Setting up for the Libertarian National Convention

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  1. Mike Theodore Says:

    Are there actually Imperato supporters out there? I don’t know who will hold the signs. Shame I’m not going to the convention. I could proudly wave my “Milnes For President” sign. Maybe pass out more, so others could represent a real candidate.

  2. Stefan Says:

    Impertoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the eternal emperor rules!

  3. Nexus Says:

    I see both of Imperato’s supporters have their signs ready.

  4. Steve Perkins Says:

    Thank God TPW yanked Knapp and Singhal’s press credentials… I can only imagine the devious, pro-Ruwart, anti-Barr spin that they would have put on these shocking photos of empty banquet tables.

  5. Stefan Says:

    Nexus: good one! He may get two votes, with the CP convention he got only one, from Florida.

  6. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I’d love to know how much Imeperato has spent on all of these trips, campaign materials, etc. It’s amazing.

  7. Stefan Says:

    Steve: yes, Knapp is really on a crusade to stop Barr at all cost this past week (while he was still relative open before although Barr was not on his list for the first two) and disturbingly he is conspiring with Nolan. Knapp also want to block Root (which I can understand, have no problem with that as I do not trust Root and he is still very much an interventionist, appealing to a narrower and different range than Barr also). Barr can appeal to both right and left wing people. Best for the LP would be a Barr-Ruwart ticket IMHO, both for inner unity as well as maximum outreach and both very positive towards Paul and would enhance each other well (Mary would be quite good with health care).
    I am afraid they may go for a “compromise candidate” like Phillies or Kubby, which would be not good for the LP AND that they want to change the platform to make it difficult for Barr (and Root) to be associated. Knapp has confessed he is an anarchist and favors a strong leftwing move for the LP.

  8. Kenny Says:

    The place looks a bit dingy and in need of modernization. The carpets are awful. Is that supposed to be a luxury hotel?

  9. Gene Trosper Says:

    What would be totally cool is for someone to get an account at or and stream the proceedings LIVE via webcam. I don’t think we will be able to count on CSPAN to do a full coverage of the convention. So far, their schedule only shows coverage at 9:00PM EST. That said, their calendar is wide open for Saturday and Sunday, but they are infamous for making last minute programming decisions. “We cut away from the Libertarian Party National Convention so that we may bring you a roundtable talk about how terrorism could threaten municipal sewage treatment plants. The program is three hours and was recorded last month”.

    rolls eyes

  10. Jeff Wartman Says:

    I’m leaving for Denver this afternoon.

    It’s going to be extremely hard to keep a straight face around Imperato. I really think I might die laughing at first sight of him.

  11. Nexus Says:

    “He may get two votes, with the CP convention he got only one, from Florida.”

    I heard that he is the one who cast that vote at the CP convention.

  12. Peter Orvetti Says:

    It does seem like Imperato has a lot of money to throw around. I’d love to hear the guy’s real story. Inherited wealth?

    I also wonder if he has actual followers. He reminds me a bit of mid-’90s third-party crank Charles Collins, who was one of the first pseudo-candidates to make use of the Internet. He had all sorts of bizarre theories, but seemed to acquire a couple of dozen zealotous supporters who followed him everywhere.

  13. Mike Gillis Says:

    When is the actual nomination vote? Is it held over multiple days?

  14. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Peter, that’s exactly what I thought! Imperato is Charles Collins… trying to win the nomination of every party out there… and eventually he’ll be forced to run as an independent.

    Probably, we’ll see Imperato on 3-4 state ballots in the general. And then he can get ready for 2012.

  15. disinter Says:

    “I doubt the LP will spoil the election. Very, very few people who are, at this point, going to vote for McCain are going to vote for a Libertarian. If it’s close, the only Libertarian votes will be true believers and general protesters, like in 2000. And now the über nativists don’t like Barr because he’s supposedly for open borders. I don’t see him outflanking McCain on the right in any meaningful sense. He’s running as a tamed down hawk and slightly less spendthrift Republican. I like him, but his platform is modalism without the charm.”

  16. Jeff Wartman Says:

    The actual nominating process will take place on Sunday

  17. Mike Gillis Says:

    Anyone want to guess some odds on the candidates?

  18. citizen1 Says:

    I picked up and Imp for Prez shirt at the CP convention. I have a rule about the shirts that I wear to work. I will only wear shirts I did not pay for and it is hard not find 2x shirts that they are giving away. The only exception that I have is that if there is a competitors logo on it.
    I did not however see any one except Imp with any signs at the convention my guess is he is at the LP convention all ready and the signs are the ones that he will have to take home with him because nobody wants them. If Imp does have the money he says he needs to use that to become a champion of libertarian/Constitution principles then in 2012 he might be able to have a respectable showing at a convention.

  19. Red Phillips Says:

    I think you are being unfair to Charles Collins. Imperato is clearly out of touch with reality at times. Was Charles Collins? The multiple party hopping is the same, but Collins had a fairly straight forward agenda. Patriot and militiaesque and conspiratorial, but not purely eccentric to him.

  20. Mike Gillis Says:

    So is Imperato still waiting on those endorsements from the Pope and Michael Bloomberg?

