Boston Tea Party update

It looks like the Boston Tea Party will be meeting in Denver during (but not directly affiliated with) the Libertarian National Convention. From a recently carried motion of theirs:

...that a meeting of the National Committee of the Boston Tea Party be held on Sunday, May 25, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. at The Buckhorn Exchange in Denver, Colorado (Denver’s Oldest Restaurant located at 1000 Osage Street; 303-534-9505;; that all BTP members be invited to observe the proceedings; that all LP Presidential & Vice-Presidential Candidates be invited to seek the BTP Presidential & Vice-Presidential nomination, as well as other individuals invited by other National Committee members; and that the bylaws of the Boston Tea Party be suspended to enable the National Committee to select the Presidential & Vice-Presidential nominees of the Boston Tea Party and to conduct such other business as it deems necessary and appropriate to ensure the future of the Boston Tea Party.

What’s more interesting to me is that my old buddy, whiskey colleague (and Boston Tea Party founder) Tom Knapp might end up supporting a Bob Barr endorsement:

I would be proud to see the national committee—speaking for, and ONLY for, itself rather than for the membership—endorse the Libertarian Party’s presidential slate. Of all the likely nominees, even the least “purist libertarian” example, Bob Barr, clearly endorses, at least implicitly, the Boston Tea Party’s platform. As a matter of fact, Barr has specifically publicly quoted the affirmative portion of that platform in several articles and interviews, stating that he supports “reducing the size, scope and power of government.” The other likely nominees—Dr. Mary Ruwart, Steve Kubby and even Wayne Allyn Root—are also running on campaign platforms which clearly fall within the scope of the BTP’s. I would even suggest that the national committee consider organizing an “emergency” convention for the summer in order to ask the membership to add the party’s endorsement to the national committee’s and perhaps get the party back on track as a mass-participation organization.

I’m sure this will make for interesting conversation the first time Knapp and I have our first shared sips of bourbon in Denver.

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  1. Don Lake Says:

    Ya know Steve [Gordon], this is YOUR site. Like Austin Cassidy before you, we can make valid suggestions all day long but you are the go to guy!

    You both have grossly neglected non Neocons, non Libertarians, and non [classical] Conservatives. Oh ya just can’t find some one to blog? After almost THREE YEARS, have you ever contacted Philip Sawyer [Sacramento CAlifornia]?

    Have you contacted West Coast Legend Harry Martin [] for an interview? You jump on Reform Party non entities quickly enough. [And then they DISAPPEAR FOREVER just as quickly….] Harry was almost the longest serving Napa City Council Member in the entire history of the burg. And when he runs for any thing, the establishment pours money into his opponents’ effort[s] like there was no tomorrow!

    People are out there looking for possible allies and advertisers! Ya know, like nationally and internationally famous 2006 and 2010 Texas Governor hopefull Kinky Freedman, the Jewish Cowboy! Ya know the cigar smoking, cigar SELLING, Pet Rescue, Salsa SELLING, Tee Shirt SELLING house hold name with money in his pocket and sold out concerts in North America and Europe? Duh!

    Steve, level with us non Neocons, non Libertarians, non [classic] Conservatives ——-do you even WANT our help?

    Third Party Watch: All Conservative, all Libertarian, all the time—-since Austin Cassidy and 2003!

  2. Trent Hill Says:

    Don Lake,

    This is a fairly-easily read paragraph: Congratulations!

  3. Stefan Says:

    Don: May I ask, has the Reform Party decided to field a presidential candidate for this year? Would the Party be interested in backing a possible Bob Barr LP nomination? (I assume the Reform Party is looking at the LP candidates to see which it could back in case it does not field its own? Co-operation within third parties (Reform Party, American Reform Party, Constitutional Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, conservative Greens, Unity08, Independent parties and state third parties, not the Socialist or Communist parties) for the future would be healthy policy..? They (or some of them) could merge eventually in a new party with factions within the party (the respective former parties) in a broad coalition of third parties with common principals that differentiate them from the Republican and Democratic Parties…

  4. Open Letter To Stefan Says:

    Don Lake: My guess [and only a guess] is that Ventura, Obama and Barr would pass the outer gate test. ONLY A GUESS!

    [email protected], [email protected]

    [Only a thot: You may wish to lead off with the word ‘recommend’!]

    Good luck with your long term vision, altho it has way too much common sense to be viable. If history is prolog, then EVEN MORE splintering and fractioneering may occur. Any one for the Western American Libertarian Anti Abortion Reform Party? And run the other way if Valli Sharpe Geisler, John Coffey, John Bambey, or John Blare come aknockin’ ——I speak from personal experience!

  5. MARY/NAMBLA '08 Says:

    We hear Knapp likes to “teabag” frogs. Is this true? And if so how do we join in on the fun?! GOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRYYYY!!

  6. Jim Davidson Says:

    Clearly, Bob Barr is not a libertarian. He does not seek a smaller government, as his endorsement of a “revenue neutral” national sales tax to “replace” the income tax indicates. The cool thing about Ron Paul’s proposal to replace the personal income tax with nothing is that it forces a reduction in the size and scope of government, as all you nerf libertarians seem to forget is the essential idea.

  7. Agorist1 Says:

    Even Mike Gravel is more libertarian than Bob Barr. Clearly, that’s not saying much for either of them.

  8. Jim Davidson Says:

    Agorist1, that is indeed a damnation by faint praise. Hard to say who gets more faintly praised, there. grin

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