Choosing a Presidential Nominee: A Clear Case for Wayne Allyn Root

From the Root for America campaign:

Upsets are based on the power of personality.

Boris Johnson has just recently been elected the Mayor of London, one of the world’s biggest cities. He took office of this metropolis of 14 million (metropolitan area) on May 4, 2008. He is described in the media as a “Libertarian conservative.” He is also a New York-born TV personality, host, guest, author and comedian. Oxford-educated, he is colorful, and charismatic. He is a media darling- always ready with a colorful or controversial comment. He is the quintessential UK “political outsider” who has just pulled off a huge upset to shock the UK political establishment. Sound familiar?

Wayne Allyn Root is a New York-born son of a butcher; small businessman; home-school father of 4 young children; Ivy League-educated college classmate of Barack Obama; dynamic and colorful television personality, host and guest; author; Las Vegas oddsmaker; and citizen politician. Wayne is the quintessential D.C. “political outsider.” This may be an unusual resume for the President of the United States; but in this case it’s tailor-made to build “America’s Third Party.” The Libertarian Party is known for being anti-establishment, anti-government, anti-tax, and anti-status quo. We are a party of rebels with pitchforks. A party dedicated to liberty. Wayne is our Boris Johnson.


The blizzard of media attention after the LP convention is over. Thank you Congressman Bob Barr and Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Media from across the country came to Denver because of you. But what they witnessed was Wayne Allyn Root pulling off the political upset (at least as far as the Washington D.C. press corp. is concerned). A star is born. Now the media will be more interested in the new face of the LP because of who he is…not who he was.

The important thing about media isn’t getting it- it’s what you do with it after you get it. Wayne is a dynamic media personality. He has proven he knows how to get media, and how to use it. He wins over even skeptical and cynical hosts. He gets them to say, “Wow, I could actually vote for you.” If Wayne Allyn Root gets the LP Presidential nomination, we’ll have a future. With Wayne there is a huge (and long-term) upside.

As the Root campaign begins the first four-year phase of the journey to the White House, phase one is to build the infrastructure of our party. This is a story to illustrate how that grassroots work can be done.

On the campaign trail building constituencies.

The Root advance team meets with the local LP days prior to Wayne’s arrival. Preceding the team’s arrival a brief paid advertising campaign is launched. A meeting with Wayne the night before gets the local volunteers fired up.

Imagine the next morning a ROOT for America bus pulling up to the town square. A group of local candidates and/or activists are waiting. As Root emerges, the advance team and local activists swing into action. There are 27 million small business owners who need us. Wayne is one of them.

As they visit each small business in the area, the county chair introduces the business owner to Wayne. Wayne then warmly introduces the local LP candidate or activist. They listen to the shop owner’s concerns. Something Root will hear a thousand times.

As they leave, a photo is taken with the shop owner, candidate, county chair, and Root. The photo is given to the local paper along with a press release. An enlarged autographed photo will be hand delivered to the shop-keeper later by the candidate or LP State Chair as a reason to meet them again. Root pitches the owner to join the LP. Just prior to leaving, a small crowd is gathered to hear a brief stump speech on the value of small businesses in America and how libertarian ideas are good for the local economy. It is a successful campaign stop.

The town square event is repeated in towns encircling a larger media market. After a day or two of walking the town squares, speaking at business events, and interviews with local papers, Root moves into the major market and is interviewed by television and radio stations and major urban newspapers. The topic of the day is the state of small business- what Root calls “the economic engine of America.” Newspapers love it- they call small business owners their advertisers.

As Wayne travels, he drops in on a group of parents in each city who like Wayne choose to home-school their children. He delivers a stump speech on the inadequacies of government schools and how he will impound the funds of the federal Department of Education. He talks about moving all education funding and decisions to the state level. He enthusiastically talks about the value of vouchers and choice as needed steps toward achieving educational freedom. The local media are taking notes and filming. It gets picked up in home-school magazines and newsletters to the delight of millions of home-school parents.

