LP Presidential Debates

In case you missed it, or wish to watch it again, here is the footage of the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential debate.

Part I:

Part II:

A tip of the hat to Hardy.

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  1. JustAHoax Says:

    Does anyone have video of the actual nomination process? I would love to see most of the speeches people gave after winning or losing (Kubby, Phillies, and Barr.) C-SPAN has some of it but it cuts off right after Kubby lost.

  2. Steve Perkins Says:

    I thought it was pretty effective when Barr and Root stood up to give their closing statements. However, when Jingo did it too… why was he standing in a Triangle Posture yoga pose? His feet had to be spread almost a yard apart!

  3. disinter Says:

    Notice Barrbie’s fake response to the philosopher question. Ayn Rand? At least Gordon told him how to pronounce her name.

  4. Aristotle Says:

    After watching the debates I still am amazed the LP would nominate a neocon like Barf. By becoming yet another Retardican Lite party the Libertarians risk becoming extinct like the Reform Party who made the same mistake.

  5. Steve Perkins Says:

    I’ll admit that the Ayn Rand answer sounded like pandering, given the audience. However, Bob Barr came and gave a speech for the Federalist Society at my law school two years ago, and he was quoting Rand right and left. It’s not like the guy just skimmed Atlas Shrugged on the plane ride to Denver.

  6. Gay Gary Says:

    I liked how George Phillies tweaked, then regurgitated, the theme of Bob Barr’s response (“I’d call qualified person X for a list and then would include X as well.”) with a sly smile as though the delegates might not have a memory that stretched back 45 seconds, all the while making ever-so-brief pauses for applause that never came. (And why does he sound like Elmer Fudd?)

  7. Jonathan Says:

    wow what a bunch of cartoon characters, Bob Barr looks like a G-d compared to them. Jingozian says I don’t know and looks like a mafia hit man, can’t even open his eyes, Phillies is the strangest of all birds and what is with his voice, Kubby is a guy you’ll smoke a joint with but that’s it, and the women choice , well I would like to get with Ruwart or Smith, just the fact they defend child porn and have such disdain anger in them would make a great fuck, how kinky would they be.

  8. disinter Says:

    (And why does he sound like Elmer Fudd?)

    He reminded me more of Urkel.

  9. Quietus Says:

    I note that Gravel got more cheers than Barr.

  10. Major Reformist Mocker Says:


  11. Steve LaBianca Says:

    The final results of the LP convention’s 6th presidential ballot shows Barr with 51.6% of the votes cast, and Ruwart with 44.0%, NOTA with 4.1% and Write-ins with 0.3%. If you consider that there were 652 credentialed delegates, Barr got 49.7% of the delegates votes.

    Barr has the ba*ls to say that the Libertarian Party is unified behind his campaign? This is akin to Bill Clinton saying in 1996, with 49% of he popular vote, that he had a mandate.

    W.A.R. got 51% of the votes cast on the 2nd and final VP ballot, to Kubby’s 45.7%. Mary Ruwart received one write in vote. If you consider the credentialed delegates, W.A.R. got 44.3% of them.

    I am not alone in not supporting this ticket. As a matter of fact, I was in the majority with my fellow LP delegates at the convention who did NOT support Barr or W.A.R.

  12. disinter Says:

    I am not alone in not supporting this ticket. As a matter of fact, I was in the majority with my fellow LP delegates at the convention who did NOT support Barr or W.A.R.

    I most definitely do not, and will not, support Barrbie.

  13. DebbieKat Says:

    Me, neither. I was there to support Gravel, but when he was out I put my support behind Ruwart. Barr and Root hijacked the party. Now I have no choice but Nader or the Green Party. At least there’s someone honest left to vote for.

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