Bob Barr? Ron Paul? Hmmmmm!

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  1. Kenny Says:

    Vacuous crap! Why post it here and waste our time?

  2. George Dance Says:

    Here’s the real news:

    Videos posted on You Tube, as of May 16, 2008, for the Libertarian candidates for president:

    (Exact match searches)

    Michael P. Jingozian - 1

    Mary Ruwart - 9

    Daniel Imperato - 14

    George Phillies - 33

    Wayne Allyn Root - 35

    Steve Kubby - 40

    Christine Smith - 103

    Bob Barr - 116

    and the landslide winner is …

    Mike Gravel - 2,840

    including this one.

  3. Mike Theodore Says:

    Jingozian has a few more, and I have no idea where 103 Smith videos are. I’d help you out if I wasn’t so damned tired.

  4. Kenny Says:

    Gravel may be a LP candidate but he is no libertarian as those YouTube videos will demonstrate clearly.

  5. Eric Dondero Says:

    Yup, John McCain and Bush are “clones” alright. That’s why they so viciously attacked each other in the South Carolina primaries back in 2000.

    Must have been the fact that they were so similar, as the reason for the vitriolic dislike of each other. Makes all the sense now in retrospection.

  6. Stefan Says:

    Eric: the John McCain of 2000 is different than the John McCain of 2008. Yes they hated each other in 2000, and must be correct that McCain did not vote for Bush in 2000, which he no tries to deny: what a liar!!

    but wait, you love Bush, that is so “libertarian” so you should be opposed to any McBush, e.g. McCain that is no Bush 3….

    And wait, McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts, not because he said there should be cut in military and other spending, but because he said it would only profit the rich. No wonder he was discussing being John Kerry’s running mate in 2004 and McCain’s daughter voted for Kerry in 2004.

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