CNN Poll excludes McKinney and Green Party has Barr 2% Nader 6%

CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll from Wednesday and Thursday. Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin and Green Party’s frontrunner Cynthia Mckinney excluded.
Obama 47%
McCain 43%
Nader 6%
Barr 2%

46 Responses to “CNN Poll excludes McKinney and Green Party has Barr 2% Nader 6%”

  1. Sivarticus Says:

    Why does McKinney’s exclusion and not Baldwin’s warrant a headline? The Constitution Party finished ahead of the Greens in 2004. And is all but certain to again, given the influx of Ron Paul supporters.

  2. inDglass Says:

    Sivarticus, I think it was a mistake in the title. Those are frequent lately on this site.

  3. disinter Says:

    2% is more realistic for Barf… if not optimistic.

  4. Anti-Corporate Says:

    Cynthia McKinney is not yet the Green Party nominee, so it makes sense for her to be excluded … for now …

  5. DeeDeeT Says:

    This country is extremely close to becoming another footnote in history. one more Statist/Socialist/Collectivist in charge, and America is gone. Bob Barr is not the ‘perfect’ ‘pure’ libertarian, but he is far, far better than Marxist Socialist Obama and National Socialist McCain. I will support and vote for Bob Barr, though I consider myself a fairly pure libertarian philosophically. I do know when to come in out of the storm and live in the real world.

    Let’s work to get Mr. Barr in and reverse the fatal graveyard spriral this nation is in. In 8 years, we can then elect a candidate who is ‘more libertarian’ than Mr. Barr … then in another 8 years, we get someone even ‘more libertarian’ than the 2nd guy [or gal]. At least we’ll be working on solving the problem, instead of just whining and fighting about why we can’t get anything accomplished.

    If purists want to whine about how they can’t support Mr. Barr, who is by every measure far more libertarian than Obama or McCain, then they can spend the next 8 years whining about how much worse our government has gotten under a McCain or Obama presidency.

    Our country started with compromise — it wasn’t pretty … it was damned ugly. Jefferson et al held out for as long as they could against slavery, yet the nation would never have been founded had they not given in, even to that most horrid of policies. Yet by founding this nation, they put in motion the mechanism that eventualy would eliminate slavery, and hopefully abolish it forever. Yet we are about to elect a Socialist to our presidency [Obama and McCain are both Socialists, just of different flavors]. By doing so, we will be advocating the re-institution of slavery — it probably won’t have a racial element to it, but it will be an economic element. Afterall, economic policies are always behind the institution of slavery — ’someone’ has to produce the wealth

  6. disinter Says:

    Earth to DeeDeeT - it doesn’t matter how much more statist Barf becomes (if he can possibly be any more statist), or how much more he lies, he will not be president. You retard caucus nuts can change the LP platform to perfectly mirror the Republicrat’s, but it will NOT result in electoral victory. The system will not allow it.

  7. RagsterLives Says:

    To disenter,

    It must be fun playing devil’s advocate and irritating the life out of everyone who types in a response in these blogs.

  8. disinter Says:

    RagsterLives - it is rather entertaining actually.

  9. Catholic Trotskyist Says:


    Please pray for Ted Kennedy as he recovers from his glorious brain cergery. Please pray for Barack Obama, whom in God and the American people’s infinite wisdom has finally defeated the satanic entity Rodham and will go on to face the squishy McCain in the November election. Please pray for the brave Catholic patriot Michael Pfleger (aka, the Future Pope Peter II), who called out the satanic entity Rodham for what she was, as this honorable man faces trials too numerous to explain, from heretics, apostates, and the unbaptized alike.

    Hear O my people Israel, God has sanctified you in his name. Glory to God in the highest and peace to God’s people on Earth. Amen.

  10. Timothy West Says:

    Please pray for Ted Kennedy as he recovers from his glorious brain cergery.

    as someone who’s been there and done that, brain tumors are generally not funny, at least to the person who has it and their families. I cant stand Kennedy’s politics, but making sport of his terminal medical condition basically shows off that you’re a douche.

