Third Party Political Cartoon of the Day

H/T to Serf City

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  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    Great cartoon. Can anyone imagine such media coverage, and even political cartoons like this, if Barr hadn’t been selected as the LP nominee?

    Libertarians would have been almost completely ignored this year.

    BTW, if you all hadn’t heard yet, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham was just quoted as saying that he “might even vote for Bob Barr,” this year, given the treatment from the DNC his sister has received.

  2. Gene Trosper Says:

    One of the coolest cartoons I have seen in a long while!

  3. Quietus Says:

    Who’s the woman?

  4. GoNolzOhio Says:

    As wrong as Dondero is on foreign policy, he is dead right on this one. Can anyone imagine this cartoon being made with Ruwart as our candidate?

    I can imagine a Ruwart cartoon, but I am quite sure it would involve kiddie porn humor.

  5. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    The woman?? That is America!!


  6. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Some one else has mentioned Barack and Hill and religion.

    Remember in November that McDuffus McCain was a regular Sunday Morning [praying for a crop failure after raising cane the first part of the week end?] Episcopalian for decades.

    Now he is a born again Southern Baptist while courting Dixiecrats….....

  7. Jim Lesczynski Says:

    Actually, that cartoon ran in the Denver Post the day prior to the nomination.

  8. Arizona Indie Says:

    A good cartoon. Ruwart might not have been the subject of cartoons had she been nominated, but at least she would be running on sincerely held Libertarian principles.

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