Cynthia McKinney Endorsement

From Cynthia McKinney’s website:

Greetings of IMANI (FAITH) President McKinney:

May our Divine Creator and Beloved Ancestors find you and the extended family in the best of spirit and health. Welcome back to the land of the original OHLONE people, to what is currently called the “california bay area.” It is so disappointing not to be able to greet you personally this weekend—when WE are commemorating the birthdays of freedom fighters EL HAJJ MALIK EL SHABAZZ (Brother Minister Malcolm X), Mother Yuri Kochiyama and HO CHI MINH—due to a previously-scheduled family commitment. However, it was a pleasure to speak to you briefly after the Green Party presidential candidates’ debate here in January; and, at our march and rally commemorating International Workers’ Day on the First of May.

Like thousands of other activists around the “united capitalist prison states of america (u.c.p.s.a.)” and our world, i want to applaud you for your decades of advocacy and action for truth, justice, reparations, human rights, democracy and peace. As a union organizer in chicago, new york city and the bay area, WE always knew that you, as a member of congress, had our backs on issues from living wages to struggling against the oppressive “welfare reform” and “free trade” agreements. While a leader in our movements for self-determination and reparations, you consistently worked with us to build a powerful united front of Afrikan people (and supporters) here in the u.c.p.s.a. and around our Diaspora to begin challenging the imperialist governments and corporations which accumulate(d) their unjust riches by super-exploiting the labor and land of enslaved and imprisoned workers. WE are all so proud that you stood tall and proud, even though mostly alone in the congress, in demanding the release of and amnesty for our hundreds of imprisoned and exiled Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, Republic of New Afrika, Black Liberation Army, American Indian Movement and Puerto Rican independence political leaders, and called for hearings on the repressive “counter intelligence (sic) programs” past and present. Having lost 155 members of the community/labor alliance that i led in new york, and another 12 members of our N’COBRA, it was you who rightfully and righteously called for a full examination of the role of the fascist regime of Cheney/Bush in the events leading up to, during and following 11 September 6241/2001. And, justice-loving people around the world were extremely encouraged that you introduced impeachment proceedings to expose the continuing crimes against humanity perpetrated by Cheney/Bush and corrupt republican and democratic party officials.

All that said, you have always inspired us. That is why WE have traveled down to georgia to work for your re-elections in past years; and are supporting your current candidacy. Your platform offers all of our movements—for reparations, freedom for political prisoners, workers’ rights, peace, true democracy, justice for the victims of the Cheney/Bush “hurricanes” and floods, immigrant rights, etc.—real hope and an alternative to the corporate republican and democratic parties. And, as i have been expressing to my family, friends, co-workers, extended networks and in my articles, WE do indeed have an opportunity to work for the election of both a person of integrity who is also of Afrikan ancestry and a woman. No, not Senator Barack Obama, a former community organizing colleague and friend; or another former chicagoan, Senator Hillary Clinton. They are both slugging it out to show who can best represent the interests of the minority corporate invaders, occupiers, torturers and war profiteers. Their calls for “change” offer no concrete solutions for the majority of the people suffering in our communities and around the planet. The campaign of Sister President Cynthia McKinney, however, is a major step towards independent spiritual, political and economic visioning, unity and action. Until WE meet again, i wish you and all those assembled today…

Justice, Peace, Love, Prosperity and Continued Blessings!

Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at
FONAMI Co-founder/President

Former National Co-Chair and lifetime member of National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA) and auth[or of the new book, REPARATIONS SASA for Afrikan Nations and Ascendants (the Indigenous Nations, and Women and Girls]

17 Responses to “Cynthia McKinney Endorsement”

  1. Ross Says:

    What the hell?

  2. Kenny Says:

    Weird or a parody?

  3. Sivarticus Says:

    Nutty. These type of New Agey black nationalist endorsements could only appeal to the furthest of the far left. If McKinney manages to reach 200,000 votes and sixth place in this election, they should consider it a great victory.

