TPW Coverage at Libertarian National Convention

Committed to giving readers the latest updates, info and intrigue from the Libertarian National Convention taking place this weekend in Denver, Third Party Watch will have continuing coverage from the convention floor.

Several correspondents have been issued press passes including TPW’s editor, Stephen Gordon, former Washington Times reporter, Robert Stacy McCain, and Missouri Viewpoints creator, Mike Ferguson.

TPW’s newest contributor, Brian Holtz will also be providing coverage of the platform showdown as his time provides.

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  1. Ben Miller Says:

    Does anyone know what the C-Span schedule of the convention will be?

  2. Rolf Lindgren Says:

    Hot News Flash! Kevin Barrett may be going to Denver

    Kevin Barrett may be attending the national Libertarian Convention in Denver this weekend, pending last minute arrangements.

    Kevin looks forward to meeting key members of the Libertarian Party, learning more about their views on economics, and explaining his 9/11 theories.

    If you would like to help Kevin go to Denver, please consider a donation to his campaign now.

  3. Brian Says:


    C-Span will be covering the debate on Saturday, May 25, from 7-9 p.m. They will also be covering the nomination process on Sunday, beginning at 9 a.m. I do not know how much of it they will cover.


  4. Peter Orvetti Says:

    Is this C-SPAN, not C-SPAN2, 3, 4, etc…?

  5. Brian Says:

    I believe just C-Span.

  6. Gene Trosper Says:

    I wasn’t planning to go due to long standing extenuating circumstances, but just my luck, I now have the time available to attend, but can’t because I hadn’t budgeted for it. And I am NOT using plastic to pay my way either. Have fun everyone! Wish I was there!

  7. Ben Miller Says:

    Thanks, Brian.

  8. NewFederalist Says:

    Gene Trosper- wait… NOT going into debt just to attend the convention? What are you… some kind of fiscally responsible libertarian or something?? (If there were only more people like you! I’m going to watch on C-SPAN myself.)

  9. Andrew Davis Says:

    C-SPAN will also be covering Viguerie’s speech, though I do not know if it will be a live broadcast or not.

    The times that Brian gave earlier in the comments are accurate. I do believe C-SPAN will be covering all day on Sunday.

  10. Stefan Says:

    I believe also wants to report on the very steamy convention.

    Frankly, I do not think we need any 911 conspiracy theories for “action” as there will be action aplenty (hopefully the fight does not get physical)!

  11. Stefan Says:

    sorry that should be

  12. Susan Hogarth Says:

    Andrew Davis writes:

    C-SPAN will also be covering Viguerie’s speech…

    Do you mean the Keynote Address, or do you mean Viguerie’s speech? Because Viguerie is only (last I checked) the co-keynoter (along with actual Libertarian Mike Munger), and even that may change by Friday.

    It really rankles that the convention oversight committee chose Viguerie to give something such as a keynote address. A keynote is supposed to set the tone of the convention, and Viguerie’s ‘tone’ is definitely more conservative/Republican than Libertarian.

  13. Susan Hogarth Says:

    arg, forgot to close the quote.

  14. Joey Dauben Says:

    Barring a last-minute change in itinerary, I’ll be unable to make it with two other reporters.

    I was really hoping to go, too.

    But we’ll definitely be at the Fort Worth LP convention in June.

    Joey Dauben
    News Editor
    The Ellis County Press

  15. Stefan Says:

    ROOT said on reason that the first Gulf War was justified (about protecting oil). It is clear that he has FAILED the test for a non-interventionist foreign policy! Barr and Gravel said clearly it was a mistake. Gravel was quite clear and outspoken.
    Foreign policy is very important, more important than the war on drugs for instance, if you consider how many lives are lost in Iraq and how much in cost, and it affects mostly minorities, who are in the Army, in any case a higher percentage than they are of the population. Paul said clearly in an interview with John stossel most most this century, except WW1 &2 were unjustified for the US to go in. The US also lost all these war. With the first Gulf war, I heard there was also a “smokescreen” and false information about the Iraqi so called offense to Kuwait. Russian satellite etc. simply did not detect any huge troop movement,

  16. Gene Trosper Says:

    NewFederalist Says:

    May 21st, 2008 at 3:54 pm
    Gene Trosper- wait… NOT going into debt just to attend the convention? What are you… some kind of fiscally responsible libertarian or something?? (If there were only more people like you! I’m going to watch on C-SPAN myself.)

    Guilty as charged. For some crazy reason, I like to be fiscally responsible. While everyone else is having their homes foreclosed on, mine is nice and safe from the storm.

    If I had known just two months earlier that my schedule would—at the last minute—allow me to go, I’d have budgeted for it and would be on my way to Denver.

    However, I will have C-SPAN on and have my laptop fired up and ready to go. This is perhaps going to be the most interesting convention ever in my 18 year history with the LP. I’ll still be involved, even if it’s very, very, peripherally.

  17. Gene Trosper Says:

    Stefan Says:

    May 21st, 2008 at 4:49 pm
    ROOT said on reason that the first Gulf War was justified (about protecting oil). It is clear that he has FAILED the test for a non-interventionist foreign policy!

    If Root hadn’t taken such asinine positions as defending the first Gulf War, he would be on my top list of candidates to support. However, with the clear evidence (such as April Glaspie’s comments to Saddam Hussein)demonstrating that this war was ab absolute farce, I cannot view the Root candidacy with a straight face. I trust the the delegates will not nominate him.

    I’m a Bob Barr supporter, but if the delegates decide to go with another candidate, I hope that it’s Steve Kubby.

  18. Michael H. Wilson Says:

    So who is this McCain character who is reporting? He claims to be an award winning journalist? What awards? Who does he write for?

