Steve Kubby’s responses to LP News questionnaire

While several candidates for the Libertarian Party’s 2008 presidential nomination have previously released their responses to a questionnaire for publication in the party’s newspaper, LP News, Steve Kubby chose, as a matter of courtesy, to wait until the paper had published before releasing his own answers to the general public. Here they are.

LP News - What would you hope to accomplish as the Libertarian presidential nominee? Could you break the million vote barrier?

Steve Kubby - As our party’s presidential nominee, I hope to offer the American people an attractive and convincing alternative to decades of Republican and Democratic misrule. The job of Libertarian presidential candidate is to persuasively advocate for FREEDOM as the central American political value, and to position the Libertarian Party as the only reliable guardian of that value.

LP News - During your campaign for the nomination, do you feel you have helped the party with its recent growth? If so, how?

Steve Kubby - It’s impossible to say exactly how successful I’ve been in using my campaign to grow the party, but I do know that I’ve made the attempt, and I’ve personally spoken with new members who have joined the party at my urging. My campaign web site has had a prominent “support the LP” link of one kind or another on it from day one. My speeches, especially the ones delivered to non-party audiences, mention the party’s web site or 1-800 number. So does my campaign literature. I’ve made a habit of asking people to support not just my campaign, but the party as well.

LP News - In the event that you do not win the presidential nomination, will you assist the presidential nominee and other Libertarian candidates around the nation? If so, how?

Steve Kubby - Of course! How? In any way I can. I’ll urge my own supporters to rally behind the party’s nominee. I’ll ask my campaign volunteers to assist the nominee’s campaign in any way possible. I’ll be happy to set up or host campaign events in my own area. I want the party to do well, whether I’m the nominee or not.

LP News - Given that the vice presidential nominee is selected independently, after the presidential nominee is named, do you intend to seek the vice presidential nomination in the event that you do not win your bid for the presidential nomination?

Steve Kubby - As I just stated, I’ll assist the presidential nominee in any way I can. If that means serving as the vice-presidential candidate, that’s what I’ll do. I’m sure that the delegates will let me know if they think that’s what’s called for.

LP News - With the exception of one presidential cycle, the Libertarian Party has enjoyed significant growth during presidential election years. Are you confident that you can continue this trend if chosen as the presidential nominee? Do you believe it is reasonable goal for the LP to reach its all-time membership record as a result of your campaign efforts?

Steve Kubby - I’m confident that I can make the Libertarian Party attractive to voters and that my campaign will result in lots of membership inquiries. How the party handles those inquiries and how well it does at turning them into real, lasting involvement with the party is a matter that goes beyond the scope of the presidential campaign. Remember, the last time the LP set membership records in 1994-2000, it did so with six years of high-volume direct mail recruitment and with a gimmick called “the P transaction” in which anyone who donated money to the presidential campaign had a magic wand passed over them and was declared a “member.” And when those two things stopped, membership collapsed. My job as a candidate is to draw positive attention to the party. The party itself has to close the deal.

LP News - Do you feel that you would be able to attract significant media coverage as our nominee? What coverage has your campaign generated thus far?

Steve Kubby - A certain minimal level of coverage tends to come with the nomination. The question is whether or not I can parlay that into more and better coverage. I believe that I can. I’ve successfully done so in the past as an activist and as a gubernatorial candidate. I’m not going to lie to you—my pre-nomination campaign hasn’t exactly set the media universe on fire. The seed money just wasn’t there to create a media wave out of nothing. Nonetheless, I did a reasonable amount of talk radio, a lot of Internet radio, some web and newspaper interviews, and several local television appearances, including a press conference at San Francisco’s city hall in which I was accorded equal stature with several prominent major party politicians. As our party’s nominee, I’ll do my damnedest to give the media an interesting, ongoing story that they’ll want to feature prominently.

LP News - Five years from now, what role do you see yourself having in the Libertarian Party?

Steve Kubby - I’ve spent most of my life fighting for freedom, and don’t expect that to change. For more than a decade now, I’ve done so as a Libertarian Party activist, and I don’t expect that to change either. I don’t worry to much about what “role” I’ll have next week or next year—there’s always plenty of work to be done, and I’m sure I’ll stay busy.

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  1. mdh Says:

    Of all of the candidates who responded in my LP newspaper, Kubby’s answers were the most fulfilling and succinct overall. It would’ve been nice had he added something to his answer for the first question about winning the general election, of course. There’s something to be said for short and sweet though.

  2. James Babb Says:

    I think Mr. Kubby has a great attitude. I wish him the best of luck.

    He would be a candidate I could be proud of.


  3. MARY/NAMBLA '08 Says:


  4. Yank Says:

    What is Steve’s position on ass?

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