Common Sense conservative Gail “for Rail” Parker makes U.S. Senate ballot in Virginia

Virginia’s State Board of Elections has verified 10,000 signatures for common sense conservative independent Gail “for Rail” Paker. She’s made the ballot for U.S. Senate.

Mrs. Parker handed in nearly 21,000 petition signatures. Gail “for Rail”’s press release thanks the ” hard working, honorable, and nobel civil servants across Virginia who counted and verified our signatures. Virginia’s state board of elections is respected and admired by independents and third parties across America for the fine work they do.”

7 Responses to “Common Sense conservative Gail “for Rail” Parker makes U.S. Senate ballot in Virginia”

  1. Scott West Says:

    Minor quibble on the categorization of this post:

    Previous Independence Party posts have been categorized under “Other Minor Parties”.

    Likewise, this post should be categorized under “Other Independent Parties” and not “Green Party”, since common sense conservative Gail “For Rail” Parker is the candidate of the Independence Party’s VA affilliate, the Independent Green Party of Virginia.

  2. silver Republican Says:

    Does anybody actually know who this person is and what her issues are?

  3. Sivarticus Says:

    Presumably, she has a big focus on some sort of rail or public transit system. Doesn’t sound like a very conservative nickname to me if she’s in favor of a state run mass transit system.

  4. Open Letter about Gail For Rail Parker Says:

    She was very open and talkative in 2007, when Citizens For A Better Veterans Home was mainly asking about her and transit. When we shifted gears and started questioning about the Independence Party and the Green Party USA and why they had not reached out to our suggested list of potential allies [such as the current KCMO mayor] she could only mention that we needed to help the Independent Greens Of Virginia and THEN WE COULD TALK ABOUT DON LAKE’S INTERESTS, INCLUDING ABUSED VETERANS.

    Gee, the same runaround that the Libs, Greens, CP, and PFP hands out on a regular basis! [Only the VETSparty and reformers have not produced this steer manure as a knee jerk response.]

    We ship a package of our material, including former Reform Party USA news letters, and some additional searing questions [who are you guys——-really!] and their postal address and telephone numbers drop off of the web site, big time!

    Go figure!

  5. Deran Says:

    The Independent Green Party of Virginia is not associated with the nation Green Party, and in fact they have considered joining with the Independence Party.

  6. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    That immoral stealth tactic makes a whole lot more sense than main line Green Party USA, which I must admit, is usually disfunctional. Sadly, most political groups could mess up a two vehicle parade!

  7. Bryan Says:

    Deran…They were affiliated with the Independence party 1/10/08. All it really is…a front for a “draft bloomberg” campaign.

    It would be kinda funny…michael “for rail” bloomberg….

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