Connecticut Green Party congressional candidate wants Bush/Cheney impeached

Litcfield County Times reports Green Party candidate for congress Harold Burbank II “..calling on Congress to impeach ..Bush..Cheny for wagin an illegal war in Iraq.” Burbank says the famed publisher of the pentagon papers Daniel Ellsberg supports this Green Party run.

5 Responses to “Connecticut Green Party congressional candidate wants Bush/Cheney impeached”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    wow what a waste of energy . I mean the electionis in November. Bush will be out in no time. Impeachment at this point is a total waste of money and time. That’s why the Green Party amounts to 0
    GO BARR GO For the Future of America For Freedom
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  2. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Timing, timing, timing….

  3. Sivarticus Says:

    A Green wanting to impeach the administration till the very end? How novel. And ridiculous. Way to be forward-looking, lefties.

  4. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Where was he on September 12th when President Cheney and Bubba Bush should have been strung up in the rose garden ????? Dozens of folks crying for attention to strange goings on in flight schools and else where….

  5. Gregg Jocoy Says:

    To be fair, the Green Party was the first national level party to call for Bush & Co’s impeachment. This is not new, nor is it wrong for the candidate to continue a call we made years ago.

    What would you have us do? Say, “Oops, we were wrong. Bush should stay until the end of his term.”

    Now I’ll agree 100% that this is not a position that will bring a lot of voters our way, but since this is a long standing Green Party position, no one should be surprised that we Greens continue to support impeachment. Afterall, what has changed except the calender?

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