Video of Barr on Glenn Beck’s TV show; back tonight

Liberty Maven reports:

Bob Barr is interviewed here by Glenn Beck on his TV show. They discuss energy independence, McCain’s support of cap and trade, and Barr even sucks up to Glenn a bit saying he would make him Energy Czar in a Barr administration. This is a small taste of what tonight’s hour long interview will be like when Barr and Beck meet again.

Here’s the video:

6 Responses to “Video of Barr on Glenn Beck’s TV show; back tonight”

  1. David Tomlin Says:

    I wish the clip started a little earlier, to include Beck’s elaborations on the conventional wisdom that government economic intervention is needed to promote ‘energy independence’. Barr’s ‘energy czar’ remark, although jesting, was an implicit endorsement of this view. Barr also said nothing to contradict the impression that a libertarian administration would have such a post as ‘energy czar’.

  2. Andy Craig Says:

    “We’d just not have an energy czar!”, even if true, isn’t the best way to sell it. That smacks of “I don’t care” to the uninformed voter rather than the true libertarian position, which Barr elaborated on, about how the government is actively involved in creating and perpetuating so many problems through its interference.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    and if you looked real close he had a thread out of place on his shirt, Jesus

  4. End the Empire Says:

    It is bad we live in a soundbite world. We actually need to explain things in detail on a third grade level to the masses.

    We all want to CUT and SLASH gov down. Well, my friends the average american doesn’t like to hear that, we need to EXPLAIN what and why we want to cut. Cut is a negative term. Balanced budget is a positive term.

    We want to ELIMINATE the Dept. of Education, we know why. However, the masses don’t and think we want everyone ignorant and uneducated. We must EXPLAIN everything in a POSITIVE manner ! If we are ever to be taken seriously by the masses.

    So far, so good on media. Just hope he can get it weekly and maybe daily. If he gets to hourly with Mc B.O. he would actually have a sluggers chance.

  5. David Tomlin Says:

    Wow. I didn’t realize people felt so strongly about the supposed need for an energy czar. I’m old enough to remember when we didn’t have one. The post was created by the Nixon administration, in response to the ‘energy crisis’ of the 70s.

    I think there are plenty of voters who can contemplate reducing the government by an official or two, and those who can’t won’t be voting Libertarian anyway.

    My main point was that Barr was implicitly endorsing the autarkic ‘energy independence’ meme.

    Am I the only one who is bothered by Barr expressing such admiration for Beck? I’ve only watched his show a few times, enough to decide it’s not worth watching. He’s a blowhard and a demagogue, like Bill O’Reilly but even worse.

  6. Teddy Says:

    Great job by Bob Barr. He did an outstanding job with his interview. Finally a candidate mainstream Libertarians and Americans can support.

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