Keyes Starts New Party

Alan Keyes, who was recently beaten 3-to-1 for the Constitution Party nomination for President, has decided to continue his run for President as an “Independent”. In order to facilitate with ballot-access, Keyes is trying to start a new party called “America’s Independent Party”. He has groupings of supporters in Texas, California, Florida, New York and Missouri. In what was their first major ballot-access hurdle, the Keyes campaign has failed to get on the ballot in Texas—collecting only 10,000 signatures. This is actually an impressive effort considering they had no time, no money, and no real support for such an effort, but nowhere near the 74,000 needed.

Next Keyes will be attempting to complete petitions in Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina, Colorado, Conneticut, and Illinois—and it is unlikely he’ll get on the ballot in any of these states except for Colorado.

EDIT: To be clear, Keyes tried to qualify as an Independent in Texas, not as a party.

81 Responses to “Keyes Starts New Party”

  1. Andy Says:

    LOL! Keyes has turned into a joke.

  2. Trent Hill Says:

    Sure has. Im predicting his new party will be on the ballot on less than 15 states. Of those, some will be pre-existing parties.

  3. Yank Says:

    I don’t think there is going to be any ass here.

  4. mdh Says:

    What is this now, fourth party watch?

  5. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    Any word on disposition of the California AIP?


  6. John Lowell Says:

    The Constitution Party should consider insisting on a uniform name for affiliates and expell any that endorse Keyes. There then should begin a period of interrogations together with merciless beatings and confessions. Denunciations and show trials for sympathizers could follow. Someone needs to show this filth that Baldwin won’t truck spys and traitors. :-)

  7. darolew Says:

    What a moron. He said he was going to look to God for guidance, he insults the intelligence of his God.

  8. Jonathan Cymberknopf Says:

    Keyes should use his efforts & resources to endorse The Constitution Presidential candidate or the Libertarian Presidential Candidate.

  9. Red Phillips Says:

    I really don’t get why they are doing this. It just diminishes Keyes. He needs to get out of the spotlight and just work for some causes. (Hopefully not the cause of bombing innocent Arabs.)

  10. Stefan Says:

    I read on their website they were thinking of Declaration Party….then nothing and thought sanity returned to them, but alas… wonder why they selected this specific name? Probably to get co-operation from existing state Independence Parties. The Reform Party also had an offspring: American Reform Party. What on earth is he going to do with less than 15 states battle. He would not have a chance to get even 2% or getting any real exposure or achieve anything to the debate… He should rather run for something where he has a big chance of getting elected. As it seems, he would not qualify for even a congress seat. And now he is wasting all his backer’s money and time. Amazing.

  11. End the Empire Says:

    In which of these states has the CP gained ballot access ? The more states the more votes for the CP…

    I beg to differ Andy. Keyes has not turned into…, HE HAS BEEN …FOR YEARS.

  12. Tom Yager Says:

    Keyes will be lucky to get on the ballot in states with a total of 270 or more electoral votes. CT is probably the easiest state on this list after CO. NC is the hardest, but there is a good chance that the lawsuit filed by the Greens and Libertarians could succeed.

    As for CA, I could understand why Keyes’ supporters are doing what they are, even though I view their actions as reprehensible. The deadline for getting on by the party mechanism passed in late 2007, and Keyes is staring at 158,372 signatures to qualify as an independent! Best of luck in keeping this guy from poaching the CP’s ballot lines, Trent.

  13. Sean Scallon Says:

    He should name it the Alan Keyes Party because that’s basically what its all about, him. A party dedicated to Alan Keyes. I mean the left has DeLeonist parties, Trotskyiest parties, Marxist parties, Maoist parties, parties named or influenced by a particular person. Isn’t it about the time the right have that same kind of party? A Keyesist party! And when Keyes passes from the scene we’ll get our first Keyesist party schism too. I can’t wait.

  14. Think About It Says:

    The point of this is to get even with the Constitution Party for slighting him. If Keyes get the California ballot line, he cripples Chuck Baldwin. Then all he needs to do it get on the ballot in enough other states to win more votes than Baldwin and he will be able to rub it in their faces.

    He also probably would like to destroy the CP and replace it with his AIP - so that history will judge him the ultimate victor in this.

  15. Shawn Levasseur Says:

    Who the Hades is bankrolling Keyes? The only reasons for him to even be campaigning at this point is to continue collecting contributions or for his own personal amusement.

    I have the same questions in my mind about Mike Gravel, at least he doesn’t come accross as pathetic as Keyes. (I know that’s very faint praise)

  16. Richard Winger Says:

    The post is erroneous when it describes Texas law. Texas requires 43,991 signatures, not 74,000. The new party deadline is May 26. What evidence is there that Keyes’ people collected 10,000 signatures in Texas? I am dubious.

  17. Trent Hill Says:

    “Any word on disposition of the California AIP?”

    Not by me Tom—you’d need to ask someone like Gary Odom.

  18. Mike Theodore Says:

    You know what, folks? I’m not going to look twice at this. I’m even going to ignore the name Keyes completely. All he wants is a little bit of attention, and he’ll be doing this the rest of his meaningless life. I don’t care if my cat is renamed Alan Keyes. I will now ignore anyone or anything with that name. He feeds off people seeing him.