Next Wayne stops the bus to buy a Lotto ticket. Wayne quotes the New York Times, who recently reported that more money is spent on gambling by Americans than movies, music, books, videos and DVD’s COMBINED! He explains the positive impact of the gaming industry, noting that there are 14,000 McDonalds locations in America, versus 185,000 lottery locations. He points out that government needs the small businesses to sell their lottery tickets and collect their sales taxes. A free market doesn’t need much government.

Wayne speaks with authority on the millions of poker enthusiasts denied the freedom to choose their own form of entertainment online. The story hits the AP wire and goes out all over the country - serving to excite and motivate 10 to 12 million online poker players, as well as 50 million poker enthusiasts across the country. Las Vegas is the tourist capital of America for a reason- 40 million people a year visit Las Vegas because they like to play. Those 40 million potential voters want the freedom to choose their own form of entertainment.

Attracting younger voters through popular media.

That night Wayne hits a local college night-spot and dances with the younger set. The video makes U Tube and starts a youth movement for Root around the country. It becomes a popular “spontaneous” event. Wayne is invited to be a guest on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” “The Colbert Report,” “Bill Maher’s Real Time,” ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (Jimmy is a fellow Las Vegan), and MTV. The younger set loves Wayne’s passion, high energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor. He goes to New York for his “media tour.”

In Grand Central station, Wayne approaches a small crowd of soldiers waiting in the terminal. He asked them how things are going. They ask him to get us out of Iraq and he reassures them that if elected he will. He tells the reporters on the scene that the libertarian non-interventionist foreign policy is the only way to avoid further wars of aggression. Making war only in defense of the country is the American way.

While in New York, Wayne scores more national media on Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, and CNBC (where Wayne started his career as a host and anchorman). He visits dozens of trade publications and pushes his campaign’s small business message through the national print media that serves industries across America. He scores a number of articles and even a few covers. The phones at national and state LP offices begin to ring from small business owners wanting to know more about the LP- and CONTRIBUTE.

As the trade media stories begin to break, a direct mail campaign is launched using each trade publication’s mailing list. A coordinated campaign with the state organizations will invite local business owners and executives (subscribers) to an exclusive meeting with Wayne.

The meetings take place weeks after the stories are published, so there is time to coordinate invitations with the campaign. This phase is designed to get people to join the LP, to become our future candidates and supporters. This is the point of sale. This effort will continue as an ongoing strategy even after the election to ensure we continue to build the party’s membership and infrastructure for 2012. Wayne Root will represent the LP for the next 4 years.

Home-field advantage.

On election night 2008, Wayne Allyn Root outperforms the expectations of the political pundits and Beltway insiders, including a very close third place finish in his home state of Nevada. He is already well-known in Nevada. He has his own star on the Las Vegas Strip. Nevada is the most Libertarian state in America. No personal income tax. No business income tax. No inheritance tax. Property tax increases are limited by law. Gambling and prostitution are legal. Ron Paul finished second in Nevada- tied for his best showing in the nation. Wayne will build on his close third place finish in Nevada in 2008 to win Nevada as a Libertarian Presidential candidate in 2012.

Post Election.

Root attracts numerous new members, contributors and potential candidates to the LP. The media pundits speculate on the bright future of the LP. The talk centers on Root’s youthful enthusiasm, along with his colorful, dynamic and passionate personality. They predict that he’ll be a major player on the political scene for a long time to come. Wayne becomes a frequent guest on shows like “Real Time with Bill Maher” (an outspoken Libertarian who featured Wayne often as a guest on ABC’s “Politically Incorrect”), “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” (Wayne’s Columbia University classmate), and many other national TV and radio shows, keeping the Libertarian Party in the public eye for a long time to come.

No one is betting against Wayne Allyn Root and the Libertarian Party anymore.

This isn’t the end …it’s just the beginning.

17 Responses to “Choosing a Presidential Nominee: A Clear Case for Wayne Allyn Root”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Boris Johnson is no outsider. He is a Member of Parliament for one of the safest seats in England. His father was a Member of the European Parliament and tried, unsuccessfully, to win back a marginal seat from the Liberal Democrats.

