Associated Press Poll - excludes Greens, Libertarians, Constitution, includes Ralph

Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney (Jesse Johnson, Kent Mesplay, Katherine “Kat” Swift), and Chuck Baldwin excluded.

Nader included in latest associated press poll. With Ralph:

Nader 6%
McCain 43
Obama 46

without Nader
McCain 46
Obama 49

Gives some support to what Green Party has always said. Mr. Nader’s support comes equally from both sides.

220 Responses to “Associated Press Poll - excludes Greens, Libertarians, Constitution, includes Ralph”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I don’t know why? is this a conspiracy? does it mean they realy fear Bob barr’s candidacy? Is this the way for the establishment to shut up the Libertarians?

    Please some one give me the AP email .

  2. Jonathan Says:

    [email protected]

    Give them a piece of your mind and use intellectual arguments

  3. Harold S Says:

    Barr is a has been. Barr is a fraud. The AP won’t waste its time on him.

  4. Action Says:

    is Nader even going to be on a lot of ballots? a lot harder as an independent, i estimate maybe HALF? certainly not as many as Barr.

  5. jason Says:

    He’s trying to get on as either an independent or through third party ballots. Here in South Carolina it’ll probably be as an independent; the United Citizens Party is nominating Obama, the Working Families Party usually goes with the Socialist Party USA, and the Labor Party MAY go for Nader, but probably not, as they always promise never to endorse another party’s candidate (even though they’re only on the ballot in SC).

  6. Jonathan Says:

    [email protected]

    Let them know how wrong it is not to include Barr

  7. Laine Says:


    Nader is already on his way to be on ballots that he was excluded from in 2004. He turned in nearly three times the required signatures in Arizona and is on his way i

  8. Laine Says:

    in Illinois.

  9. Gregg Jocoy Says:


    Greetings! I too am in SC…Fort Mill specifically.

    Let me make a couple of changes to your scenario, for I think there may be minor errors I can help with.

    Walt Brown ran in 2004 in SC as the nominee of the United Citizens Party. They have already nominated Obama as you point out. In addition, he is going to appear on our ballot as the nominee of the Working Families Party. There is no way that the WFP is going to nominate anyone but the democrat for such a high office. they are basically a step-sister to the Dems, and have no real independence.

    The Labor Party will not nominate anyone for anything unless they are pretty sure they are going to win. Their first nomination will not be for President I dare say. As you correctly point out, they also don’t do fusion.

    I am trying to reach Independence Party leaders here in SC to ask them to consider nominating Congresswoman McKinney, which I would guess would be a cakewalk were Obama not in the race.

  10. Sivarticus Says:

    Bah, Nader was nearly knocked down to fourth place last time. I’ll be amazed if he manages 1%. It’ll be a wee bit better than 2004, but probably similar to his 1996 returns with the Greens. It’s time for Barr to put this ancient lefty into the ground and seize national attention on third parties from a Libertarian and conservative perspective again. Eight years of leftists being perceived as “the” third party movement (Nader and the Green Party) is more than enough.

  11. Laine Says:

    Doubtful sorry hardly anyone knows who Barr is, Nader has far more recognition. It will be probably a month or so more before we have any understanding of who has more support.

  12. DIAMOND DAVE Says:

    [email protected] just emailed them.

    Barr will get more votes than Nader. With Obama the Democratic candidate there is no reason a Liberal would vote for Nader, that’s suicide. Obama is a total liberal. Please go to Obama’s web site and see what he plans to do, it’s very scary. Anyways I have nothing against Nader, I respect him actually. But Barr will do much better. The Dynamics of this race favors Barr as I touched upon above and when you see McCain is areally a Democrat, Libertarian leaning Republicans have no where to go but to Barr. No to mention the 1 million plus Ron Paul voters. And Math is Math, by the sheer fact that Barr will be on many more Ballots than Nader, Barr will ofcourse get more votes than Nader.

    ANyhow, please donate to to make sure we get on those ballots. It would be nice to be on West Virginia and the time is now to help out

  13. Sivarticus Says:

    Absolutely, Diamond Dave. Nader will get little better than his ~400,000 votes from last time. The only ones left supporting him with Obama as the nominee are his core groupies comprising his personality cult and some Marxists from the ultra-left (some of which McKinney will take this time around).

  14. Anti-Corporate Says:

    The poll did include Bob Barr. He came in at 2&. You can find a report of the same poll at that mentions this.

  15. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Bob Barr will utterly crush the fascist/stalinist criminal Ralph Nader. Noone will stop the great Christian Socialist Revolutionary Barack Obama from collecting all the liberals. Amen.

    Please pray for the current pope, and for Michael Pfleger to become the next pope.

  16. Donna Says:

    In Missouri, I understand that at present, only the Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian Parties are on the ballot. They will be the only parties in our primary election in August. The Constitution Party is waiting for certification, and, if approved, will go straight to the General election in November.

    I am not aware of any other petition campaigns to get the Green, Independent, Reform, et al on the MO ballot. Does anyone out there know differently?

    What about other states? How can Nader be polling so well if he’s not on state party ballots? Please help educate me on this. Thanks.

  17. Harold S Says:

    Nader polls well because he is a known commodity. Like him or not, he is known nationally.

  18. Travis Maddox Says:


    In MO the Greens are know as the Progressive Party, they merged with the Greens a few years back. I believe they still have ballot access in MO. They had it in 06. Maybe Mr Winger could tell us for sure if he’s out there.

  19. johncjackson Says:

    Yeah, there is no reason for a liberal to vote for Nader when McCain is on the ballot.

  20. kombayn Says:

    I think it’s retarded if the Green Party doesn’t elect Ralph Nader as their nominee. That would earn him a lot of key support on the ballots and he’s much more recognized than Cynthia McKinney.

  21. Old Whig Says:


    The Greens wanted him. He doesn’t want them.


  22. Anti-Corporate Says:

    Has Nader given a detailed explanation for why he wouldn’t accept the Greens nomination this year?

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