Glenn Freeman for Auditor

Glenn Freeman, the state chairman of the Constitution Party in Washington, is running for State Auditor. He was recently covered by the Olympian, which is one of the largest newspapers in Washington. As an employee of Boeing with a background in audits, Freeman is creating quite a bit of interest over his candidacy.

Constitution Party leader Glenn Freeman is running for state auditor, saying he would like to make the job nonpartisan.

Freeman, 39, is a Kent resident and 19-year employee of The Boeing Co. with a background in audits and managing auditors. He was careful not to criticize four-term incumbent Democrat Brian Sonntag, but he said it’s time for new blood.

“He has been there a long time. He has been sitting kind of comfortable. It’s time to recognize the state auditor should never be comfortable, nor should people be comfortable with him,” Freeman said.

The challenger said he would seek to make the job nonpartisan and noted he has no other Constitution Party elected officials in the Legislature or executive branch with whom his audits would create conflicts.

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  1. Ross Says:

    Here’s the John Murphy press release…

    For Immediate Release May 19, 2008

    For Further Information: John Murphy (610) 384-4460





    CHESTER COUNTY, PA - Seldom will John Murphy, the independent candidate for House of Representatives in the 16th district, say anything positive about any US corporation since US corporations are the root cause of the majority of problems in the United States and throughout the world. Nevertheless, according to John Murphy “we must give the devil its due. The management at Herr Foods is doing the right thing and even if it is doing it for the wrong reasons—maintenance of profit margins—doing the right thing is always praiseworthy regardless of its motivation”.

    Murphy went on to explain that as a former marketing consultant he was extremely happy that Daryl Thomas, vice president of sales and marketing at Herr Foods testified before the US House of Representatives committee on small businesses looking into a rising food prices. The major reason for the dramatic rise in food prices is that our government subsidizes farmers to grow corn for ethanol production. Murphy said “while people are starving to death throughout the world and we are now even seeing food riots, we in America are putting needed food in our gas tank. Soon, only the rich will be able to drive while the poor are literally starving to death. Meanwhile gas prices are continuing to rise, not because there is any increase in demand, but because of Wall Street speculation about a war with Iran coupled with the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and of course” Murphy added, “the oil companies are making unprecedented profits from this human misery. The first thing we must do”, Murphy continued, “is to reclassify the oil industry as a public utility so that oil prices can be regulated”.

    Murphy added “it is not surprising that corporations like Archer Daniels Midland and ConAgra are claiming that ethanol is a godsend and will rescue us from dependence on fossil fuel. A little bit of research shows that nothing could be further from the truth. It takes an enormous amount of fossil fuel just to produce 100 gallons of ethanol destroying an acre of corn in the process!”

    Murphy went on to say “ConAgra and Archer Daniels Midland are also two of the corporate criminals responsible for shipping billions of tons of cheap corn into Mexico under the so-called free trade agreement, NAFTA, wiping out the small farmer in Mexico and causing an influx of 13 million economic refugees into the United States. The Democrat and Republican parties refer to these economic refugees as ‘illegal immigrants’. This is to be expected”, continued Murphy, “since the two corporate owned parties receive millions of dollars in campaign contributions from these huge agribusinesses”.

    “We need to see the same kind of corporate social responsibility as demonstrated by one of our own local small businesses, Herr Foods, from every corporation in America” Murphy concluded.

  2. Phil Says:

    If I had to recommend a platform for any third party to run on in this state, this is the one to pick. Washington hates their parties.

    Unfortunately though, due to the top-two primary system, it’s unlikely he’ll make it to the November ballot unless the Republican don’t run anyone.

  3. Trent Hill Says:


    I know that the Republicans arent running anyone for Attorney General in Oregon—so I support it COULD happen.

  4. Martha de Forest Says:

    Brian Sonntag, the Washington State Auditor, spoke at a property owner’s association meeting I attended. When he first entered office he was only able to audit that which the legislature told him to audit. Since then, several Tim Eyeman (the King of Washington State Initiatives) initiatives have passed. Now the auditor audits whatever he wants and lately it has been transporation, ferries, and someother big ticket items. He’s going to tackle education next.

    I’m a Libertarian and I was pretty impressed by Sonntag, but I only know what his friends have said about him. :)


  5. Gay Gary Says:

    Brian Sonntag may be one of the most popular of Washington’s 8 constitutional officers. He appears to revel in roasting members of both major parties for waste and fraud, is constantly in the news for uncovering some scandal or the other and is regularly being feted and celebrated by both left and right talk show hosts. Freeman would literally have better luck running for President.

  6. TheWolverine Says:

    What you say may be true, Gay Gary, but it’s been a while since a candidate has said something this credible in their campaign.

    the state auditor should never be comfortable, nor should people be comfortable with him,” Freeman said.

    It’s rhetoric, but I’m impressed.

  7. Sandra Hodges Says:

    I’m looking forward to voting for new blood in any position in the state. I know Glenn Freeman personally; he is a man of honor.

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