  19. Mark Says:

    This is going to be a great year for minor parties and independent candidates. My early predictions for the popular vote finishing order:
    1. Barack Obama
    2. John McCain
    3. Bob Barr
    4. Ralph Nader
    5. Cynthia McKinney
    6. Alan Keyes
    7. Chuck Baldwin
    I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them got at least 0.5% of the vote, with the minor candidates netting a total of 5-7%.

  20. DaveC Says:

    The Keyestoners are also being told by their HQ that they need to get Keyes up to 15% in the public opinion polls. By July. That is the entrance threshold that has been set for all candidates who want to be part of the national Presidential debates. Kind of makes collecting signatures for ballot access look easy by comparison.

  21. Old Whig Says:

    This is pathetic! Imagine, I supported this guy against W back in 2000. Now he wants to destroy my new home party! All for a sick ego trip. I hope he gets his 5-figure vote total and chokes on it.

    Actually I hope some of his true friends intervene and get him some treatment.


  22. Red Phillips Says:

    If this is just about getting back at the CP, then he is doing so at the price of his own credibility. Seems a rather high price to pay. It borders on irrational.

  23. Mike Gillis Says:


    my predictions for voting totals order:

    1. Barack Obama
    2. John McCain
    3. Ralph Nader
    4. Bob Barr
    5. Chuck Baldwin
    6. Alan Keyes
    7. Cynthia McKinney

  24. Stefan Says:

    Mark, the DP, RP, LP and GP nominations have not been officially decided yet. We can be sure about Nader and Baldwin. What makes you think Keyes will fare better than Baldwin, whereas the CP would have much better ballot access AND money available than Keyes. I would put Keyes last. Also it would be interesting to see how the Green vote would be slit between Nader and the GP.

  25. Brian Miller Says:

    Keyes should use his efforts & resources to endorse The Constitution Presidential candidate or the Libertarian Presidential Candidate.

    Uhhhh… this Libertarian hopes Alan Keyes stays far, far, far away from the Libertarian presidential candidate.

  26. -J- Says:

    Chuck Baldwin needs the “Ron Paul billionaire” to get into the national debates. ;)

  27. -J- Says:

    or maybe there is an “Alan Keyes billionaire” out there

  28. Brad Says:

    I don’t think anybody really cares what Keyes does now. He’s as much of a joke as Lyndon LaRouche (the fascist cult leader who repeatedly ran as a Democrat, including as recently as 2004, but has finally given up his pathetic perennial campaigning) or Harold Stassen (to be fair to Stassen, he did win election prior to WWII and he once was a credible candidate for president).

    My guess for the order of vote totals:

    1. Barack Obama (55%)
    2. John McCain (40%)
    3. Ralph Nader (3%)
    4. Chuck Baldwin (1%)
    5. Mary Ruwart (500,000 votes)
    6. Cynthia McKinney (250,000 votes)
    7. Alan Keyes (9 votes)

  29. BillTX Says:

    Good God, what an egomaniac. He’ll probably pick himself for the VP slot too.

  30. Andy Says:

    “Richard Winger Says:

    May 15th, 2008 at 9:29 am
    The post is erroneous when it describes Texas law. Texas requires 43,991 signatures, not 74,000. The new party deadline is May 26. What evidence is there that Keyes’ people collected 10,000 signatures in Texas? I am dubious.”

    I find the 10,000 figure to be hard to believe as well. If they really did have 10,000 signatures I’m guessing that it was from that Texas Independent Party that said they were going to try to get on the ballot. This effort was announced well before Keyes came into the picture.

  31. Nexus Says:

    Trying to form a party around a cult of personality is a waste of time. This is sour grapes on Keyes part for losing the CP nomination.

  32. Prolifer Says:

    If Keyes gets California, he won’t hurt Baldwin much. In spite of the fact the CA Constitution Party affiliate trumpets their 300-some thousand registered American Independents, they gave Mike Peroutka a whopping 26,000 or so votes in 2004. Apparently most of the people registered as American Independents vote for someone other than the party’s nominee.

  33. Ross Says:

    I thought the American Independent Party was already a party in California? Is Keyes just trying to take it national?

    And what’s the point of that? It’s kind of redundant to have an independent party, when there could just be independents.

  34. Red Phillips Says:

    “Good God, what an egomaniac.”

    This is what doesn’t make sense to me. Why I said it borders on the irrational. If Keyes is worried about his ego then it would make sense to do something to save face, rather than something to bruise his ego even further? After his defeat at the CP Convention, he could have just said, “Oh well, I wasn’t willing to compromise my interventionist principles to suit a non-interventionist party,” which is essentially the truth, and moved on. Doesn’t the egomaniac who knows he is beaten in a foot race pull up lame at the end?

    Along the same lines, I couldn’t understand why he even let his name be put in nomination when it was a foregone conclusion he was going to lose. Why not just say, “Thanks, but no thanks” at that point?

    Are they delusional? Is this really just about collecting a pay check as the cynics have said all along? At this point, if it is about ego they need a new strategy. It will not help his ego. It will further diminish him.