    Boris was a contemporary of David Cameron, the Leader of the Conservative Party, at Eton, Oxford and its notorious drunken and decadent Bullingdon Club.

    Given the state of the British Labour Party, trailing the Conservatives by 18% at the time of Mayoral election, Boris actually under-performed.

    To put it bluntly, this article is 100% BULLSHIT!

  2. Stefan Says:

    Comment allowed? Boris Johnson is an avid reader of LRC, and other than Root, he had political experience as a MP and was also a publisher of a newspaper, where he commented on political policies, apart from being a TV program presenter and
    comic. Root has a history of interest in politics (like almost everybody), but he does not have any experience of being a candidate in an election or being elected to political office. Gravel was senator, Barr was a congressman, Ruwart ran for senator in Texas as well as for LP nominee more than a decade ago, Dr. Phillies ran for senate/congress/governor in MA, Kubby ran for governor in California etc…other can fill out the details. (I think Chrinine SMith may not have run).

    Yes, media star power bring something, but so does connection with voters on ground floor, understand their issues (instead of telling them what it should be, e.g. communicating with them in ground, not only TV or radio) and experience with campaigning and someone that can integrate the party and make all enthusiastic in a true team spirit.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    Johnson’s first major act as Mayor of London? He announced that after June 1st, Londoners will be ticketed if caught drinking alcohol on the Tube or the bus.

    I’m no Englishman, but I’m of the understanding that putting away a pint of stout on the way home from work has always been a relatively non-controversial thing.

    Comes along this alleged “libertarian,” and all of a sudden it’s stupid regulation time. Bad comparison, Wayne. I hope you’re no Boris Johnson.

  4. Fred Church Ortiz Says:

    “Given the state of the British Labour Party, trailing the Conservatives by 18% at the time of Mayoral election, Boris actually under-performed.”

    My understanding was that the old mayor was a bit of a pop hero to London & the English left. Was I misinformed?

  5. Steve LaBianca Says:

    “Upsets are based on the power of personality.”

    Well, I guess in W.A.R.’s case, self described as “Ron Paul on steroids” gives us a look into the personality of W.A.R.

    He is a Bill Clinton type - (and coincidentally, nearly the same age as Clinton was when he ran in 1992), who has to put his finger up to the wind to see which way the “libertarian winds” are blowing. There really is no other rational explanation for the complete about face on issues that W.A.R. has taken since he started his campaign about 15 or 16 months ago. He realized that his long held Republican views were not “playing well” to Libertarians.

    What does this tell you about W.A.R.’s “personality?”

    Now, I grew up on Long Island in New York. Most people I have met from around the country don’t like the fast talking, slick sounding New York “style”. W.A.R. comes across as this type of “personality” extraordinarie!

    What does this tell you about W.A.R.’s “personality?” Especially as to how it will sound to non-New Yorkers?

    On the North Virginia Patriots Radio show, several times W.A.R. was challenged by the hosts for his positions (free trade and NAFTA, Ron Paul,
    and others) and he backed off his original stance. This indicates that he either isn’t knowledgeable enough to support his position when challenged, or he again, simply is out to please his audience with the position he believes they want to hear.

    What does this tell you about W.A.R.’s “personality?”

    He called for Mary Ruwart out drop out of the presidential nominating contest. This, after Ms. Ruwart gave him the benefit of the doubt on something he had said in Ohio, yet he would not reciprocate the same courtesy.

    What does this tell you about W.A.R.’s “personality?”

    Folks, it is clear that W.A.R. does not have the personality to be a quality candidate for the LP. On personality alone, he fails this test miserably.

  6. Stefan Says:

    well said, Steve! He also criticized Paul on the radio show you referred to and the radio guests also did not like his arrogance. I would say he comes more from the “neolibertarian” wing of the GOP (there are different traditions in the GOP). Yes, good comparison with Clinton in 1992, he may also have something from Rudy Giuliani”, who is also a New Yorker and in some views quite similar, I think. With all his betting clients, one would have thought he would be able to raise lots of money from them in Nevada, California and New York, FLorida etc, but not. He should rather run for congress and see if he can win a seat for the LP, if he wants to be LP leader and president one day. He is also the only one that is so self-assured that he would win the nomination.

