attention…....

  2. Richie Says:

    Daniel Imperato? ROTF!

  3. Green in Brooklyn Says:

    invited by whom? Not sure why he would come. Or why anyone at the convention would care that he’s there.

  4. Gregg Jocoy Says:

    I spoke earlier today with a national convention team leader today and was told that no one from the national office or at the national level has contacted either Governor Ventura nor Senator Barkley. While this post does make it clear that “members of a state party” have invited them. Well, I’ll invite Warren Buffett and see if that makes TPW.

    By the by, neither Mr. Shriner nor Mr. Imperato has met any of the requirements to be considered by the National Convention. Doesn’t mean they won’t be there. It’s a free country, and Greens welcome everyone to enjoy our gathering, but only four candidates will be considered at the national convention, and neither Imperato nor Shriner are among their number

  5. Lidia Seebeck Says:

    Sigh. Ventura would have been a ray of hope. I could handle voting for him.

  6. Sivarticus Says:

    Nothing wrong with the Greens inviting him. I imagine some of them will even be supporting him in my own Minnesota, if he runs for Senate and they do not have a candidate this year. I think a Ventura Presidential run is highly unlikely and more than a little late and problematic at this point. His best bet is to run for Senate and have a moderate chance at winning the seat as an Independence Party-Libertarian candidate or small i independent.

  7. citizen1 Says:

    Imp endorsed Barr at the LP convention according to tpw, going to the GP convention now makes or ever makes no sense.

  8. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Watch out for the Independent Green as a stealth campaign of the Frank MacKay Independence Party. They are currently doing ‘a number’ on the ‘Deform’ Party with John Blare’s assistance.

    More ‘Deform Noose’ the web site deep Reform Party Action Group no longer has a web site! slides to a ‘notice’!

  9. Anti-Corporate Says:

    I was really disappointed with Jesse Ventura’s last appearance on Larry King. He said several times that because he didn’t like either McCain or Obama, “there is no one for me to vote for.” In previous appearances he mentioned both Barr, Nader, and the Green Party. Why is he now accepting the false dichotomy?

    That said, I think it would be good for the GP to court Jesse Ventura. He agrees with the Greens on many issues. And he has a lot of media access. Even to have him mentioning the Greens (e.g., in his appearances on Larry King) would bring welcome attention.

  10. Jeff Wartman Says:

    Imp endorsed Barr at the LP convention according to tpw, going to the GP convention now makes or ever makes no sense.

    Nothing that Imperato does makes any sense. From meeting him at the convention, most of the delegates walked out with a clear opinion: Daniel Imperato has a serious mental illness.

  11. Ben Miller Says:

    Imperato and Schriner are not recognized candidates by the Green Party.

  12. Aristotle Says:

    The Reform Party is dead thanks to Pat Buchannan. Jesse should join the Greens.

  13. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Aristotle: Oh, oh, oh, what you do not know! Things in the Dysfunctional, ‘Deform’ movement are at least ten times as bad as out siders hear about. The new RP emblem will be the Circular Firing Squad!

  14. joell Says:

    The Reform Party was Ross Perot and never really a political party. He created it for his 1996 campaign and it entered the terminal stage when the election was over. During this period. it was used by Ventura and later Buchanan , because the Reform Party has legal political party status. Without ballot status in any state, it is officially dead.

    The Green Party had its fifteen minutes in 2k. I can’t help but note the irony of Mckinney running as a green. She left the democratic party , but is now running as a candidate for a subsidiary of the same party. Its sad to see her being duped by these stealth dem operatives.

    Don’t expect Barr to remain a libertian once the election is over.

    Hopefully, Nader, Barr & Mckinney will exceed expectations

  15. Donna Miller Says:

    “She left the democratic party , but is now running as a candidate for a subsidiary of the same party. Its sad to see her being duped by these stealth dem operatives.”

    Stealth Dem operatives? A subsidiary of the Democratic Party? Let me guess. It’s all because of your perception of Cobb’s campaign strategy in 2004, isn’t it?

    If the Greens were a subsidiary of the Democrats, then why did they fight so hard to keep us off the ballot in Illinois in 2006? Why did Rich Whitney run such a great campaign for Governor and get more than 10% of the vote? Why do Greens all across the country keep running for local, state, and national offices?

    Typical sectarian leftism. If something isn’t 100% perfect, then it’s worthless garbage, end of story.

  16. Donna Miller Says:

    Invited by “members” of a “state Green Party”. So the invitation was clearly not from the national party, nor from a state party. Just “members” of a state party. The Independent Green Party of Virginia is NOT a “state Green Party”. It is affiliated with the Independence Party. They should stop pretending to be Greens.

  17. Nexus Says:

    What? Milnes isn’t on that list?

  18. Mike Indiana Says:

    This is yet another of Carey Campbell lies he is not a member of the Green Party nor does he have access to sources who would know who is invited.

    Campbell, Gail Parker and the rest of the Indy Greens of Virginia have repeatedly attempted to pose as members and leaders of the Green Party, as well as pretending when beneficial that there party is the Virginia affiliate of the GP (which it is not)

    The Indy Greens have a long history of misrepresenting facts and claiming candidates which are not Indy Greens. In another post on this site Campbell misleadingly referred to Independent candidate Carol Miller from New Mexico (also a past GP candidate) as an Indy Green. There is no such thing except in Virginia.

    Campbell’s lies, false claims, and delusions are a blight on an otherwise wonderful site.

  19. Gary Baumgarten Says:

    Jesse Ventura will be my guest on News Talk Online on Monday June 16 at 5 PM New York time.

    To talk to Ventura or just listen click on the link to the show on my blog at

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