IAP candidate finally allowed on county ballot

Today, May 22, 2008 Eric Rieman, who was denied the right to file for County Commission Seat 3 by the Douglas County Clerk Barbara Griffin on Friday, May 16, 2008- was allowed to file.

“I appreciate everything that has been done to allow me to file. The County Clerk and Secretary of State checked into the law and found that they should have allowed me to file in the first place. I’m pleased to be on the ballot in Douglas County running for County Commissioner in District 3,” stated Eric Rieman. “I would also like to thank the Independent American Party for their help.”

“This is a great victory for Eric Rieman and for the Independent American Party,” stated IAP State Chairman Mark Andrews. “Eric Rieman is a solid citizen and was following the law. He deserves a chance to run for the office of county commissioner.”

“This is a great election story right out of the old west! I spoke with Eric during the day on Friday, the last day of filing. While he was out in the hay fields managing his irrigation ditches, we were on the phone finalizing his plan to get to the clerk’s office in Gardnerville in time to be a candidate.”

“This should have been handled by the county on the last filing day and the controversy avoided. I sent several amended candidate filings to the Secretary of State’s office that afternoon and they were very good about accommodating our multiple fax submissions. One more faxed list would have been easy to accomplish,” continued Andrews.

“Douglas County realized they had violated the law and the rights of Eric Rieman and the Independent American Party, and now they have moved to correct their mistake,” concluded Andrews.

Rieman was told on Friday by Douglas County Clerk Barbara Griffin and District Attorney Mark Jackson, that he could not file because he was registered to vote as a non-partisan. Eric Rieman asked, “let me change over to Independent American.” Griffin and Jackson said that he could not do that. That he had to do it 30 days in advance.

There is no law that requires advance registration for minor party candidates, in fact some candidates who filed as Independent American Party candidates in Washoe and Clark Counties reregistered as IAP on Friday, May 16, 2008 just before they filed for office.

Griffin and Jackson also said that the Secretary of State’s office list from the Independent American Party said Rieman was running for District “B”, so there wasn’t enough time to get that changed to Dist. 3, so they wouldn’t let him file for office.

“On Tuesday, May 20, 2008 I spoke to Kristi Geyser in the Secretary of State’s office. I asked her if there was some procedure to challenge the fact that they did not let Rieman file and said that by not allowing him to file they had violated the law. She agreed with me that the law allows people to reregister as minor party candidates right before they file for office. She also said that Barbara Griffin had called her about Rieman in Douglas County. She told me that she told Barbara regarding the district designation of “B” instead of “3” that she should ere on the side of the candidate. That is wasn’t a big issue. Apparently, at that time Griffin did not take the advice of the Secretary of State’s office,” stated Janine Hansen, spokesman for the Independent American Party.

Mark Andrews, the Independent American Party State Chairman, had been filing Independent American Party amended candidate lists all day on Friday, May 16, 2008. According to the Secretary of State’s office the last amended list he filed was at 4:29pm on May 16 2008.

“There was enough time for me to complete the amended list once again, if this county election office representative had not misinformed Eric Rieman, our chosen candidate for Douglas County Commissioner. There would have been time to request any correction and amendment to the candidate list and still submit it to meet state election law filing deadlines. In fact, at 4:30 p.m., I could have accomplished the task as many as five times before the Secretary of State’s office closed for the day,” stated IAP State Chairman Mark Andrews.

“I am happy that Eric has now been allowed to file in accordance with the law. He will be a great asset to the Independent American Party,” concluded Mark Andrews State Chairman.

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