Ron Paul comments on Bob Barr

From Newsweek:

What are your feelings toward [Libertarian nominee] Bob Barr?

We’re pretty friendly. We’re allies, he’s a good friend. He has called me a couple times recently, so it’s very cordial.

Even though he has been targeting your supporters?

I can’t blame him. I’m sure that’s his goal. [Laughs]

What’s your relationship like with McCain?

It pretty much doesn’t exist. He has his beliefs and I have mine, and they just don’t come together very well.

39 Responses to “Ron Paul comments on Bob Barr”

  1. Brent Burk Says:


    ...jk :) . I love Ron Paul, I like Bob Barr. I’ll vote for Barr this fall more than likely.

  2. Jack D Says:

    I like Ron Paul better but I hope he puts out a request just before election day and ask all his supporters to pile on with Bob Barr.

    Also, With the same concept as united we stand, why not get with all the other freedom movement people (or ten of the largest) and combine forces so that it will have more of an impact? The patriots keep throwing their money here and money there and it is spread out too thin to accomplish as much as if we all come together. If we did come together then the money would most definitely be there to get something done. Get Ron Paul to put the word out and it will grow like a grass fire. Surely we can all come together and kick some serious ass instead of fighting individual fires or just trying to educate sheeple on an individual basis.

    This way if someone like Joe Banister needs some help he could get help from the big pot instead of a few little ones.


  3. disinter Says:

    No Gordon, Ron Paul isn’t going to endorse your statist employer. Keep dreaming.

  4. Gene Trosper Says:

    That’s good to hear that Ron Paul and Bob Barr are friends….even though SOME libertarians think Barr is the biggest meanie since the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

    Paul never said anything about disagreeing with Barr either. Very telling.

  5. disinter Says:

    “we have arrived at an anomalous pass where a prominent member of the GOP is more libertarian than the two standard bearers of the LP. Who would have anticipated such a sorry state of affairs? Who would have thunk it? ”

  6. hueylong Says:

    I really hope Ron Paul does endorse somebody this election. My guess if he does it will be Barr. Very outside chance it might be Obama after his most recent comments about him. I don’t see McCain getting it. I hate it though when someone with a loyal following basically just sits it out. Pointless.

  7. disinter Says:

    Don’t Lower the Barr!

  8. Andy Craig Says:

    I hope he endorses Barr. I think he might be waiting to see if Barr will make a big enough splash to make it worth it.

    He’s endorsed every other LP ticket since he was on it in 1988.

  9. Major Reformist Mocker Says:

    Paul is a politician. He can’t say what he really thinks. “Barr is a namby pamby” “libertarian” but maybe if real libertarians keep kicking his ass, he’ll learn something.

  10. DIAMOND DAVE Says:

    Ron will endorse Barr after the convention. Regardles Ron Paul voters will ofcourse vote for Barr, there is no one else they would be attracted to . GO BARR GO

  11. titaniumgirl Says:

    Eh, I doubt Ron will endorse Bob. I don’t think Paulians will find Barr to be good enough or consistent enough.

  12. Kelly Parker Says:

    I doubt Ron Paul will endorse Barr. He may, but I don’t think he wants to choose between Barr and Baldwin when both want his endorsement.

  13. Gene Trosper Says:

    I doubt that Ron Paul will endorse anyone.

  14. Libertarian Lunatic Says:

    I think Paul may hint around and suggest Barr but I doubt he comes right out and says it.

    Bobby’s got work to do but He’s libertarian enough for me, and a hell of alot more libertarian than McWar and Obama.

  15. disinter Says:

    Regardles Ron Paul voters will ofcourse vote for Barr

    Speak for yourself. This Ron Paul voter would rather write in Bugs Bunny than vote for Barrbie.

  16. darolew Says:


    So, going for Barrbie over Barf?

  17. Eric Dondero Says:

    Funny to see all these posters here calling John McCain a “NeoCon,” yet there’s an article from a major media source up on RCP this morning comparing McCain to Barry Goldwater for his opposition to pork and support for spending cuts.

    Shows how out of touch some Libertarians are with the mainstream of American politics.

  18. Eric Dondero Says:

    Disinter, for every one of you Anarchist Leftwingers out there, who “refuse” to vote for Bob Barr, there are 10 other Perot voters who will vote Libertarian for the first time this year, and 20 other libertarian-leaning Conservatives who could never support Ron Paul cause of his Anti-National Security views, but will support Barr/Root. I’m hearing from them on a daily basis. They are happy as punch that the Libertarian Party has finally given them someone to support.

