BREAKING NEWS Upheaval in Chuck Baldwin campaign?

We have received unconfirmed word of an upheaval of some kind in the Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party) campaign.

An unhappy campaign volunteer (code name “scandinavian”) says: “People who signed up to volunteer were sent messages to a conference call last night where the new campaign manager Anita Andrews spoke. Chuck came on board and let everyone know he was fully supporting Anita and great things are happening.”

This person continues: “We were horrified to hear her say that this campaign will not be associating with Ron Paul, nor continuing the revolution, but that Chuck will be his own candidate, and they will be having a different campaign…. It appears that this person Anita has taken over the Chuck Baldwin campaign and is hostile to spreading Ron Paul’s message.”

There’s no word yet from the Baldwin campaign about a new campaign manager or campaign tack, so at this point this is just an allegation spread by someone who’s unhappy with the new campaign manager.

First, I am particularly suspicious about the transition from “Chuck came on board and let everyone know he was fully supporting Anita” to “It appears that this person Anita has taken over the Chuck Baldwin campaign.” Unless the candidate is just a front man for some shadowy conspiracy (which Baldwin does NOT seem to be!), the campaign manager doesn’t take over the campaign, just the running of the campaign. A campaign manager serves at the pleasure of the nominee and candidate.

Second, the change in direction attributed to Anita Andrews appears to me to be probably a distortion at the least. I know none of the people named in this story, I wasn’t in on the conference call, and I am not supporting any candidate at this time, so I have no horse in this race. But years of experience in politics and all the squabbles and factionalism that comes with a political campaign leads me to conjecture that this may be what happened:

1. One group of Ron Paul volunteers who have switched to supporting Chuck Baldwin emphasizes that this is a continuation of the Paul campaign and the Paul revolution.

2. The candidate says, no, this is the Chuck Baldwin campaign, not the Ron Paul campaign, and finds himself a campaign manager who knows how to make that distinction.

3. The unhappy faction takes to the email circuit, seeing this as a slap in the face to their real hero, Ron Paul.

I see no reason why Chuck Baldwin and his new campaign manager would be spreading anti-Paul messages, since he was a strong backer of Paul as long as that campaign was viable, and it’s my understanding that she was part of the Paul organization (I’ve seen her described as “grassroots trainer” and “National Campaign Organizer”). It’s perfectly reasonable for the candidate to want to be his own man, not a front man for someone who is essentially a former candidate in a different party.

I will say, conspiracy buffs can have a field day with Anita Andrews. Just a few minutes of scratching around led me to postings where her name has quotes around it, as in “Anita Andrews,” suggesting that this is just a front name for someone who doesn’t want her/his/its real name to be exposed. And allegations that she’s part of a secretive organization called the Clifton Coalition. And sure enough, their website says, “This is a closed business group” [supporting Ron Paul] and “membership is by invitation only.” Perfect!

This is almost as much fun as Dr. Wright or McCain’s temper! Anyone know anything about this?

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  1. Jonathan Says:

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  2. silver Republican Says:

    I appreciate and respect Baldwin’s support of Congressmen Paul, but we have to realize that the Constitution Party is not simply a front for the Revolution. Its been around for well over a decade, and though it does support genuinely small government, Baldwin and the CP stand for more then just that. The Constitution Party has a genuine moral tone, and is based on the same moral belief system that founded this country. I, for one, would rather cast a ballot for Rev. Baldwin then Rep. Paul.

  3. John Lowell Says:

    I don’t know why anyone associated wth Paul should be concerned that Baldwin has an entirely separate identity. Actually, given Paul’s wimpish unwillingness to launch an independent candidacy in his own right, the presence of expectations of this kind described is both presumptuous and irritating. If Paul or if his infantile hanger-ons want to further his fantasied “cause”, either he needs to develope the fortitude to run on his own or quit expecting surrogates to do their work for them. Its time to turn mother’s picture to the wall.

  4. Bison Says:

    This is a complete over reaction.

    Chuck had laringitis and could not talk long. Anita Andrews talked about positions that need to be filled and that there is some big happenings brewing. Right now they are taking time to build the foundation of Chucks campaign. They want everything to be in place first so that they are not running around like chickens with their heads cut off later. Its called a plan. I left the phone call very encouraged.

