Free Advice for Bob Barr

McCusker, on, is not a happy warrier for Bob Barr:

From what I can tell from recent media, his own press releases, his official campaign website, and various Libertarian Party websites, this campaign is DOA.

Give McCusker credit, though. He doesn’t just gripe about this, he offers “an overall win strategy.” Also needed is “a strategic plan for a Bob Barr Administration, similar to what we do when advising a company for business planning.” And yup, McCusker has a strategic plan too. See for yourself.

12 Responses to “Free Advice for Bob Barr”

  1. Justin Grover Says:

    The article n question started off interesting, then veered sharply right, into obscurity.

  2. inDglass Says:

    Barr appears to be putting out press releases faster than any other candidate. I noticed one was picked up by UPI the other day too. Barr also had two big nationally televised interviews with Glenn Beck and Stephen Colbert this week. The campaign is hardly DOA. It is surprisingly active.

  3. disinter Says:

    The campaign is hardly DOA. It is surprisingly active.

    By issuing press releases? Umm, okay.

    If lack of fundraising is any indication, his campaign is toast.

  4. timothy west Says:

    How much money had Badnarik raised by this time in 2004?

  5. marshall Says:

    probably right around where Baldwin (the CP) is now—around $40K. Barr is pushing $225K…not bad at all really.

  6. disinter Says:

    Barr is pushing $225K…not bad at all really.

    Strange. The retard caucus’ reasoning for abandoning libertarian principles and nominating a statist like Barf was that he was some sort of celebrity and could get tens of millions in donations, get in the debates and, some Barfers were even claiming, that he could win.

  7. Justin Grover Says:

    He has a chance at winning. It will take a lot more work from his campaign, which I think they are just gearing up for.

  8. disinter Says:

    “Troofer” Alex Jones has managed to raise more in a couple days than Barf has been able to raise after begging for months:

    Maybe Barf should re-consider the truth.

  9. disinter Says:

    He has a chance at winning.

    Yea, like .000000001% chance… if he is lucky.

  10. Harold S Says:

    Send in the clowns. No Barr in 2008.

  11. Clint Says:

    i think raising the barr and the Bob barr Bargain are catchy pharses. It is important to note that Bob Barr won the LP Nomination ten days ago and has already raised 225k. Ron Paul only raised 600k in the first three months of his campaign and ended up raising 35 million.

  12. Joe Lawson Says:

    Actually most of the anti-Barr stuff you see is from Constitution Party members pissed that we (Ron Paul supporters) didn’t go with Chuck Baldwin. Earth to CP’s Chuck Baldwin is a no name, he is not even showing in the polls - what a waste of time and effort. Chuck is a good man but get over it

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