    BTW, I think the name America’s Independent Party (note the possessive) is an attempt to play off the already established AIP name.

  35. Mark Says:

    Stefan wrote:
    “Mark, the DP, RP, LP and GP nominations have not been officially decided yet. We can be sure about Nader and Baldwin. What makes you think Keyes will fare better than Baldwin, whereas the CP would have much better ballot access AND money available than Keyes. I would put Keyes last. Also it would be interesting to see how the Green vote would be slit between Nader and the GP.”

    You’re right, of course. These are just my guesses about the winners of the various nominations. I think that McCain and Obama are pretty safe bets, and Barr and McKinney are their parties’ front runners. They’re also the only celebrity candidates for the Libertarian and Green nominations, so I doubt these parties will fare too well if they nominate other candidates.

    As for why I think Keyes will do better than Baldwin - it’s a guess based purely on name recognition and fund raising ability. The dynamic changes, of course, if Keyes can’t get on many ballots.

  36. Mark Says:

    Why do you think Nader will do better this year (3%) than he did in 2000 (2%)?

  37. NewFederalist Says:

    Mark- I wouldn’t bet on Barr winning the LP nomination. As Root what the odds are!

  38. Richard Winger Says:

    Nader got 3% in 2000.

  39. Meh Says:

    Oh good, we need some comedy in this election.

  40. Sivarticus Says:

    No way will Nader get more than 1% again. He may do just a little better than in 2004, maybe .8% instead of .4%. The Greens aren’t backing him and the overwhelming majority of the left is flocking to Obama. I don’t even see all non-Dem leftist third parties combined breaking a million votes this year.

  41. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Brad, I think you may be low on your numbers. Pieceing together the rest of your precentages and raw numbers, it looks like this:

    1. Obama 55% 41,250,495
    2. McCain 40% 30,000,360
    3. Nader 3% 2,250,027
    4. Baldwin 1% 750,009
    5. Ruwart 0.67% 500,000
    6. McKinney 0.33% 250,000
    7. Keyes 0.000012% 9

    That’s 75,000,900 votes, or about 25 million lower than average, and it has Nader getting 2.25M votes, which is highly unlikely, and Baldwin getting 750K votes, also highly unlikely.

    This vote-predicting is kinda lame anyway. We need to get out there for our respective parties once the nominations are decided and go get the votes, not assume them.

  42. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Thanks everyone for your confidence in the HIS HOLINESS, THE REVOLUTIONARY GENERAL BARACK H. OBAMA.

    Nader and Keyes will be utterly trounced by McKinney and Baldwin. I have come to the conclusion that Keyes is hurting Baldwin in an attempt to prevent Baldwin from stealing as many Republican votes. This is revenge for Keyes losing to Obama. Keyes also was damaged by McCain’s being in the race against Bush as well in 2000, but Keyes generally agrees with McCain and does not want to damage him. Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, Bob Barr and Barack Obama have the blessing of God. Nader and Keyes are fascist/stalinist criminals.

  43. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    Alan Keyes believes it is all about “HIM”. No matter how much he trys to destroy good people, constitutionalists, loyal AIPer’s, established Constitution party activists in the process! The man is NOT humble one bit.
    He is obviously hell bent, at ANY cost to keep his name in the electorial process, however embarrassing it gets. The buffoons that are surrounding themselves with his feeble “independent” national campaign does not surprise me….”all birds of a feather”. They are all a bunch of panty-waist
    cry babies that did not get their way at the CP Kansas City Convention.
    All I have to say is, THANK GOD ABOVE that Alan Keyes did NOT get the CP nomination! We can ALL thank God that we did get…


    The “panty-waist buffoons” , led by a few “nutjobs” in California are NOT going to take the AIP away from the CP. WE Aiper’s who have been with this party since 1972, are not going to ever let that happen.

    Remember the type of losers we are dealing with! Their track record is nothing to shout about! However, with all wack jobs, you do NOT ever turn
    your back on them either!

    Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.) USAF
    Anaheim Hills, Calif.
    ” a very proud American Independent Party
    regisistered voter”


  44. Keyes won't win...this time Says:

    If you KNOW Keyes (actually MET him), then you KNOW his heart is ROCK SOLID. He is NOT about revenge, he is NOT looking to “damage” any one. And he would NEVER talks down to you. He is wanting for the people of this country to WAKE THE HELL UP! Everything I have read here is why WE ARE IN MORAL DEMISE. You ignorant numbskulls! You are why the media is trying to DUMB DOWN AMERICA! You fall right into the trap!

    Obama - Befriended an openly racist preacher for 20 years and all the sudden just figured it out? Then dumps him when he realized the PEOPLE were disppointed and his candidacy was in jeopardy. He’ll dump you, too if it serves his purpose! Do you really want a one world nation? You can kiss your freedom goodbye.

    Hillary - Oh good lord! She’s already ran the country once and blames NAFTA on Bill (like he did it…we all know it was her)...guess you know who wears the pants in the family…Bill left his at Monica’s.