    Anita seemed very knowledgeable and very professional. I am glad we have someone like her working for Chucks campaign. Its a huge plus.

    Chuck is his own candidate. He is not a clone of Ron Paul. He supports Ron and the freedom message. Everybody is aware of how hard he worked for Ron. Chucks message has not changed one bit, but he has to make his own case for the freedom message otherwise when he is interviewed all he would say to any question is “refer to Ron Paul’s position.”

  5. SovereignMN Says:

    Is this was passes for news under the new ownership? “Unconfirmed” reports and “allegations”. What’s the purpose of this “article”? It wouldn’t be an attempt to drive a wedge between Paul supporters who are leaning towards Baldwin and flip them to Barr would it?

    This site used to be a good resource. Now it’s just a Bob Barr vehicle.

  6. Glenn Brown Says:

    I thought this person was trying to do things wrong. Anyway I’m spending my money on extra food. I’m tried of all the BS.

  7. Andy Craig Says:

    The Constitution Party might believe in Constitutional federalism, but they also believe in a bunch of moralistic authoritarian laws on the state level. Plus they insist on being an explicitly Christian party, which has nothing to do with liberty and the Constitution.

    “Bible Party” would be much more accurate. They flirt with theocracy, and if Baldwin wants going to stop trying to pull in libertarian votes by mimicking Ron Paul, that’s fine by me.

  8. David Tomlin Says:

    ‘Is this was passes for news under the new ownership? “Unconfirmed” reports and “allegations”. ’

    Hey, no fair. In addition to unconfirmed reports and allegations, the post also included some baseless speculations.

  9. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Seems to me that once Rev. Baldwin gets his voice back, he should be asked directly what’s the story, and then Update this thread.

    Might as well get the real scoop straight from the source…

  10. jr Says:

    I heard somewhere that Hillary was looking into being Chuck’s VP. Why isn’t that breaking news? Conspiracy?


  11. NewFederalist Says:

    I heard that Hillary actually promised to READ the Constitution if they would nominate her instead of Chuck Baldwin! She must be desperate!

  12. Viverrid Says:

    While I am not a Baldwin supporter whatsoever, I think this article is very questionable. This report seems so far-fetched that it’s obvious there needed to be more fact checking before posting it. I know this is how the media works these days, but we should know better than that. TPW needs to up its game if it wants to be taken seriously. I hope there is a plan to move this site forward.

  13. Sam Marsh Says:

    This article is basically junk. It falls well below the standard of real news. Surely you can do better than that. Kudos, I guess, for being quite clear about the semi-information’s nonvalidity.

  14. citizen1 Says:

    I was on the conference call. I think the point was that Chuck Baldwin is not Ron Paul. He is Chuck Baldwin and he will being running as Chuck Baldwin not Ron Paul. He will work to attract RP supporters but he is not an official continuation of the RP campaign.

  15. Gene Trosper Says:

    There ya go, kids: Come to Bob Barr! We need YOUR help this year for the most exciting Libertarian campaign yet!

  16. End the Empire Says:

    SovereignMN, you have found the keys to this new car !

    Thanks, Bison for giving us some TRUTH !

    Hope the lady comes reasonable, funds don’t need to be wasted on OVERPAID staff ! The word I read on the woman is she is into retail, when wholesale actually applies in third party POTUS politics. We (LP, GP, CP) don’t have the numbers for massive nationwide retail politics. We have to utilize all opportunities for wholesale politics to get the message out (i.e. free media).

    Dr. Chuck BaldWIN will get his share of Paul supporters. Bob Barr will get his share as well. They are different type people for the most part! They seem to be fighting TOO HARD over what now is a mere shell of what it was pre-IA, NH & Tsunami-Tuesday. BaldWIN is not Barr’s main competitor or vice versa.

    IT IS TIME to quit cutting each other up.
    IT IS TIME to turn the knives toward Obama and McCain.
    IT IS TIME the Barr people stop thinking BaldWIN is stealing support.
    IT IS TIME to realize $35 million isn’t coming again from the R3VOlution.
    IT IS TIME Barr reaches out to Republicans for campaign funds.
    IT IS TIME BaldWIN reaches out to Christians for campaign funds.
    IT IS TIME third party people attack the Ds & Rs NOT each other !