  7. Austrian Economist Says:


    Just like the predictions that Root makes with his sport betting agency, this is, to borrow some London slang, pure rubbish. It’s utter shite, that’s what it is.

    If Root had any presence beyond that of 1 part used car salesman, 1 part motivational speaker, he might be right.

    But the dude is Tony Robbins-lite. I would never vote for this guy as president, and won’t if he somehow became the LP candidate.

  8. disinter Says:

    I would never vote for this guy as president, and won’t if he somehow became the LP candidate.

    I am sure he will cry for days…

  9. matt Says:

    I usually vote a LP straight ticket, and there’s no way I’d vote for Root either. His anti-war credentials suck and he’s generally off-putting.

  10. matt Says:

    I usually vote a LP straight ticket, and there’s no way I’d vote for Root either. His anti-war credentials suck and he’s generally off-putting.

    I guess we can add ignorance about British politics to his list of faults, not that that’s on the same level as the other two I mentioned.

  11. matt Says:

    Sorry about the double post. That’s my slow processor talking back at me.

    BTW, did anyone else think that press release sound like it was ghostwritten by Dondero or was it just me? Content, style, everything. Dondero has stated that his goal is the destruction of the LP. Maybe Root is his ‘project;.

  12. Steve Says:

    Hey, I’m no WARmonger either, (or perhaps I should say, my opinion on Root changes about as often as his opinion on foreign policy) but he’s given us a look at how he would run his campaign and given his track record at gaining free media I think there’s reason to believe he could pull off something resembling what he’s described. I don’t know of any other candidate who has given us such a clear post-nomination strategy. So let’s give the guy credit for effort.

    Unfortunately, he left out the most important step on his 8-12 year road to the White House, the one where he loses the nomination, runs for mayor of Las Vegas, and comes back in 4 years as the only sitting Libertarian mayor of a major city.

  13. Peter Orvetti Says:

    It’s interesting that Root pretty much says straight out that he’s running in 2012 as well.

  14. Craig Says:

    “The important thing about media isn’t getting it-”

    Root hasn’t been around the LP very long it seems. C-SPAN is the only network that ever covers the LP convention, and the handful of people who watch C-SPAN are pretty much already set in their political views.

  15. Jerry S. Says:

    Alternative FREE SPEECH TV is HQed in Denver. The LP needs to get them to cover the debate and maybe the POTUS balloting. They are progressive, however they need to fill 168 hours a week of TV airtime. So they might be interested. I think they currently reach 40 to 50 million homes.

    Third Parties need to end sweep the MSM blackout by using alternative Television, radio, print and as much local media as humanly possible.

    We don’t need to run Root off. He’s a book reader. Send him your favorite libertarian book as a gift with a friendly note included. When he comes back in 2011 he’ll be more libertarian than NOLAN !

    Well maybe not Nolan, but he will continue to improve. The used car spheel should go away as he ages. I seriously hope you can mellow out on him and let him continue to grow in the movement. Enthusiasm is needed in any political party, especially one which hasn’t been very successful.

    Would I vote for him to be the nominee? Under no circumstances this year ! However, if he wins the nomination or the VP nomination I certainly will back him the best I can in the general.

    PLEASE ! Everyone remember, give enough debate tokens to James Libertarian Burns. He deserves to be heard.


  16. MARY/NAMBLA '08 Says:



  17. citizen1 Says:

    Will Root choose Lieberman as VP to further his business prospects? I am not a member of the LP but no third party needs a candidate that donates to candidate based on his business not ideoloy. Although I my be too paersonally vested in this, if he can donate to a war monger instead of a candidate who’s views at least on certain issues have been called more libertarian than any of the LP presidential candidates, then he cannot be trusted to support LP candidates and ideology as its standard bearer.

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