    McCan’t - He’s a Mr. Bender, too. He should have dumped the GOP for their rapid decline of morals like Alan did because he claims to be a conservative…BS…he showed his true colors by sticking with them and BENDING to their NEW platform conserv-lib so he has a better chance to win the throne. Phony. Democans and republicrats.

    Baldwin - Doesn’t know the first thing about foreign policy - shoots from the hip and is a talking head copycat - irresponsible
    Nader - Not worth it
    Ruwart - not worth the time when there are better candidates out there
    McKinney - no.

    Now if the media was FAIR about electorial processes…everyone would know who Ruwart is. But NO, they pick an choose who they are going to talk about (he with the most $) If they give you your choices, they have in turn made your choice. I’d love to see an election where the actual people (not corporate money) votes in a president.

    Alan Keyes has NEVER swayed on his stance on the issues. EVER! Check his record! He WANTS his candidacy to be a grass root effort because he WANTS to be voted in BY THE PEOPLE.

    Ultimately, you confuse arrogance with confidence. Don’t let his intelligence intimidate you. The man knows what he’s talking about…if he didn’t, then call him arrogant, go ahead, you’d be right. Of all candidates, he is the MOST qualified person to take the helm.

    So tell me…are you going to VOLUNTEER for the REAL ID? If you don’t volunteer, you can’t get bank account, can’t get a loan, can’t get on a plane, can’t get a job. Every candidate listed accept for Keyes and Paul will most likely let that happen…but they’ll take your guns first so you MUST volunteer.

    I am white, middle class, late 30’s, female married woman, works 2 jobs, born and raised in the greatest country in the world which is falling apart before our eyes. And you all are just gonna stand by and bicker and let it happen. God help the people of this country open their eyes to the truth.
    AMERICA: Freedom to Fascism - SEE IT for free on Google, Ron Paul is in it. Then you will know what I’m talking about.

  45. Ben Says:

    Keyes won’t win…this time Says:
    May 15th, 2008 at 7:59 pm
    “works 2 jobs”

    Really? You work 80 hrs/wk? Let me explain something to you as I am tired of losers claiming to have three jobs and other such nonsense.

    A job is more than 40 hrs/wk. Part-time job is less than 40 hrs./wk. If your two part-time jobs = 60 hrs. wk you can claim to have 1.5 jobs.

    I would hazard a guess, however, that your “2 jobs” don’t even add up to 40 hrs./wk. If you work 2 part-time jobs say such, don’t try to use inaccurate words to make people think you work a lot.

    BTW, having one real job w/ benefits etc. is a whole lot better deal than two part-time jobs that barely pay minimum wage and have no benefits. There are LOTS of real jobs out there for people willing to WORK. However, too many people think they are TOO GOOD to punch a clock and work at the factory for 8+ hours every day. I have no sympathy for people that won’t work a factory job or anything outside 9 to 5 because it is some how beneath them.

    I would hazard a guess that not only have all of us seen said movie: AFTF, but own copies and have given away several copies for others to watch. I lost count months ago as to how many copies of AFTF I’ve given away to people. As it mentions the Real ID Act coming into effect May 2008, I will discontinue giving away copies of AFTF once my current stock is depleted, and begin distributing Alex Jones’ newest documentary, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Slavery. I’ll list the URL here to watch free on-line: . I am eagerly awaiting a sequel to AFTF.

  46. Red Phillips Says:

    Kww … ttS,

    I hate to break it to you, but the kind of people who watch AFTF are almost all non-interventionists. I guarantee you they prefer Baldwin to Keyes.

  47. darolew Says:

    Guys, I’m confused. Is Catholic Trotskyist a real person? I believe it’s been said that CT is a joke personality, but I’m not sure if that statement itself was a joke.

  48. citizen1 Says:

    If I worked one job 60 hrs do I get to count it as 1.5 jobs? What about when I worked one 60 hrs (and was considered part time) one 30 hrs and one 5 hrs? How many jobs was that?
    Ever better find something better to attack some one about.

  49. mdh Says:

    I think it’s worth pointing out that Alan Keyes’ treatment of his own daughter speaks more to his “family values” than his rhetoric on the subject does. It’s hypocritical, to say the least, and Americans are tired of hypocrisy.

  50. Keyes won't win...this time Says Says:

    Thank you citizen1

    HEY BEN,

    Obviously you don’t read too well. I work 2, that’s T.W.O. jobs, not three. My primary job is as an Executive Manager to the President of a $50 million dollar firm and I make just over $60K a year. I think that qualifies as a REAL job.

    My second job is caring for an elderly woman 2 nights a week and Saturday/Sunday for 4 hours a day to help her with cleaning and shopping. She pays for my fuel, I make no money at it, but it’s still a job none the less even if I volunteer my time.

    Alan’s treatment of his own daughter is his private business. He loves his daughter very much. He’s hurt. Yet, he stand FIRM on the RULES in his house and that is not one of them. She is sinful and he prays for her. Tough love hurts but sometimes it’s mandatory. He would make a great President - ZERO TOLERANCE! Even if it’s own blood not matter how much it hurts!!

