Steve Larrick protests debate exclusion at University of Nebrask-Lincoln

The Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Nebraska wasn’t allowed in last night’s debate. Steve Larrick and other Green Party members protested outside the debate hall. Mr. Larrick is considering taking his protests to court.

The debate was organized by the American Legion Cornhusker Boys State. It is a week long government leadership program for 400 high school boys.

2 Responses to “Steve Larrick protests debate exclusion at University of Nebrask-Lincoln”

  1. Nexus Says:

    Has there ever been a case where a 3rd party candidate was allowed in a debate after taking the issue to court?

  2. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    The American Legion’s idea of veterans advocacy is selling insurance in smoky beer halls. All the traditional [and grossly ineffective] veterans groups have a non veteran side line. Guess that they were not serious about abused veterans in the first place!

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