  11. Open Letter to Sivarticus Says:

    McKinney’s exclusion warrants a headline more than does Baldwin’s because McKinney has some name recognition and a resume that arguably qualifies her as a presidential candidate. Baldwin has neither. Should all 50 or so declared presidential aspirants be named in the headline?

  12. Dan Says:

    Nader last election got half of one percent. All this talk about Barr getting 8 percent is laughable. All these polls he has been running even or behind Nader.

    The few votes Barr picks up from republicans he will lose from true libertarians who are turned off by Root.

    Some celebrity Barr is that his name recognition is a third of Nader’s.

  13. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    I am not making fun of Kennedy’s brain tumor. My prayer request is serious.

  14. David Tomlin Says:

    OK, people, let’s start by recalling that all these polls have a margin of error of at least three per cent, sometimes four. There’s not that big a difference between polling 2% and polling 6%. Of course Barr’s partisans have been flogging the highest outliers.

    I live in Tennessee, which neighbors Georgia, and I can tell you Barr isn’t particularly well known here. His national name recognition seems to be mainly due to his being a frequent guest on conservative talk radio, and maybe to some extent his role in the Clinton impeachment. I suspect the latter is best known to liberals who love to hate him for it.

    I have to wonder how much of Barr’s support comes from conservatives who haven’t heard of his work for medical marijuana, let alone his new positions on gay rights and foreign policy.

    ‘Nader last election got half of one percent. All this talk about Barr getting 8 percent is laughable. All these polls he has been running even or behind Nader.’

    Good point. Don’t third party candidates usually poll high in the beginning and then drop off? I’ve read one article claiming that.

    Finally, this may be subjective, but Barr doesn’t seem like an attractive candidate for me. He seems like a gruff old uncle. That may appeal to Georgia conservatives who like to see kids go to jail for ‘decadent’ oral sex acts, but I don’t see it playing well nationally.

    I’ll be surprised if Barr breaks 1%.

  15. Bill Woolsey Says:

    The reported standard errror is for a hypothetical candidate at
    50%. For a close, two-way race, it is relevant.

    The standard error would be much smaller for Nader or Barr.

    What is the probabilty that Barr has support less than zero?
    That is zero, because it doesn’t make sense. What is the probability
    his support is zero? Zero. Somebody answered in the poll.

    It is certain that he has at least 20 supporters. (Or whatever
    exact number said they supported him in the poll.)

    Anyway, you can find the formula to caculate the standard error
    if you like.

    There isn’t that big a difference between 4% and 6% for Nader (Zogby
    and CNN, right?) But there is a big difference between 6% and 2% for

    Of course, there is always a 5% or 10% chance that the results of one of
    these polls is a fluke.

    Or Barr is loosing support. (The theory that conservatives are hearing
    his message and turning against him is plausible. The theory that he is
    loosing the support of “true libertarians” is laughable, because there are so few of them.)

    Or, there are different methodologies for the polls. Many polls use
    demographics to weight results. And they make guesses about how
    many of various groups will actually vote.

    Likely voter polls involve lots of assumptions. But this seemed to be
    a registered voter poll.

  16. Bill Woolsey Says:

    The formula for the standard error is here:

    The 95% confidence interval for Barr’s results is between
    1.56% and 2.44%

    But if they did weighting and the like, it would be higher.

  17. Bill Woolsey Says:

    It was Rasmussen with the best results…

    Rasmussen 5/18 5.16% 6.84%
    Zogby 5/21 2.48% 3.52%
    Cnn 6/7 1.56% 2.44%

  18. Eric Dondero Says:

    Obama is not just a “Marxist Socialist,” he’s actually an all around National Socialist. He sucks on civil liberties too: Gun Rights, Nanny-State restrictions on Americans, restrcitcint Free Speech, Indoctrination on College Campuses towards Political Correctness funded by the Taxpayers, Mandated Affirmative Action (Reverse Discrimination) ect…

    McCain? He’s just a Moderate Centrist Squish. In comparison to National Socialist Obama, he looks like a pretty decent guy, in fact.