    His PASSION and determination to return this country to a MORAL valued country is unsurpassed by anyone I know. His drive is unstoppable. I want a president who will not give in, not bend to whims of special interest groups that may forsake our freedom. He was Ambassador to the United Nations during the Reagan Admin…that doesn’t mean he supported it. He wanted to be there to make sure THEY did not infringe on our freedoms! He was the gate keeper for America. This man has integrity.

    “Alan, I should be thanking you—and I am—because every time I asked you to do your best, you did that and better. Every time I asked you to stand for America, you stood tall, and you deserve not only my thanks, but the thanks of every citizen of this great country.”—-Ronald Reagan——
    In helping bring down the Soviet Union, Alan Keyes represented this country with intelligence and great courage, and he’s been fighting hard for our freedom ever since.

    How can anyone not support THAT! A TRUE God fearing man will NEVER let us down or turn his back on us. He is for EQUAL rights to FREEDOM.

    I assisted providing Aaron Russo (bless his soul) materials for AFTF. He called me and I was given the blessed opportunity to personally THANK HIM for what he was doing for our country.

    I’m scared!! We need help!

  51. Sean Scallon Says:

    Red, you have to understand Keyes’ motivation, his reason for being:

    “I run, therefore, I am.”

    I am convinced that Alan Keyes like Harold Stassen and Lyndon LaRouce and Eugene McCarthy before him will run for as many political officies in as many states as God permits him because he has no purpose unless he’s out on the campaign trail and giving speeches that he loves to hear himself speak. And so long as he has fanatical supporters like the one on this thread who continue to give him money to fund such excursions and to provide him with the illusion that he commands an army of millions, he will never stop running, even if its for dog catcher.

    Defeat nevers deters Alan Keyes, it only makes him gear for another defeat.

  52. Cody Quirk Says:

    I was sympathetic to Keyes for a little bit, about a few days in early April, but theses actions show just how petty and pathetic he is: trying to get on the ballot through the AIP in Cali and trying to start another third party.

    This man has overkilled his chances. As a voter, I will not even look at his name on the ballot if it was on there!

  53. Cody Quirk Says:

    Lyndon is more practical then Keyes in comparison.

  54. blogenfreude Says:

    Pound for pound, nobody can compete with Alan Keyes for sheer batshit insanity and GOP-style hatred. Pass the popcorn.

  55. Red Phillips Says:

    Kww … ttS,

    Um … Aaron Russo was a non-interventionist. He would have almost certainly preferred Baldwin to Keyes.

    Are you spoofing?

  56. George Donnelly Says:

    Will he quit this party too, when they don’t nominate him?

  57. Keyes won't win...this time Says:

    What’s wrong with trying to start another party? The ones we have now are crap. The AIP in CA is AFFILIATED to the CP. Says so right on their home page. CP showed their true colors therefore, time to move on. He won’t run for just ANY political seat. He was encouraged to run by the PEOPLE in Michigan against Obama. His decision to run as president (again) was at the encouragement of the PEOPLE. He said if enough people support the run, he would do it.

    Red, you are probably right. However, I think Russo would have voted for Paul before Baldwin. Experience matters. Keyes has more experience than both of them put together. The important thing at this point is to just get the democans and republicrats kicked to the sideline…they have done NOTHING to help this country except to let it fall apart.

    Keyes has no time to get a new party established for this election…we have started though and he will be back in 2012…then I’ll be saying, I told you so. He’s a good man. He’s a bit too charismatic for some…but that’s just his determined passion to rights the wrongs that are killing us.

    I don’t spoof…I’m just another proud American doing what I can to help the people of this great country see through the fog of oncoming tyranny. I have gotten involved…and I continue to be involved even on state level elections. Is it so bad to want to help some of those who have graduated high school yet can’t get any answers correct on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”? That’s another issue…but it starts with education.

  58. Sean Says:


    You are really off base. Just because your guy didn’t get the nomination does not make the party crap. I went into the convention favorably disposed to him (I had supported him in 2000), and he and his campaigners FOOLISHLY botched it. If I was his campaign manager and he listened to me, I could have gotten him a fair chance at the nomination without having to compromise. But he and his group took a belligerent approach to people. They acted like a conquering army, and got repelled for it.

    Let me put it to you this way. I have only fiscally supported Hunter and Keyes. NO other political candidate has received money from me. And you know what, I will NEVER vote for Keyes as President. The convention brought me to that. Check out my comments at for a better list of his campaign failings at the convention.

    Please take the blinders off wrt to Keyes. Show me you are thinking straight (e.g. not hero worship). List 3 faults that Keyes has… I can do that with any candidate I’ve ever supported.

  59. xona Says:

    Alan Keyes is a Black racists, bigot, woman-hater, and religious moron, who was brought up in a house where major mental, sexual, and physical abuse was the norm for the ignorant, religious-creeps who taught their unwanted offspring, Mr. Keys, how to become a 12th century idiot trying to live in the 21st century. Mr. Keyes is constantly running for one office or another; is constantly a massive looser.
    So why does he run. Well just look at his family, his wife, and his existence. This is one unhappy man who lives for the thrill of seeing his name in the public spotlight, even it is just a joke on him. This boy is a total zero as a human, and a complete bozo, in the world of politics.

  60. karenm Says:

    10,000 is impressive? Please.

