Green Party’s Wonder Woman

The Green Party’s leading (in pledged delegates) presidential candidate, former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is an american political celebrity.

The Green Party’s other woman running for the prez nomination is less well known outside the Green Party, the Texas tough Katherine “Kat” Swift (34). You saw her Wonder Woman outfit and video here on Third Party watch a few days ago. According to Current newspaper, Kat put on the Wonder Woman outfit to dramatize the ballot access fight to gather thousands of signatures and regain ballot status for Greens in Texas. Ms Swift is well respected, and loved among Greens for her years of disciplined and dedicated work to build the Green Party.

In 2006 Ms Swift made her first run for public office. In San Antonio, Texas Ms Swift was a candidate for city council. Ms Swift collected signatures and got on the ballot. Then with a strong door to door Green Party campaign, Kat Swift raised the Green Party profile, and Green issues. This earned Ms Swift a seat at the debates. This is where Kat Swift shines.

Some Greens respectfully refer to Kat Swift as an “Alpha Female”, with rhetorical flare, and white hot passion. Her debate performances received rave reviews. Kat Swift and the Texas Green Party were rewarded at the polls. In a three way race Kat Swift recieved almost 30% of the vote.

Kat Swift’s gifts were obvious again at the 2007 National Green Party meeting in Reading, Penn. Her emotional, and moving opening statement about the urgent need for a Third Major Party in America to begin to solve pressing problems won Green Party delegate hearts and applause.
Kat Swift can give a speech to inspire, and her rapid fire debate comebacks pack a punch. That Green Party debate included: Kent Mesplay, Jesse Johnson, Jared Ball (withdrew endorsing Cynthia Mckinney), Daniel Imperato, Michael Jingosian, and Gail “for Rail” Parker (place holder for Michael Bloomberg).

Since last year Kat Swift has continued to work her quiet bookeeping day job full time, like other Greens Kent Mesplay, and Jess Johnson. On holidays, and weekends Kat Swift has traveled to Green Party state and local meetings across America.

Key Green Party candidate issues have been stopping $1 Trillion in tax dollar waste every year on foreign military misadventure, stopping no bid uncontested pentagon crony contracts. Installing an auditable accounting system at the Pentagon. Bring American troops home from Iraq, Asia, Europe to American soil. Stop seeking political solutions with squandored tax dollars on unnecessary military means.

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9 Responses to “Green Party’s Wonder Woman”

  1. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Smarmy, smarmy, smarmy….

  2. Gregg Jocoy Says:

    Gail “for Rail” Parker was a placeholder for Michael Bloomberg like I’m a placeholder for Warren Buffet…only a little less so.

  3. Bryan Says:

    Who is Carey Campbell?

    Although I appreciate any news and promos for Kat, there is one detail that was…well…wrong… Kat ran for San Antonio City Council in 2007…not 2006, it was also the first time a Green had run for City Council.

    I am a Kat Swift supporter, and frankly, I wonder if Carey has ever visited Kat’s website. The words chosen for this post “rhetorical flare, and white hot passion” don’t really describe Kat. Kat is real…she is one of us…Kat puts her positions in common language…not legalese. Kat is “Seriously Green”.

    One of the reasons I was drawn to her campaign was the fact that she went out of her way to attain ballot access for the Green Party. Kat has worked for years in a number of offices/appointments for the Texas Green Party, and the National Green Party and it’s affiliated caucuses.

    I am sorry…but this look at Kat Swift appears to be written by a “shill” who is trying to prove how “inclusive” the TPW is and will continue to be…(made ya look) ;-)

    If Carey is “legit” least get your facts correct before posting….

  4. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Carrie is a member of the Independent Green Party of Virginia, a so-called “conservative green” party, which they think Michael Bloomberg is. Carrie may be writing these articles maybe to constantly mention the debate that Gail Parker, the Independent Green politician, debated with the other Green candidates, so she can be mentioned.

    I’m not a Green Party supporter at all, I am a Democrat who is virulently anti-Nader, but the Independent Green Party is definitely misrepresenting itself and is really pathetic. I haven’t heard Kat Swift, but that article must be pretty sensationalist.

  5. kat swift Says:

    while a bit sensational in adjective use, not much factually wrong - mostly just opinion differences. and hey if that’s an impression the author got from researching me on the web, i’m honored (you’re probably just good at creative writing though :P )

    3rd paragraph - 2007 not 2006 as bryan said in comments. also there was no ‘strong green party door to door campaign’, it was a non-partisan race with some door to door. Nor did i earn a place in the debates by anything other than being a candidate. here locally, they honor all candidates in forums, however, we do not actually debate anything.

    and to be clear, i ran in a non-partisan race, not a party affiliated one - big difference in access to media and forums.

    fourth paragraph:
    wow, i’d like to meet someone who “refer(s) to Kat Swift as an “Alpha Female”, with rhetorical flare, and white hot passion.” other than the author, who i think i’ve met…

    sixth paragraph:
    my day job is rarely quiet, which is why i try to work from home or after hours

    last and seventh paragraph:
    those are only one set of many issues that i and other greens address. look at the gp platform on and the candidates’ websites.

    so all in all - enjoyable reading with a great use of adjectives just not all ones that are fully accurate :) . thanks for the writeup!

  6. Gregg Jocoy Says:

    Hey Kat…if you liked this report, you might enjoy what Ronald Kane Hardy wrote about your campaign three days earlier over at Green Party Watch

    By the way, enjoy our banner at the top of the page. snicker

  7. Jonathan Says: the only solution for people of this ideology

  8. Starchild Says:

    I would encourage Greens, as I encourage my fellow Libertarians, to talk about “alternative parties” rather than “third parties” (the unfortunate name of this website notwithstanding!)

    When you say “third party,” it’s tacitly suggesting that there should be only three major parties in the United States. Which of course would be better than two, but what we really want is a truly multiparty system, where voters have lots of different choices.

    Admittedly I am a Libertarian and we are all about choice, but given that we are the most viable alternative party in the country with the possible exception of the Greens (depending how you measure), I hope it will not be taken amiss if I suggest that all alternative party activists should band together in matters of symbolically (i.e. semantically) declaring our support for a system where we all have ballot access and a place at the electoral table.

    Talk of “a (single) Third Party” pits all the alternatives against each other in vying for that status, when we should be working together to end the two party cartel that is unfairly dominating this country’s politics and perpetuating a corrupt and elitist status quo.

  9. Green Tips Says:

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