  17. jj Says:

    You know..As much as I want my liberty, prosperity and peace like the rest of you and I had high hopes for a Ron Paul presidency. God Know’s I prayed, I paid, and seeded the message all over my town, state, emailed and phoned family and friends all over the USA and won votes for our dear good man.

    My heart hurts to think that there may be another 4 years of what we’ve been getting for at least the past 8. Longer than that really, but I didn’t realize what I was missing until the good Dr. Paul put some sunshine on things. My hope is lost right now. I’m depressed (really).

    My point is, we KNOW that a third party will not win the election. It is NOT going to happen. We have to be realistic, right?

    With the possibility of a John McCain presidency..I’m afraid. I can not live through anymore of Bush politics. Would you rather have McCain or Obama..principles aside, regrettably.

    I know Obama doesn’t hold a candle to Ron Paul, but at least his rhetoric is better than McCain. Especially when he says he believes in Diplomacy and says he will bring our troops home.

    Please, I know you want better and I do too, but we know that our hope of keeping McCain out of the white house, we need to pull together and vote against him with the only other candidate that can win it.

    Don’t be mad at me. I am frightened.

  18. Bri Says:

    Andy Craig Says:

    June 6th, 2008 at 3:06 pm
    “’Bible Party’ would be much more accurate. They flirt with theocracy…”

    Actually, “White Horse Prophecy Party” may be more accurate. “Mormon Party” may be a good short-hand for the political party now calling itself the “Constitution Party.”

  19. Thomas J. Says:

    A wasted vote is a vote cast for a candidate that will bring no change to the status quo. Any vote for McCain or Obama is a wasted vote.

  20. jj Says:

    No, the way to change the status quo’. Is get our local and state representatives to represent US, run for office, or choose wisely. The stranglehold at the top has our elected official bought and paid for or they have no backbones..No oversight for so long they who are in power are truly relentless.
    The general election is out of shooting range so to speak..we have to play the cards those strangler people give us. Choose the lesser of two evils or get the worse of the two, McCain.

  21. Ferenc Says:

    You are 100% right. I said long time ago, why this “doing nothing,going nowhere” third and independent parties can unite on the national level.
    That is the only way to broke this two party dictatorship.
    Mr.Chuck Baldwin have a much better chance, if he choose Mr. Roy Moore, a widely known person.
    Check out Letter to National
    You have never signed a more important pc. of paper

    We can pray to GOD to save our NATION, but first AMERICANS have to vake up

  22. Jonathan Says:

    please donate today to and join the revolution

  23. Will Vidal Says:

    Voting between McCain or Obama is voting for different paths to the same end. I think McCain loses anyway, but even if he wins that would all but guarantee an Obama victory in 2012.

    The only saving grace from the accelerating slide into socialism that Obama represents is his timing. If he wins get ready for the media to pound into the public’s head for 4 straight years “Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter.” Gasoline prices are going to continue to soar throughout his term (many economists think at least $7.50 gasoline is likely within 4 years) and if the situation in the ME stays ugly the comparisons will be obvious. It’s going to be a nearly impossible position to win re-election even for a once in a generation politician like Obama. Now, of course, there isn’t much McCain would do differently in the sort term that would fix the situation and if McCain wins I’d expect more or less the same outcome. But don’t fool yourself into thinking Obama and McCain are all that much different on foreign policy. Bill Kristol himself has said they aren’t as different as the media likes to portray. Obama would absolutely be an imperialist president (though probably with more tact than the Bush administration).

    But anyway, why is jj on here trying to get libertarians or constitutional conservatives to vote for Obama over fear of McCain? I thought McCain was supposed to be our back-up choice by default?

  24. Will Vidal Says:

    This is also a big part of why I’m so optimistic about a possible 3rd party run in 2012 and why I think it’s so important to start building a Libertarian base in 2008. If the Republicans continue sliding down towards the path of irrelevance with candidates in the John McCain/Mitt Romney/Mike Huckabee vein and as the Democrats find the “change” they voted for has resulted in them poor and disillusioned, many more will start looking for a 3rd party for answers.

  25. NH Says:

    I like Chuck but he has no chance of winning.

    Viguerie is a supporter of Ron Paul and is just trying to find a viable alternative which Baldwin is, however unelectable.