    I’ve gotten 3,000 sigs in one day for a local tax INCREASE ballot initiative. It’s not the only multi-thousand single-day effort I’ve done, either.

  61. Red Phillips Says:

    “Alan Keyes is a Black racists, bigot, woman-hater, and religious moron, who was brought up in a house where major mental, sexual, and physical abuse was the norm for the ignorant, religious-creeps who taught their unwanted offspring, Mr. Keys, how to become a 12th century idiot trying to live in the 21st century.”

    Well, I’m no fan of Alan Keyes, but that was an anti-religious bigoted screed. Another of TPW many village atheists I guess.

    Kww … tt,

    How did the CP show its “true colors?” They are a non-interventionist party, and they nominated a non-interventionist candidate. Keyes was always a poor fit for the party. Many of us on here tried to tell his supporters that.

  62. Trish Says:

    Obama is the Senator from Illinois, not Michigan. If one can’t even get that well-known fact straight, one is predisposed to write-off everything else you have to say as foolish hero-worship. I can’t possibly see how some one can promote Keyes and the “war on terror,” and promote AFTF at the same time. Keyes supports the “fair tax” while it is obvious that AFTF is opposed to such a scheme. I cannot see how a Keyes supporter can also hawk AFTF. I doesn’t make sense, logically. It seems obvious to me, at least, that you are just making up stories to appear some sort of an expert, but then you can’t get basic facts straight that totally discredit you.

  63. Cody Quirk Says:

    He was encouraged to run by the PEOPLE in Michigan against Obama.

    = Why would the people of Michigan want to interfere in Illinois affairs?

    Unless you’re a moron that shares Alan’s IQ.

  64. Open Letter To Sean Says:

    Oh Lordie, Lordie, Alan Keyes is the 2008 winner of the Patrick and Bay Buchanan award! Get a grip! Some rationality please!

  65. Sean Says:

    Sure was. He certainly has some valid gripes, but not nearly as many as he’ll say. I doubt you were there so your scepricism is most likely from ignorance.

  66. Keyes won't win...this time Says: Says:

    Excellent comments Sean. Thank you. Wish I could have been there to see what you did…I may have left with a different perspective.
    Three faults:
    1) He over extends his time EVERY time he answers a debate question.
    2) He often gets too excited and sounds like a preacher, which I believe turns a lot of people towards other candidates, as we are becoming a Godless country, which is the epitome of our demise.
    3) Ummm….his confidence does at times seem arrogant, which sometimes even makes me wrinkle my nose. However…I know him. I trust what’s in his heart and the vast knowledge he has learned from experience and studies. The guy is smart. And yes he knows he is. What’s wrong with that when you KNOW you’re right? Ronald Reagan couldn’t have been THAT FAR OFF BASE! Obviously RR admired those qaulities.

    He’s QUALIFIED more than anyone else running. Who else has YEARS of foreign policy experience?

    I did mix up IL/MI, and I am sorry - states of disappoinment to me. Failed election in IL 2004, head shaking debate decision by GOP in MI 2007. Did I clarify that ok?

    AFTF/Fair Tax/Flat Tax/No Tax: Doesn’t matter the solution (at this time). They ALL AGREE the TAX ITSELF is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The solution cannot be voted on or debated on until the they (Gov’t) ADMIT the WRONG and then we can move forward TOGETHER to correct it. Not hard to figure that out. The tax on labor could go away tomorrow and it won’ hurt anyone excpet the private bankers of whom pockets it goes into. TOO BAD!

    It’s the overall GOVERNMENT screwing a FREE AMERICA…you know the BIG picture? Keep voting for the inexperienced (Bladwin) or easily persuaded to change their life long stance candidates for a vote (Obama, McCain) or the liar “thank God most of you don’t pay an income tax, you pay a payroll tax…” which is the same damn thing (Billary, SC debate I believe)

    My God…do you even see what’s happening here? Bush wanted to change a constituitional law giving HIM, ONE MAN the right to go to war with another country on HIS word alone! NAZI-GERMANY! YOU all probably voted for him, too! Hind sights 20/20 isn’t it?

    Keyes understands and RESEPCTS positions and policies of government and the checks and balances required to maintain it. He would not let this farse of a government continue the way has been. Next Presidential election? It might be too late by then. We’ll either be completely invaded by Mexico or we will all be attending the local mosque 5 times day with Rev. Wright.

    Your choice.

  67. Keyes won't win...this time Says: Says:

    Red/xona…very hateful blood runs through you veins. I am truely sorry for you and whatever made you so ugly on the inside.

    I call it how I see it. I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be all knowing…but I do see what’s going on here. It doesn’t take rocket science. My grandkids need a safe place to live that does not include a ball and chain put on by a Nazi-Germany style Government that YOU elected in. God help us.

  68. Keyes won't win...this time Says: Says:

    I’m sorry Red…I thought YOU said that.
    That was XONA and XONA alone. Half - asleep - ss :-~

  69. Alicia Says:

    Is there a bigger joke in politics than Keyes? That is a valid question. And most everyone (other than a few at his website) know the answer.

  70. Keyes won't win...this time Says: Says:

    Alicia Says: “Is there a bigger joke in politics than Keyes?”