  19. Eric Dondero Says:

    McCain’s ACU score, Lifetime - 82

    Obama’s? 0

  20. Clark Says:

    DEE DEE TWEEDLES: ‘Let’s work to get Mr. Barr in and reverse the fatal graveyard spriral this nation is in.’

    ..this reminds me of a conversation i had recently with yet another republicrat ooga booga artist…..i told the poor fool what i tell everyone:..”it seems the real outcome$ are decided behind clo$ed door$...always have been.. can pretend that electing your favorite goddamned republicrat monetary ignoramus/puppet will ‘change thing$ for the better’..

    ...but it seems to me before you start ‘changing thing$’ you ought to have an honest gra$p as to ‘how thing$ are now’..

    ..and it appears NONE OF THE GODDAMNED FOOL BARFERS, BALDWIGGERS, ETCETERCRATS GALORE, UNDERSTAND EVEN THE BA$IC$..(i.e. precisely, what is ‘it’ we use as money?..precisely, how does ‘it’ originate, ‘get issued,’ whom?..when?...etc…) see, you apparent teevee poll-watching goddamned republicrat fools, once you learn even the basics, YOU’LL FOREVER STFU ABOUT “THE LATEST POLLSETCETEROT AD GODDAMNED NAUSEAM.. one brilliant, handsome, well-hung wag put it, ‘There’s not a goddamned thing these Republicrat weasel-strokers can do without ‘the money’..except die/go to jail/both..can’t buy food, clothes, movie tickets, tv’s, miracle grow for the pot plant, etc.. ad goddamned nauseam..

    ...yet despite the importance of thi$ ‘thing’ (money) in/to their lives, I CAN’T FIND ONE OF THESE REPUBLICRAT DOPES WHO CAN/WILL TALK INTELLIGENTLY/KNOWLEDGEABLY ABOUT THE ORIGIN, NATURE, ETC. BA$IC$ OF ‘IT’..(they apparently get their ‘economic$’ from maria butt-aroma, screw-us louis ru$egey$er, etcetercreeps galore)

    ..oooooooooga booooooooooga boo, republicrats! ;o)

  21. susan santarini Says:

    Has Eric Dondero Rittberg stopped beating his wives?

    Eric Dumbdero,

    NOBODY cares what you have to say anymore. You’ve been exposed as a fraud and military wannabe. You couldn’t produce a single picture of yourself in uniform. How pathetic you are, pretending to be a sailor boy.

    Just do us all a big favor and LEAVE

  22. jason Says:

    I think it’s hilarious when people try to call Obama a socialist. He does not believe in universal healthcare, he is pro-war, he is anti-labor, he doesn’t really care about universal public education, he doesn’t want to redistribute all the land and the factories to the workers and the peasantry, he doesn’t want to put a cap on carbon emissions (these are all things the socialist parties want to do at the moment). Yeah, sounds like a REAL socialist to me.

  23. DeeDeeT Says:

    In his speech Tuiesday night, Obama claimed that college education for all Americans is a birthright … that everyone in the country is entitled to a good-paying job … that everyone who can’t afford health insurance must be provided with the means to get health insurance [I wonder what those ‘means’ are—- dollars you think … I wonder where those ‘means’ would come from—- taxpayers ??]. Obama will increase corporate taxes—- corp executive salaries don’t get cut when corporate costs go up … instead the cost of the products goes up and the tax gets paid by the consumers The inheritance tax will be reinstated and increased. These things are all Socialism

    Defining Socialism has been fluxional through the last 2 centuries, since it first ‘appeared’ in the writings of Fourier, Saint-simon, and Owens [France, France, and England respectively]. Their views diverged significantly from each other.

    Nobel Laureate Ludwigvon Mises, who grew up amidst the Communism, Fascism, and Nazism of Europe published in 1932 “Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis”.

    von Mises: “According to the Marxist conception, one’s social condition determines one’s way of thought.”

    Obama has become the champion of the contemporary proletariat. couple that with his international flare and he is more Marxist than Nationalist … Hillary is the Nationalist.