  26. Scott R Says:

    JJ, I think you’re wrong in thinking that Obama is any better based on his rhetoric, but I personally don’t think it matters much who Ron Paul supporters vote for this year, so if you want to take a chance on Obama, go right ahead. Obama’s rhetoric strikes me as just that: rhetoric. I liked him better a while back, before he distanced himself from Wright (and did so by publicly disagreeing with Wright on one of the truer things Wright said - essentially the blowback argument). Recently he spoke to AIPAC and I lost any remaining respect I had for him. I believe that many antiwar folks on the left are now holding onto the hope that Obama is being “savvy” (i.e., lying) when dealing with AIPAC and in his public speeches so as to appear to be hawkish but, in fact, he’ll be a great lover of peace once in office. Well, that’s a gamble I have no interest in. I’d prefer to cast my vote for someone who isn’t afraid to take a stand for peace publicly.

    As a Paul supporter, at this point I have no grand illusions that Paul will end up being the Republican nominee, but I’m happy that he’ll keep his seat. And I’m happy that he’s gotten people (like me) thinking about real issues. And I’m very happy that many of his supporters are getting involved at more local levels and (hopefully) some of them will get elected to various positions. This, to me, is the “carrying on” of the Paul movement (not the shift to supporting Barr or Baldwin). I personally am skeptical of Barr due to his previous voting record and, at this point, prefer Baldwin, but as I said previously, I don’t see either of them having a real chance at winning the presidency, so I’m not getting caught up in either candidate. If you want to vote for one of them (or Obama or McCain), go right ahead, and I won’t think any less of you. But if you really want to carry on the “Revolution” than keep holding on to the truths that Paul has helped educate so many of us on and either get involved in local politics or support other “Paul-like” candidates who are doing so at a local level.

  27. disinter Says:

    I like Chuck but he has no chance of winning.

    Newsflash: Neither does Bob Barf.

  28. Cody Quirk Says:

    Actually, “White Horse Prophecy Party” may be more accurate. “Mormon Party” may be a good short-hand for the political party now calling itself the “Constitution Party.”

    = If our party was explicity Mormon, I wouldn’t be a member, I don’t care for political parties dominated and dictated by one faith.

    “Mormon state” may be a good name for Minnesota, since it went to Romney in the Primary.

  29. Cody Quirk Says:

    I think there should be a new rule on TPW to not publish anything without the (reliable) evidence or links to back it up.

  30. Cody Quirk Says:

    The Constitution Party might believe in Constitutional federalism, but they also believe in a bunch of moralistic authoritarian laws on the state level. Plus they insist on being an explicitly Christian party, which has nothing to do with liberty and the Constitution.

    = Where did they say that they were a ‘explicity christian party’? Show me the evidence.

    And the “moralistic authoritarian” laws you whine about were laws at one time, some still are, and were 100% constitutional.

    I guess then laws against child pornography and restrictions on sex offenders are “moralistic authoritarian” indeed!

    (sarcasm off)

  31. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Thanks JJ for your compelling reasoned endorsement of Obama. Many glorious people like you will join you, and bring Obama over the top. Amen.

  32. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    What a bunch of “B.S.” !! I was on the conference call too bud! I did NOT hear ANYTHING that pointed to Chuck or the CP to dis-associate ourselves, in principle from the great patriot RON PAUL. WE ARE OUR OWN CAMPAIGN…Chuck Baldwin for President. Chuck is NOT Ron Paul, however, he has much respect for Ron. WE ALL DO! Yes, Chuch “IS” his own man. Da! Why not? Let him stand on his own merits. He doesn’t have to cling on to Ron’s apron strings. THIS IS NOT ALL ABOUT RON PAUL OR “ANY” ONE MAN. It is a movement…..a “constitutional movement”...
    a CONSTITUTION REVOLUTION !! NO ONE MAN has a monopoly on it.
    Let Ron do what he has to do and let Chuck (or anyone else) do what they have to do. Quit worrying about childish SPECULATION. Do your duty and leave the rest up to God. Some of you guys need to get a life.

    Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.)USAF
    Constitution party…

  33. Clark Says:

    Chuck Baldwin, and the Constitution party does not Support Ron Paul, and more importantly the Revolution. I know for a Fact that scandinavian is correct, on his posting. In the world of Politics here in our great Country, we must all pick sides, Follower or Leader!
    Chuck Baldwin in the past did support Ron Paul, but recently decided to leave the Revolution fight, and go his own way. (All BECAUSE OF Anita) who happens to be his new campaign manager. Anita is not a trust worthy person, if you do your research you will see that scandinavian is right. Now I am not saying that Chuck is a bad man…to the contrary, he is a lost soul, who is FOLLOWING instead of LEADING! He wants so badly to be President, or to at least have a shot, that he sold out his grassroots group, and most importantly his scrubbles.
    I prayer is that Pastor Chuck…(the godly man within) will stand up, and realize that ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS he will ever ACCOMPLISH in LIFE is to STAND UP FOR GOD, and in doing SO STAND UP FOR AMERICA by SUPPORTING THE REVOLUTION! Chuck you Need to FIGHT FOR THE OLD ways of America, and STOP reaching for dollar signs. It’s ok your only human, but you need to PICK up the Revolution again and if that means telling those in the constitution party who disagree with you to take a hike, then DO SO!
    ALL EYES are on YOU to stand up and make the mistake of leaving the revolution…in the past, and fixing the future. YOU MUST CHOSE SIDES NOW! THIS IS YOUR TIME…and WHAT YOU DO KNOW will determine who you are, and what kind of presidential run you will have…CHOSE Gods SIDE…the REVOLUTION side then you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! But chose to follow the bad leadership, and the bad guidance of the wealthy in charge of your campaign, you WILL NOT MAKE IT!
    I am SURE THAT Anita has good qualities…but one must ALSO ask the very important questions about this person:
    1) Why has she been allegedly in over 100 campaigns? AND what is her TRACK RECORD? It sounds to me like SEVERAL of them, if NOT MOST of them were FAILURES! Yes she may be able to bring into you financial support, and that seems to be what you WANT more than to STAND UP for your fellow man at this time…but at the END OF THE DAY MONEY is only MONEY!
    2) Why was Anita FIRED BY THE RON PAUL CAMPAIGN? That’s RIGHT she WAS FIRED! So any PERSON would REALIZE that she is ONLY TRYING TO GET EVEN WITH RON PAUL, and those who FIRED HER! This is a Vindictive human response. One can only WONDER WHAT HER REAL INTENTIONS ARE?!
    3) Why does she DISAPPEAR a lot in her role as campaign manager….she has been KNOWN to be Flighty if you will….SO WHY?
    It SEEMS that ALTHOUGH scandinavian may have gone about things the wrong way, perhaps out of anger, or frustration…..HE HAS STRUCK A CORD…or a Artery in the Constitution party…you can see the results of that very thing, by the way the Party has lashed out, and tried to plaster HALF TRUE statements by this person on the internet. THAT IS ONLY A REACTION OF A CHILD the party is acting VERY CHILDISH and NEEDS TO LOOK AT ITS SELF WHY has it taken the Constitution party so LONG to TRY TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT, yet they STILL FIGHT each other…... IF THEY DONT STOP it they will never EVEN BE A THREAT to the Democrats, nor Republicans.
    This Message is written in the intent to MAKE YOU ALL THINK! Remember if it looks like a snake, crawl’s like a snake, and acts like a snake CHANCES ARE IT IS A SNAKE! It is for you DECIDED who I am referring to the Snake, yet it should BE pretty clear! (Just FOOD FOR THOUGHT)! If I GET BACK attacks for this statement, and QUESTIONS then ONE can only Assume that it is TRUE!

  34. Harvey Edwards Says:

    My Comment will be short. I have read opinion after opinion and many say things like ” So and so should have done things this way or that”. The writers many time are repeating hearsay. I then see the folks even claiming to support Pastor Chuck to say we must understand that we don’t have a chance.

    All this is divisive, you can see it, especially when the “trolls” come on to openly try convincing you to change your positions. The Trolls are on to something, if they can divide, they can conquer and overcome.

    There was something said during the conference call that is still resonating in my head as much as it also did the day I decided to give my all for this campaign. “GODS Guiding hand is moving this campaign. If folks want to laugh and ridicule this as they have here, to me thats fine. God is my personal reason for being with this party.

