A local Green Party hosts free films at library

Now here’s an idea of how local third parties can reach out to their communities—host a film series for the general public. Of course, you will probably want to select films that make a political point that offers your spokesperson an opportunity to segue from the entertainment (the movie) to the sermon (why the audience should look into the third party sponsoring this movie).

Here’s what the Hernando County (Florida) Green Party is doing this summer in this regard.

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  1. Open Letter to Reasonable People Says:

    Fundraising Idea Number Two: take photos/ photocopies of Mount Rushmore and put on matting paper or other card board. Cut out monument ‘heads’ and sell as personal picture frame incert[s]!

    Fundraising Idea Number Three: Theodore Roosevelt is a connecting icon for all kinds of Non Dems and Non GOP! Greens, Constitutionalists, reformers, and VETSparty would be wise to ease off of the USPS eagle and eagle head and ease in the Theodore Bear. [Are you flush enough to pay attention Bob Barr?] Get new or slightly used Teddy Bear plush toys. Hey, may be the thift store will give you some!

    A child’s cow boy hat, any scarf, used paint brush fibers [mustache] and cheap plastic monocle and you’ve got your self a Theodore Bear! If your audience is entirely clueless, buy infant tee shirts and print you party name or candidate front and back!

    Warning if you do any thing in coordination with the Feminist Socialist Peace and Freedom Party of California or any one with the name REFORM in their title ——GET THE MONEY UP FRONT!

  2. Gregg Jocoy Says:

    Thanks TPW News Item. As it turns out, this one is helpful, and to your other readers as well I would guess.

    Here in York County SC we have used this tactic to some good effect. I believe it would need a small committee, maybe three people, to schedule and promote this idea, but based on our limited experience here, I would endorse the idea.

    We have been showing The Story of Stuff which is a 22 minute long film about consumerism, the environment, and our role in the economy.

    We hope to go to What Would Jesus Buy, An Unreasonable Man, American Blackout and others, but the 22 minute film seems such a nice length compared to two hours.

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