  4. NewFederalist Says:

    Kinda makes Rev. Jerimiah Wright look normal. :)

  5. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Cynthia McKinney WILL come ahead of the fascist/stalinist criminal Ralph Nader no matter how much you right-wingers try to help him. It breaks my heart that I cannot vote for Cynthia McKinney, yet I must stand firm to the fact that Barack Obama is a true revolutionary general, as even the writer of this endorsement knows in their heart, and Cynthia McKinney cannot win until the Fringe Alliance Strategy of election reform comes into play.

    God bless the pope, god bless Jeremiah Wright, God bless Dennis Kucinich, and God bless Mike Huckabee. God’s curse be upon the fascist/stalinist criminals Ralph Nader, Hillary Clinton, Alan Keyes and John McCain, and the states of West Virginia and Kentucky, amen.

  6. kombayn Says:

    Vote McKinney is a Vote for never being able to have affordable food again! Just checkout how appeasing to “Greens” lead to ethanol placing corn out of the prices of 3rd World countries… Is this what you want for America? To starve the rest of the world? The Green Party will never hold office, and thank god because that’s a death-wish for this country.

  7. kombayn Says:

    Vote McKinney is a Vote for never being able to have affordable food again! Just checkout how appeasing to “Greens” lead to ethanol placing corn out of the prices of 3rd World countries… Is this what you want for America? To starve the rest of the world? The Green Party will never hold office, and thank god because that’s a death-wish for this country.

    P.S. Ralph Nader is far from a fascist, he’s done some of the most incredible work as a Consumer Advocate, you should be blessing him for some of the things he fought for the average American citizen. I’m glad he didn’t get the Green endorsement and if he does, I still won’t vote for him. It’s about voting for principles right now and that’s getting us smaller government and less taxes. Wake up! It’s the economy, stupid.

  8. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:

    Well thanks for protecting my spiritual believes and leaving your religion at home ———-not!

    This is just as inappropriate when God, Jesus, and the Bible are inserted!

  9. Ayn R. Key Says:

    I remember when she was in congress… I was hoping the Green Party could do better than McKinney, but she’s got name recognition and apparently the Green Party also has their “Pragmatist Caucus” to endore big names no matter how bad that would be for their party.

  10. TERRY HOLTZ Says:

    “Pragmatic” and “McKinney” in the same sentence?

  11. Ross Says:

    Connecting ethanol and the green party? Please. Every single environmentalist I have ever spoken to is staunchly opposed to corn ethanol. It’s a corporate scam instated by the Republicans and Democrats - nothing more, nothing less.

  12. Gregg Jocoy Says:

    Ross kinda stole my thunder, but kombayn is 100% wrong to lay the ethanol debacle at the doorstep of we Greens.

    I have yet to meet a single Green Party member who thinks it is a good idea to burn crops as fuel.

  13. Nexus Says:

    Most Greens I’ve met want to get rid of cars, not find new ways to fuel them.

  14. Jake Featherston Says:

    I hope the California Peace & Freedom Party has enough sense not to nominate this nutjob.

  15. BillTX Says:

    LOL WUT?

  16. Jeb Jenkins Says:

    Cynthia Mckinney is making good progress.

    Running for this office, like all others, is complex.

    All support is - rationally - welcome.

    Mckinney is the Green Party nominee in waiting with strong lead in delegates…after this weekend’s Maine Green Independent State Party results…taking 80%...

    The real question is - will Nader - now only on the ballot in 2 states…accept the VP slot. It’s the wise move for the Green Party, for Mckinney, and the ralphster…

  17. Matthew Says:

    Nader is our only hope for 2008 as far as noncorporate candidates go. Cynthia should find a way to unite with him. Just for being Ralph he gets loads more media attention than Cynthia, and they generally agree on the issues. I am confident Nader will be on many more ballots than in 2004 as his campaign is already prepared for the whiny Dems to attack with frivolous lawsuits.

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