  21. Nexus Says:

    “I picked up and Imp for Prez shirt at the CP convention.”

    You probably own one of ten shirts like that in existence. Imp owns the other 9.

  22. citizen1 Says:

    oh, no he had a lot more than ten shirts and he probably gave out to or three more. I should have taken more. He also offer me a hat, baseball style, but I did not take because I do not usually wear hats.

  23. Mike Gillis Says:

    What’s the sense at the convention?

  24. Austin Cassidy Says:

    So you’ll be prepared for the general election. ;)

  25. Northern Exposure Says:

    Imperato & Keyes 2008!

  26. Devious David Says:

    I actually feel pretty bad for Imperato now. I think theres a tinge of sympathy in there somewhere. I wish I could understand it all.

  27. Devious David Says:

    BTW… just had an idea. if angry Republicans really wanted to tear the LP up, they could load the floor and nominate Imperato.

  28. Kenny Says:

    The angry Republicans (Viguerie, Barr and their team) don’t want to tear the LP up. They want to use it to stuff McCain and recruit talent for their new conservative movement who will support a new candidate in 2012. The real libertarians will be left to pick up the pieces and rebuild the party.

  29. Kenny Says:

    Here’s a piece from Reason on the angry conservatives -

    “Can the LP become a general retirement home for disgruntled conservative activists disgusted with Bushism? Well, either they will have to start becoming more comfortable with the personal liberties that tend to make right-wingers uncomfortable—as Barr has shown signs of doing with medical marijuana—or the LP will have to become more congenial to them—which, by definition, a huge influx of such disaffected conservatives will tend to make happen. A big wait-and-see on this one.”

    It’s happening now!

  30. Tom Yager Says:

    “Probably, we’ll see Imperato on 3-4 state ballots in the general. And then he can get ready for 2012.”

    AR, CO, LA, MS, NJ, RI, TN, UT, and VT have signature requirements of 1,000 signatures or less. In VA, he might get the Independent Green nod once they figure out that Bloomberg is really honest-to-God not running for President this year! It’s a start toward getting the Papal endorsement in the next election.

  31. Timothy Yung Says:

    Go Daniel Imperato!

  32. Clark Says: the risk of sounding strange to you republicrats, here’s something to consider! ...i am reminded of my first LP state convention when i asked (actually begged) a good friend of mine to go with me..

    ...he was a young, rather silent member of a strange (to me, at the time) group of people who called themselves ‘christian redemptionists..’ i had been invited to several of their well-attended (compared to LP meetings anyway!) meetings and found their message appealing, very interesting, etc..(i was/am into ‘monetary realism’ and was pleasantly surprised that there were some local people who actually understood ‘the money thing’ as i did..unlike at LP meetings)

    ..we had a great time at the LP con…great food and drink and a knowledgeable keynoter from the gun owners of america had my buddy smiling at times!..

    ..i asked him, ‘so what do you think?’..he said, ‘well, to be honest, i knew what i was in for when the first thing i saw was the two big ‘gold-fringed admiralty flags’ prominently flanking the speaker’s podium’..’i mentioned it to one of your LP reps. and he was fucking clueless..’

    ..i have since learned the meaning, history, etc. of these stinking ‘admiralty court’ flags, but i don’t think many other LP’ers have.. please consider using ONLY ‘old glory’ (the plain old red white and blue) if you must use flags at the LP con…

    What Does The Gold-Fringed Flag Signify?

    It is commonplace to see a gold-fringed United States flag standing in the
    present-day courtrooms. Is the gold fringe there for decoration only, or
    does it signify a certain jurisdiction? Make no mistake about it—the
    American People have been put on notice that the normal constitutional
    functions of government have been suspended and that their Land has been placed under martial law. The information below is not by any means exhaustive, but will at least point the reader in the right direction to do additional research on his own.”

  33. Alex Peak Says:

    1. Kubby/Ruwart
    2. Kubby/Smith
    3. Ruwart/Barr
    4. Kubby/Barr
    5. Ruwart/Root
    6. Kubby/Root
    7. Smith/Root
    8. Ruwart/Kubby
    9. Smith/Kubby
    10. Kubby/Phillies
    11. Kubby/Gravel
    12. Smith/Barr
    13. Ruwart/Phillies
    14. Ruwart/Gravel
    15. Ruwart/Smith
    16. Phillies/Root
    17. Smith/Gravel
    18. Phillies/Barr
    19. Smith/Phillies
    20. Phillies/Ruwart
    21. Smith/Ruwart
    22. Root/Ruwart
    23. Phillies/Smith
    24. Phillies/Kubby
    25. Root/Smith
    26. Root/Kubby
    27. Root/Gravel
    28. Gravel/Barr
    29. NOTA (i.e. none of the combinations listed below)
    30. Phillies/Gravel
    31. Root/Phillies
    32. Gravel/Root
    33. Gravel/Ruwart
    34. Barr/Ruwart
    35. Gravel/Kubby
    36. Barr/Kubby
    37. Barr/Gravel
    38. Barr/Smith
    39. Barr/Phillies
    40. Root/Barr
    41. Barr/Root

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