  35. Sean Scallon Says:

    The last thing Rev. Baldwin needs is to be caught up in the flotsam and jetsam of the Ron Paul movement. As much I as love the movement, like all movements it’s also filled with crazy people, people scared of their shadows (which in itself is a conspiracy theory), people in it for themsleves and their pet projects, people with delusions of grandure and just plain delusional people.

    No doubt Rev. Baldwin and the CP would love to get as many Paul supporters as possible, but like the Barr campaign, this is not a stalkinghorse for Ron Paul. If you support Rev. Baldwin, its reasonable to expect you also support the CP platform which he fully supports. Some many not like what’s in that platform, so they better understand who and what they’re getting involved with before they try an hijack the campaign.

    By the way, has the “Ron Paul Billionare” given so much as a dime yet? You see what I mean? Whoever these Paul supporters are with agendas, please stay away from Baldwin and Barr and let them run their own campaigns OK? Is that too much to ask?

  36. Donna Says:

    Thanks, Sean Scallon. Most Libbys and Ron Paul-leaning Libbys will never join the Constitution Party anyway. So, just build your own Party and leave the CP alone.

    For everyone else, try reading the CP Platform. Every plank is bridged to the appropriate place in the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, it is not made up of a few people’s thoughts and opinions. It is based on the founding documents of this great nation. If you find fault with the Constitution, then stay where you are.

    Also, for those of you who ridicule the religious aspect of the CP, ask yourself, “where are all the so-called self-professing Christian leaders, i.e. Dr. James Dobson, et al?” They haven’t joined the CP or at least made a public announcement of support and/or endorsement. The last I read in mainstream media is they are wringing their hands wondering how to justify their support of McCain. Now that’s something to talk about.

  37. Clark Says:

    ...btw, the real CLARK did NOT write the screed above!... appears the real CLARK has a copy-cat fan!.. ;o)

  38. Floo Says:

    I was in a Kansas City Meetup group, which met one rushed evening with a person named Anita Andrews, some sort of “unofficial” political consultant, who claimed to speak on behalf of the Paul campaign. Talk about Deja Vu. This woman was selling the same business: “Ixnay on the Evolution-Ray”.

  39. Shana Says:

    “I will say, conspiracy buffs can have a field day with Anita Andrews. Just a few minutes of scratching around led me to postings where her name has quotes around it, as in “Anita Andrews,” suggesting that this is just a front name for someone who doesn’t want her/his/its real name to be exposed. And allegations that she’s part of a secretive organization called the Clifton Coalition.”

    LOL, Anita is real. I’m leaving a message on her voicemail as I write this. She should get a kick out these latest allegations.

    BTW, she is absolutely, positively NOT part of the Clifton Coalition.

  40. Sean Scallon Says:

    Andrews apparently rubbed some Paulites the wrong way, coming out the meetup groups and giving them some activism points. No one could figure out if she was with the campaign or not. So it’s no suprise that some Paul supporters who want to support Baldwin see her as the new campaign chairman and it drives them nuts and then they go spreading baseless rumors about “upheaval”. Yeah, they’re the one’s “upheaving” themselves from the CP campaign. Good-Bye and Good Riddance!

  41. Shana Says:

    I’m on the phone with Anita right now and she said to tell you, “Don’t you guys have something better to do? Whether you support Ron, Chuck or Bob, there’s work to be done, so stop causing all this division and get out there and work. We need to make sure that Obama and McCain DO NOT get into offfice.

    And the next person who starts spreading lies about me, I will find you and sue you.”

    Folks, I think she means it.

  42. Kyle Says:

    I think we need to pray for Anita. Tonight, she is the most important person in America. We all know Obama, McCain are members of the Council on Foreign Relations which advocates a One World Government of a New World Order. Chuck is the only pro Constitution candidate out there. Anita is his Campaign Manger. We need to build her up and support her, and start working to save the Constitution which hangs by threads.

    Tonight, I told 5 new people about Chuck Baldwin; we have to start working for the Constitution one voter at a time; try 5 a day. Do your part.

    I believe that God will Bless America as we turn to him; I believe He ordained the Constitution, so we can worship Him and spread His Word; I believe if we begin to teach others, we can win in November.

    Stop attacking; start campaigning. Anita probably worked 15 hours on the campaign to save the Constitution today; what did you do to help?

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