    So, pound your chest all you want. You’re segment of the political electorate - Wiccans, NeoPagans, Anarchists, Leftwinger video game players,, is tiny and insignificant in comparison to mainstream libertarian voters.

  19. Donna Says:

    Just a few thoughts and observations about the Ron Paul rally in Branson:

    1) Ron Paul admits the GOP will never allow him to be their nominee, but he wants his followers to be actively involved in his movement. Many of us have spent years trying to reform the GOP from inside. I think Ron Paul is leading these well-meaning sheep down a black hole. I hope they figure this out before it is too late. McCain/Obama/Clinton will continue the destruction of our national sovereignty with open borders and the UN-constitutional Bush/Cheney privatized war for profit in Iraq.

    2) Why was CP presidential nominee, Chuck Baldwin, invited to attend this rally? Chuck has been RP’s BIGGEST cheerleader from Day 1. RP may not endorse him, or Barr for that matter, but I find it interesting that Chuck was even invited.

    3) Travis Maddox, the CP’s candidate for MO’s U.S. Rep. in Congressional District 7, and Roy Blunt’s opponent, was invited to stand in the reception line with RP. While RP signed authographs, Travis educated many about his candidacy. Most have heard of the CP.

    4) Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshof stood “outside” the facility handing out literature and left when the rally started. They wouldn’t even come inside. That’s because they must show support for McCain and the GOP leadership, or the GOP will not help fund their campaigns. It’s always about the $$ and Party over principle.

  20. ronpauljones Says:

    Eric Dondero - “Anti-National Security views”??? Stop watching so much Fox News and read up on the history and reasons as to why America is being attacked and hated around the world. The truth is that the occupation of foreign countries, nation building for trade interests, covert regime change, and financial/military backing of the likes of Saddam and Bin Laden are “Anti-National Security”.

    “War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent.” - George Orwell, 1984

  21. Kenny Says:

    Barr, unlike Baldwin, appears to have no track record of supporting Ron Paul or his colleagues in Congress. So when Bob Barr was in Congress, and/or prior to joining the Libertarian Party, did he

    1. Join or apply to join the Republican Liberty Cause?
    2. Attend or apply to attend a meeting of Ron Paul’s Liberty Caucus?

    Has Bob Barr or his PAC

    1. Donated to the campaign of Republican Liberty Caucus candidate, including incumbents?
    2. Donated to the campaign of a member of Ron Paul’s Liberty Caucus?

    Please provide details (candidate, amount, date) of any such donations.

    If the answers are “No”, then why should Barr expect or hope for Paul’s endorsement. No past support should mean no Dr No endorsement.

  22. disinter Says:

    Why was CP presidential nominee, Chuck Baldwin, invited to attend this rally?

    Notice that Barf wasn’t invited.

  23. Jared Callanan Says:

    I can guarantee that Ron Paul will not endorse Chuck Baldwin. There were serious rumors that he would endorse Bob Barr following the convention, now rumors are circulating that the Republicans would strip him of his seat on the banking committee if he was to endorse outside of the party. My own personal prediction is that he endorses Barr sooner or later, my inside connections say that an endorsement of Barr is the only possible presidential endorsement you will see from Dr. Paul, all depends on if the endorsement will hurt his congressional duties.

  24. Bill Woolsey Says:

    The Truthers have endorsed Balwin, because he
    supports a new investigation of 911.

    Barr has said he isn’t interested in conspiracy theories.

    So, the Truthers hate Barr. As they attack Barr, you can
    expect no more respect for the Truth than truthers generally

    Notice that Newsweek asked what Paul thought of Barr.
    They didn’t ask anything about Baldwin.

  25. Joe Buchman Says:

    Anyone know if there is any kind of movement for Ron Paul as McCain’s VP?

    Is that even a possibility Ron Paul would be open to?

    It seems if McCain truly fears that Barr/Root could tip the balance to Obama, Ron Paul as VP would more than allay that fear.


  26. James Spencer Says:

    For a minute it looked like disinter was going to give up the “barf’ stuff. I had hoped that maybe he was slowly realizing he is an idiot. Guess not.

    Anyway this Ron Paul supporter is most definitely voting for Barr in November. I like Baldwin but the CP just isn’t nearly as viable a party as the LP in terms of stuff like ballot access to even consider voting for him (access in less than 25 states is weak; I literally can’t vote for him here as in most places). What I had hoped for was the two parties to fuse and give us some kind of Barr/Baldwin ticket. Since writing in for Paul isn’t an productive option Barr it is and I’ll be working hard for him.