    I’ve been published. Even got money for it. Can I be a journalist? I’ve even had an op-ed published and a lot of letters to the editor. And my name is in the phone book. I’m Famous!


  19. Michael H. Wilson Says:

    Stefan writes: “ROOT said on reason that the first Gulf War was justified (about protecting oil).”

    I guess it is okay for U.S. Taxdollar to prop up royalty and rebuild their palaces.

    Give him an m-16 and a duffel bag and send him to Iraq. Skip the training. He already knows it all.


  20. Stefan Says:

    Gene, I cannot vote at the LNC, but would also support Barr, and not support Root under any circumstances, but I would prefer Mary Ruwart above Steve Kubby. A Barr-Ruwart ticket would be not only the best for the LP in my opinion, but also the best/strongest one to get the maximum amount of votes and to introduce people to the LP and its principals.

  21. Thomas L. Knapp Says:



  22. John Anderson Says:

    Brian, are those times eastern or Denver local?

  23. Meh Says:

    Why doesn’t Root just join the GOP if he wants to be a Neocon?

  24. Alex Peak Says:

    I’ll be watching.

    Hopefully no one will say anything to disgrace the libertarian movement, like someone implying that we are somehow similar to the conservatives.

    Also, I hope there is no tampering with the beautiful words “cult of the omnipotent state.” Having recently read Mr. Holtz’s “pure principles” platform, I find it generally okay, except that it aims to remove those five beautiful words. (In fact, the “pure principles” option is second in my book only to the Restore ‘04 option.)

    Finally, I hope the LP makes the right decision, by

    A) nominating Steve Kubby, Christine Smith, Mary Ruwart, George Phillies, or Wayne Allan Root for president, and by

    B) nominating Bob Barr for nothing higher than Vice President, if anything.

  25. Mike Theodore Says:

    I’m clearing my day on saturday just to catch the debate.

  26. Mike Theodore Says:

    Independent Political Report

    Just testing, some folks said they were moderating comments. Seeing if they have a filter or something,

  27. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    I will not be attending. $$ insufficient and job scheduling, blah, blah, blah.

    I will be watching the debate with Gahanna City Councilman John McAlister. Probably a few other Libertarians, as well.

    Since I will not be there, and if anybody wants to know, I hope the Convention picks Kubby, Ruwart or Phillies (in that order). If the convention must choose one of the others, I am rooting for Gravel. A Gravel-Ruwart ticket would be excellent!


  28. Michael H. Wilson Says:

    Thanks Tom. Sounds like he has an issue problem, or two. Whatever. I grew up with that stuff.


  29. Bill Wood Says:

    Looks like alot of us wish we could be in Denver, however work, money and or time seems to put a damper on or attending. I would like to put forth a suggestion I have made in the past. Why not use modern tech. and have delegates meet in their home States or regional areas and view and vote from there. This would allow for a much larger percentage of LP Members to participate in the proceedings.

  30. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    I had hoped to attend the Libertarian convention so I could expound and harangue the crowd on the Fringe Alliance strategy. However, I have posted it at the bottom of this message so the delegates reading this will, if they want to obey God, explain it to the party for me. If they choose not to adopt it, I hope the convention picks Barr, or endorse Baldwin/Castle. Or if not, they should pick Imperato, Milnes, Gravel, Kubby, Phillies, Root, Smith and Ruwart in that order. I used to like Ruwart, but she supports child porn and God hates her.

    I have developed a strategy based on an alliance between the Green, libertarian
    and constitution parties, the various socialist movements and centrist independents, Kucinich Democrats, Ron Paul Republicans, and other smaller groups such as fascists, feudalists, monarchists and syndicalists, to initiate the following goals.

    1. The electoral college is abolished.
    2. The presidential election uses a national Majority Runoff system. This will change us from a republic to a democracy.
    3. Congress is elected through proportional representation.

    Third parties should spend most of their energies pushing for these constitutional amendments, using graphic protests in public locations. Otherwise, the
    efforts of all of them are doomed to do nothing more than push the major parties slightly in one direction, and ruin the chances of the parties that their
    candidates are most closely aligned with, while gaining such small failing numbers for themselves. The people who visit this site are by definitions on
    the fringes of society. It is important for the fringe to get together. This strategy is gaining the support of many political scientists across the nation,
    and I will continue to post it several times a week here until it is adopted. Fortunately, we have the Obama Revolution to save our country for now.
    The revolution will be televised.
    Please pray for the pope and please pray for Barack Obama. Please also pray for God’s great servant Ted Kennedy. Amen.

  31. DrGonzo Says:

    ROOT said on reason that the first Gulf War was justified (about protecting oil). It is clear that he has FAILED the test for a non-interventionist foreign policy! Barr and Gravel said clearly it was a mistake. Gravel was quite clear and outspoken.

    I am a non-interventionist, but I am also a humanist. I believe it was right to help the Kuwaitis from being wiped out. Something I’m not 100% against some humanitarian missions. There are good reasons for intervention in rare instances.

  32. Mike Gillis Says:

    Do you promise to tell us the very second that the LP nominates the Imperato/Milnes ticket?

    Please? Pretty please?

  33. Gene Trosper Says:


    I’m a bit biased for Steve Kubby. I worked ever so briefly on his gubernatorial campaign as assistant operations manager until I had to leave due to family issues that needed taken care of. Steve is a good and brave man, though I think he could better utilize his time and talents outside of running for office. Still, if he really wants to be nominated, I highly support him if Barr doesn’t get the nod.

  34. johncjackson Says:

    So basically only Republican/”Conservative”/Moonie journalists who support Bob Barr are now writing for a a site called “THIRD party Watch”?

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