A real choice for real change, Abel Noah Tomlinson

Arkansas Green Party has appealing candidate for congress in 3rd district. A carpenter, and University of Arkansas grad.
Abel Noah Tomlison pictured with his 4 year old daughter on his shoulders.
Cute little blonde child is showing a peace sign.
Mr. Tomilson has a clicking count of Iraq war costs on his web site.

4 Responses to “A real choice for real change, Abel Noah Tomlinson”

  1. Andy Craig Says:

    I live not far from the 3rd District. Looking at his platform, thought obviously not a libertarian, his campaign emphasis is clearly targeted at libertarian-leaning conservatives. I suppose there aren’t really that many “greens” in a conservative part of Arkansas. I might be willing to help him out, but I suspect when I find out all his positions not listed on that site (like taxes and gun control), it’d be enough to turn me off. He already has plenty of anti-libertarian proposals mixed in with some acceptable ones.

  2. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    And Gail For Rail Parker [the so called Independent [Independence Party ???] Green Party of Virginia candidate] spent time in Arkansas to assist Tomlinson last year.

  3. Nexus Says:

    Pretty daughter. Kind of reminds me of my own daughter.

  4. Abel Tomlinson Says:

    Mostly in response to Andy Craig, I am actually targeting my campaign at Greens, libertarians, Democrats, and rational Republicans. My positions are socially progressive and anti-waste fiscal conservative. I think it is appropriate to spend money wisely for schools and healthcare, but unacceptable to spend it wastefully and inneficiently.

    The most wasteful spending right now comes from both parties in the bloated “defense”/war budget and the innefficient healthcare system. The most progressive/anti-waste healthcare system, which I endorse, is HR 676, which would eliminate hundreds of billions in waste to extraneous insurance corporations.

    As for taxes, there is some info on my thinking on my website. I am against Bush’s tax cuts to the superrich, but support middle class tax cuts. I also support ecologically (natural resource/pollution) centered tax system as opposed to income tax.

    As for guns, do not worry. I think that although we have excessive numbers of gun homicides and they probably do make America a more dangerous and fearful place, I do not support complete gun control by any means because I am concerned about potential tyranny by the federal government and I think the people must have some way of defending themselves against this and potentially forming resistance should it get way out of check. Bush largely took us to such a dark, low plateau with vast executive power assertion and constitutional assault. I do support waiting periods and background checks though.

    It would be my hope in a utopian wish that we can reach international peace in the near future and national governments could begin to disarm first, which may allow an opportunity for a deproliferation at the citizen level as well, which would certainly make a more peaceful, stress-reduced world. However, I know this is somewhat unrealistic at this point, but I still can hope. We must first avoid collapse of global and national economies that is threatened by oil dependency, declining oil supplies and global warming.

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