Root Pimps His Ride

Libertarian Presidential contender, Wayne Allyn Root, discusses cars and politics with (owned by AutoByTel).

Wayne’s first car? You guessed it, he’s a Trans Am guy:

“The first car that was truly mine was a bright blue Pontiac Trans Am with a turbo-charged engine and a screaming silver eagle on the hood. I earned that car. I worked for two summers and saved every dime. Then my grandfather, a small business owner, matched my savings to allow me to buy that car as a gift for graduating Valedictorian of my high school and gaining acceptance to Columbia University.”

His dream car? Wayne has expensive tastes, which probably would not be covered by a presidential salary:

“I won’t be truly satisfied until there’s a McLaren in my garage.”

Will the presidential limo go NASCAR in order to cover Wayne’s high-end car fetish? Maybe time will tell.

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15 Responses to “Root Pimps His Ride”

  1. disinter Says:

    Why no word on Ruwart recent endorsements?

  2. John Anderson Says:

    More evidence that Root may indeed be a used car salesman…

  3. Stefan Says:

    I thought he would promise his voters some cars….would make a better PR :-)

  4. Brooke Says:

    More Ruwart endorsements on

  5. Kenny Says:

    This is pure bullshit! Root is the political equivalent of a pink Cadiilac, all show and no substance.

  6. BillTX Says:

    Wayne Allyn Doof is still around?

  7. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Real men drive Mustangs…

  8. disinter Says:

    Ross - they no longer cover anyone except retard caucus candidates. Please trying to keep up with the drama.

  9. Justin Grover Says:

    News tips? Please use our new tips line by e-mailing [email protected]

    That may still work. :)

  10. MARY/NAMBLA '08 Says:

    disinter Says:
    May 19th, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    Why no word on Ruwart recent endorsements?


  11. Lidia Seebeck Says:

    Trans Ams? Oh yeah those crappy pieces of glitz with bad transmission problems? Ironic, no?

  12. steve Kubby Says:

    Hey Wayne,

    Keep dreaming about your ideal ride, ‘cause I already own it. Yep, the perfect car.

    Oh sure, it might be a vintage 1984, but it’s a Mercedes and it has a turbodiesel engine that’s good for a million miles.

    The perfect car alright. Comfortable, roomy and it runs on fresh vegetable oil that costs $1.79 a gallon!

    Best of all, the money I pay for fuel goes to farmers here in the good old US of A and not one penny goes to terrorists.
    —Steve Kubby

  13. Ross Says:

    I sent the press release to tips.

  14. Craig Says:

    Hang on a second—He “earned” that car, when part of the payment for it came from matching funds from his grandfather?

    So politicians who accept federal matching funds “earn” all the “free” publicity?

  15. Committee for Clarity Says:

    To be clear

    Folks lighten up on the Root. It’s fun and the target audience probably enjoyed it a lot. So, what’s your problem?

    Even though we’ve not been pleased with a lot of the post on TPW we will admit that your disenfranchisement via the sale of TPW has not made us happy. We fear a certain lack of clarity will invade the good points, and value of having radicals around to keep the mod’s honest.

    Had you been a little less hostile “socially” over the past 36 years we are sure the GOP would have been on their heals rather than standing on our toes. That’s what failing to learn will do for you. This is a political party and not a social for the unsociable.

    But to be clear you will be missed but never forgotten.

    the committee. sigh. Bobarr gonna win?...sure looks like it…can the Nolan save us?....nope, only Root can do that…but everyone here hates Root…yeah and for the wrong reasons…weren’t we clear? seems not. sigh.

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