    Yes, Alicia. But I wouldn’t be so bold as to say MOST EVERYONE knows the answer, as there are several. If they (you) knew the answers anyway, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    Bush (Hilter), Hillary (liar), Obama (bend for a vote. Imagine what he’d do for money! Think he’ll bend for China, too?), McCain (riding the failing GOP platform-bender also), the media (just the media) AND ALL THEIR IGNORANT SHEEPLE (slaves).

    Go ahead…be one, it’s super easy. I did it for 35 years. It’s like water, the path of least resistance. Everything worth somthing usually takes a lot of hard work to get. This country is worth the fight. Thousands lay dead and now it seems their fight was for nothing. How sad.

    Keyes: Bends for no one, has never lied, left a party that doesn’t stand for what it used to…and he’s ok with it! Refuses to work with the media and insists if he’s going to win, it’s going to be BY THE PEOPLE. What an upstanding man!

    I’m awake…and at the rate the this country is going, by the time you’re all awake, too…it will be WAY too late. Our future generation will look back and see that America’s people had become cowards.

    I promise not to say I told you so. Say a prayer.

  71. Alicia Says:

    You are called others “sheep” when you are exactly that with Keyes. He lacks integrity and common sense. He lies. He cheats his campaign out of money and his daughter out of an education.
    A president is someone to look up to. Keyes is someone to pity. He’s a joke. He acts as though he is a joke, people treat him as if he was a joke.
    Enjoy your comedy.

  72. Karlene Says:

    Keyes and his supporters cannot even find a person to be his VP candidate! He was asked no tough (or ANY) policy questions during his last call.
    Yes folks - he IS a joke.

  73. Texan Says:

    I’m suprized at how little everyone seems to think conservative candidates will accomplish in a presidential campaign where the Bush political machine turned its back on conservatives working and funding candidates Guiliani, Romney and attack dog Fred Thompson who attacked the lower ranking Republican candidates in the race and then dropped out.

    Obama is far left, Ms Clinton is left trying to move to the middle left and McCain is middle moving left.

    Leaders of the social conservatives tried to endorse liberal candidates in exchange for judicial appointments and the compromise failed to get the followers to follow the compromising leaders.

    Only James Dobson out of the original four largest social conservative leaders held his convictions so far and just said no to liberal candidates in conservative clothing like Guiliani, Romney and McCain.

    Add to that the fact this is the first time since Nixon vs Humphrey a governor has not been in the presidential nominee position for one or both major parties.

    There is no Ross Perot this time for conservatives to flock to and the Clintons cant hide behind southern Baptist conservative Democrat status this go around.

    The time is ripe for third party and Independent candidates with name identification and who make a big splash with their VP choice.

    Anyone in a known red or blue state that votes for either of the lesser of two evils party wastes their votes since they can not change the outcome and fail to push the causes they believe in by empowering a third party or Independent candidate to help create a mandate on those issues.

    With over half of the conservative base not following the liberals in the Republican Party and not even voting in the Republican Primary; the opportuniy for third party and Independent candidates is very good this fall.

  74. Larry Says:

    Im shocked that people like Alicia would use gossip and lies and state them as fact in a tyrade against a cndidate she doesn’t like.

    “Alicia Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 2:44 pm
    You are called others “sheep” when you are exactly that with Keyes. He lacks integrity and common sense. He lies. He cheats his campaign out of money and his daughter out of an education.
    A president is someone to look up to. Keyes is someone to pity. He’s a joke. He acts as though he is a joke, people treat him as if he was a joke.
    Enjoy your comedy.” (end quote)

    Alicia states that long time conservative Alan Keyes lacks integrity and common sense and offers nothing of substance to substantiate her point.

    Alicia claims that Alan Keyes lies and she offers no fact to support the statement.

    Alicia claims Alan Keyes cheats his campaign out of money although she offers no proof of their having been any cheating or illegal activity. As much as the McCain campaign would like to be rid of Alan Keyes completely; it would seem that if campaign finance in Alan Keyes grassroots campaigns was cheating or illegal they would have jumped all over it already like the Democratic Party did to Congressman James Trafficant. McCain stopped Dr Keyes from being in a debate and avoided other debates where Alan Keyes was scheduled to speak.

    Alicia declares Alan Keyes cheated his daughter out of an education. How he cheated her out of an education is very unclear since there are no laws demaning parents to provide for their children’s college education, many parents require their children to pay their own way through college or get a scholarship and much of the population cant afford to send their children to college.

    Maya Jeane Marcel-Keyes had much more opportunity than a lot of children to go to college due to her high profile. Maya applied to and was accepted at Brown University, where she was admitted but deferred matriculation to spend a year teaching in southern India. “In my father’s view, financing my college would be financing my politics, in a sense,” Maya says, “because I plan to be an activist after college.”

    Maya Keyes says of her dad “I disagree with nearly all his views, but he’s very honest and has a lot of integrity.”

    Maya Keyes did get a scholarship. The Point Foundation, a San Francisco-based charity that provides scholarships to students “who have been marginalized because of their sexual orientation,” decided to pay Maya’s expenses so she can attend Brown University.