  24. Jonathan Says:

    Nader’s high numbers is only because of the disatisfaction of Hillary’s supporters. This will change and will go to Obama who has really picked up Nader’s socialist views. Nader has the advantage of name recognition & past accomplishments Obama is as close to the left to Nader .

    As far as Barr’s numbers go, they are realistic and will go up given the recent exposure on TV shows. The more people discover there is a Libertarian Candidate out there the more the numbers will surge.
    Your average American is clueless about Third Parties in General, they do not know about CHOICES. They have heard of Nader due to the election 2000 but that’s it.

  25. DeeDeeT Says:

    von Mises in ‘Socialism’ 1932:

    “The word Capitalism expresses, for our age, the sum of all evil. Even the opponents of Socialism are dominated by socialist ideas. ... If one complains that the system of economic and social organization which is based on private property in the means of production does not sufficiently consider the interests of the community, that it serves only the purposes of single strata, and that it limits productivity; and if therefore one demands with the supporters of the various ‘social-political’ and ‘social-reform’ movements, state interference in all fields of economic life, then one has fundamentally accepted the principles of the Socialist programme. The Nationalist too affirms Socialism and objects only to its Internationalism. ... He is a National, not an International, Socialist; but he also approves of the essential principles of Socialism.”

    Obama is a Socialsit !! Hillary Clinton is a Socialist McCain is well on his way to Socialism !!

  26. DeeDeeT Says:

    BTW ... last year on Tim Russert’s ‘Meet the Press’, Russert asked Howard Dean [now head of the DNC] outright if he is a Socialist. Dean replied, “I’m a Democratic Socialist”.

  27. DeeDeeT Says:

    Dysentery is spewing the usual crap that flows from his mouth—-

    Clark must have been up all night drinking or dopin’—- he can’t even put a complete sentence together.

  28. Kelly Parker Says:

    If you read Obama’s book he doesn’t come across as a socialist. It makes me wonder which is the real Obama.

  29. Scott Says:

    Reading this blog I gotta admit that the single biggest thing I would hold against Ron Paul is that he once employed Eric Dondero on his staff. Dondero is even worse than Rockwell—at least Rockwell is a man of peace. Paul seems to have an unsettling tolerance for borderline characters.

  30. DeeDeeT Says:

    KP … you’re right about Obama … either he’s naive and hasn’t fully settled into what he really believes in, or he’s awfully cunning. Given that he was a ‘community organizer’ for the radical leftist Saul Alinsky, I’m betting on cunning. Though I do think that if he gets elected he will be more prone to getting bogged down in gridlock with Congress than Hillary would have been. Still, Obama promised an awful lot of reforms the other night … his constituency will be very disappointed when most of them don’t come to fruition … there’s just not enough money left to do what he [or Hillary] wants. Printing more paper isn’t going to make up for the lack of true wealth-production.

  31. Sivarticus Says:

    I don’t know if Barr will come close to 8% or more, but why wouldn’t he be close to or above Ralph Nader? Nader has all but enraged his liberal base. He relies upon a small core of supporters and can only hope to captured disgruntled Hillary supporters who hate Obama (and can’t bring themselves to vote for McCain out of spite). Nader is widely viewed as an ancient perennial candidate without a clear reason for running this time. He probably won’t even make the ballot in more than about 43 states. Barr has a very good chance at surpassing Nader once this thing kicks into higher gear. He’s a fresh third party face, will seize a large amount of Ron Paul supporters, and can express a meaningful message for his campaign.

  32. Jonathan Says:

    I agree with Levitcus I mean Sivarticus

  33. C. Al Currier Says:

    Please pray for Ted Kennedy as he recovers from his glorious brain cergery. —Timothy West says:

    Mr. West, I’m so happy to hear you’re still alive and kickin’.

    Pray? In addition to being atheists, are we libertarians supposed to be religious also? Pray tell me, who do we pray to, the Energy Czar?

  34. Jonathan Says:

    So if a Libertarian wants to pray according to al C.AL Currier, it is not allowed, very interesting. wow for a freedom party there is not that much freedom to do what one wants or is it just the C. AL Currier is just a moron?