  27. Kelly Parker Says:

    “Anyone know if there is any kind of movement for Ron Paul as McCain’s VP?”

    “Is that even a possibility Ron Paul would be open to?”
    No chance. McCain doesn’t even speak to Dr. Paul.

    “It seems if McCain truly fears that Barr/Root could tip the balance to Obama, Ron Paul as VP would more than allay that fear.”
    McCain is convinced he can win without us.

    The GOP is doing all it can to shut Dr. Paul and his supporters out. So this Ron Paul supporter is supporting Barr/Root. If the LP can’t make any headway with a ticket this strong, it can’t make any headway.

  28. Joe Buchman Says:

    “So this Ron Paul supporter is supporting Barr/Root. ”

    So is this one; excepting, for example, a future Ron Paul admonition to support someone, Steve Kubby’s no longer supporting the Barr/Root ticket, or the like (and then I’d look at their reasoning and reevaluate my choice).

    I’m not overly impressed with the criticism of Congressman Barr based on his voting record in Congress; I’m more interested in how he will run the campaign, or likely govern in the future should he be elected again.

    While one’s past is one indicator of future behavior, it seems some hold the possibility that Mr. Barr, or anyone for that matter, could learn as impossible.

    It seems to me, based on his actions over the past year or two, that Mr. Barr has indeed learned from his past, and become, if not purely, then sufficiently Libertarian for me to be able to support his campaign and urge others to do so. I just wish I could do it without any “mental reservation or equivocation” whatsoever. I’m hopeful as the campaign goes on, that that will become the case.


  29. dan stanley Says:

    I am not sure why so many think Bob Barr is the only one
    close to Ron Paul thinking. Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution
    Partyi, is, in my opinion, closer the Ron Paul than Bob Barr.
    Check out

  30. disinter Says:

    Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution
    Partyi, is, in my opinion, closer the Ron Paul than Bob Barr.

    Baldwin is FAR more libertarian than Barf.

    So we have a Republican and CP prez candidate running that are more libertarian than the Libertarian Party’s nominee. Is this not a tad bit strange?

  31. Jared Callanan Says:


    You continue to duck the question; what are you going to do when Ron Paul endorses Bob Barr?

  32. disinter Says:

    what are you going to do when Ron Paul endorses Bob Barr?

    What are you going to do when he doesn’t?

  33. Kenny Says:

    Ron Paul was being polite but will not endorse Barr. Barr has never been involved with Paul’s organizations such as the RLC and the Liberty Caucus. Barr’s PAC has not even Paul’s associates in elections. Paul has a lot to lose and nothing to gain from endorsing Barr.

  34. oldgus Says:

    I’ve voted CP the last two elections and was certainly going to do it again this Nov. I was very disapointed that Paul didn’t seek the CP nomination, and with Barr running now on the LP ticket, I’m undecided. I like Baldwin, but I think Barr can garner more votes and make more of impact on our countries need for a viable third party. Either way - I don’t think I’d be lowering myself to voting for the lesser of two evils.

  35. Jared Callanan Says:

    Whether he does or doesn’t, I am going to support Bob Barr. My situation is different than yours, it seems your life and ideology revolve around what Ron Paul says and does. So the question is, what will you do when Ron Paul endorses Chuck Baldwin?


    I doubt very much that Ron Paul would have run for the CP nomination. My guess is if Ron Paul was to have run for the presidency via a third party it went have been through the Libertarian Party since he is a lifetime member, former nominee, and had the total support of the party. The CP just isn’t a very good vehicle for a third party.

  36. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    To Jared Callanan..
    You said ” the CP isn’t a very good vehicle for a THIRD party”.

    I differ with THAT remark completely. The LP is very ‘wishy-washy’ on the illegal immigration issue and border security and several others. The LP has a history of being very generic and cloudy on several issues. The platform of the Constitution party is VERY “clear”, on immigration and all the others. ......”BARR none! We would welcome a debate with Chuck and all the other presidential candidates..Barr none! ANYTIME! Chuck will blow them all out of the water…hands down..Barr none!
    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.)USAF
    Constitution party…

  37. Paul K. Says:

    I wonder if Barr would have sought the nomination unless he had some sense that Ron Paul would endorse him. Not to say it’s a lock, but there has to be at least a reasonable chance.

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