  35. Stefan Says:

    Susan: absolutely, like your response. But actually I think “dumbdildo” - that you used before - is even funnier and more “creative”.
    He is correctly exposing Obama’s civil liberties weaknesses, but fails to mention McCain’s and is rooting for McCain instead of Barr (not that I am so surprised). You can never trust Eric, as Ron Paul found out…

    I heard a funny (and interesting thing) from this African-American lady on Barr (she is an Obama supporter)

    She says Barr looks to her bi-racial (like Obama) and says there will actually be two black candidates in the race. The Barr-campaign should use this misunderstanding and campaign among minorities also…

  36. Stefan Says:

    Barr is at 3% on Zogby. I am very happy with his 40 minute performance with Glenn Beck, now very close to Paul with his positions, he will be able to appeal not only to disaffected Republicans, but also Democrats and Independents. I hope the
    campaign organize a “Democrats for Barr” as quite a number of disaffected Clinton supporters may well vote for Barr (instead of McCain). He just need a few prominent good women in his campaign, how about Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski, for one?

  37. Stefan Says:

    I think I heard quite a few boo’s in the background apart from the clapping when Hillary has made her concession speech just now…if she is on the ticket as VP, may all of them will vote for Obama, otherwise not.

  38. C. Al Currier Says:

    if a Libertarian wants to pray ...# Jonathan Says:

    It doesn’t bother me if Libertarians pray.

    I’m a ‘borderline’ Christian, but I don’t pray much. With two needless wars going on right now, I just hope God answers prayers over on the other side of world. We don’t have much to complain about on this side.

    As to congressmen with health problems on this side, I might just try hoping and see if that works. A prayer seems ‘radical’ and ‘extreme’ and I don’t want to upset the moderates.

  39. disinter Says:

    I pray that the Barfers pull their heads out of their asses before they are made complete fools on election night when Barf doesn’t break 1%.

    Or not.

  40. DIAMOND DAVE Says:

    I pray that disinter gets his head out of his ass one day

  41. Susan Hogarth Says:

    This country is extremely close to becoming another footnote in history.

    If by ‘country’, you mean ‘nation’, I say that is a glorious thing. Then Americans can get down to the business of living their lives without having to support some horrid attempt at world empire.

  42. Clark Says:

    doo doo twaddles: ‘Clark must have been up all night drinking or dopin’—- he can’t even put a complete sentence together. (END)

    ...please merely copy and paste anything of mine you can’t under$tand, deedles!..i’ll straighten you out quickly and clearly!..

    ...drunk, doped up wouldn’t find me working my cake-chute about any ‘economic’ ‘i$ms’ if i was worse than ignorant of ‘the money thing!’..

    (with ‘libertarian’ money ignoramusses like these gomers who needs republicrats?).. ;o)

    ..a little hint for you goddamned republicrat fools who would make some important distinction between ‘socialism,’ ‘capitalism,’ etceterisms galore,

    ..Lenin began to understand that although he was the dictator of the new Soviet Union, he was not pulling the financial strings, someone else was silently in control:

    “The state does not function as we desired. The car does not obey. A man is at the wheel and seems to lead it, but the car does not drive in the desired direction. It moves as another force wishes.”

  43. timothy west Says:

    Then Americans can get down to the business of living their lives without having to support some horrid attempt at world empire.

    but they wont be americans.

  44. Susan Hogarth Says:

    but they wont be americans.

    Would that be so very tragic? What is it about “american” that means so much to you?

    Robert LeFevre wrote: “Patriotism cannot be a love of government. Patriotism rises above the government as a mountain towers above a blade of grass. When we think of our country and a feeling of love and devotion wells up within us, it should spring from the reality of what our country is and means, and not from the government, which is the least of all our blessings.”

  45. C. Al Currier Says:

    but they wont be americans. —timothy west Says

    Our Congressmen have recently decided that good americans wear minature pin-flags. This is patriotism.

    Considering those without minature pin-flags, I wonder if they have a prayer?

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