    Alicia states Dr Keyes acts like a joke and people treat him like a joke. Mr Baldwin didn’t think Dr Keyes was a joke when he approached him for the VP position. Conservative radio hosts that seek Alan Keyes to be on their broadcasts dont view him as a joke. All the numerous conservative organizations, schools, colleges, church organizations that seek Alan Keyes as a speaker don’t think he is a joke. Liberals try to act as if conservatives are jokes and the liberal media will rarely mention Dr Keyes but then again; Alan Keyes is running grassroots campaigns and not spending dollars at their stations for commercials so far. I wouldn’t expect the major networks to get behind the Keyes campaign much unless he starts spending millions to win votes with commercials on their broadcast stations.

    As best as I can tell; Alicia tossed out her biased opinions against a candidate she doesn’t like and hoped no one would check the statements out to see if they were so.

    Almost have to think Alicia is a liberal with the tactics she used in her statements.

  75. Alicia Says:

    Hey Larry. Why do you think Keyes support has decreased so much over the years?
    It’s because of what I stated. He leads a very small group of the tin foil hat crowd and Mormon zealots. You know the group - the TJs and Specters from the site that he used to be a part of - the ones who think the Illuminati send secret messages to Bush, who is part of a secret Skull and Bones cult. But, hey, you also think that the liberal media is against Keyes - well try Rush, Ingraham, Coulter and add that caustic interview from Sean. They ALL think he is a joke.
    Please - Keyes is a joke - he gets less than 0.5% of the vote and his few religious zealot followers claim they are the verge of greatness. He has never been elected to an office anywhere. He usually comes in last place. He may run without a VP as nobody wants to be embarrassed by being under popeye. His numbers have never been lower. And many thought that was not possible.

    yeah….it must be only my biased view….suuuuuuuuuuuuuure

  76. Alicia Says:

    Here is a direct quote from Keyes super-site yesterday from Savvy. Total proof that Keyes is viewed as a joke and it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the liberal media:

    “We’ve sent hundreds of emails to organizations, asking them to support Alan, in one way or another.

    .... to no avail. (AFA, Family Research Center, Conservative leaders, Pro-Life leaders, ...)”

  77. Larry Says:

    Alicia; nice spin fade.

    Peoples opinions do not define proof.

    Winning elections do not define wether a candidate is successful either. In politics there is more going on than winning or losing the election.

    example: George Bush Sr (who I worked for on his campaign in Texas when he ran for president against Ronald Reagan in the primary) lost the nomination but maneuvered his political machine into place which won him a presidency later and set up his son with a tiny resume to be president twice.

    Many candidates shape the issues debates to promote the issues they champion to the forefront. Tom Tancredo was able to force borders and immigration to the top of the presidential debate issues list this year.

    Most everyone mocks Ron Paul in the media and yet they marvel at his grassroots support, ability to raise money, and many of the issues he champions are picked up by the Democratic Party and Republican Party.

    Alan Keyes has been very instrumental at framing debates in the Republican Party. John McCain fears Alan Keyes on a debate floor and works hard to keep Alan Keyes off the debate list or avoids going to a debate where Alan Keyes is due to Alan Keyes success at holding McCain’s feet to the fire and making him answer for his liberal record.

    You pointed out one persons dismay at not getting replies from some organizations such as AFA, Family Research Center, Conservative leaders, Pro-Life leaders. You failed to mention the many who have responded favorably or the many conservative radio talk show hosts who have recently had Alan Keyes on air as well as the numerous speaking engagements Dr Keyes has been at recently or is scheduled for coming up.

    Liberal media avoiding conservatives is nothing new and most Republicans mention the same thing.

    Big time top 10 conservative talk show hosts can’t acknowledge Keyes until he has a 10% rating in the polls as an Independent as Bill OReilly stated about Mike Huckabee. Especially when Alan Keyes is not spending dollars on campaign commercials with their network.

    Comparing the way various networks treat the two evils candidates (lesser of two evils) to Independents and third party candidates is like comparing hot air balloons to soap bubbles. By the way; the big hot air wind bags get a lot of attention but the small soap bubbles will get ya clean.

    Now that we covered your spin doctoring dodge; how about backing up all your opinions above with some real fact?

  78. Alicia Says:

    Come tell me my facts are wrong when Keyes wins his first election for any political position in his life.
    You act as if he has credibility.
    All you have stated were a bunch of opinions. Yet you accuse me of the same.
    Meanwhile, I have the biggest fact of all.
    The fact is: Keyes has never accomplished a winning campaign and yet he calls himself a politician.
    Stop making excuses and get at least one REAL accomplishment rather than the phantom ones you pretend to exist.

  79. Kerwin Says:

    Keyes cannot get anyone to accept a VP slot! Nobody wants to be associated with the dolt.

  80. x huckabe supporter now Keyes supporter Says:

    Hello people I use to be backing Mike Huckabee. I know am bacing Keyes for whatever that is worth.
    I read this today
    American Independent Party of California announces new national affiliation

    Media contact:
    Markham Robinson
    American Independent Party of California
    [email protected]

    Sacramento CA - June 28, 2008

    California’s American Independent Party, which has a forty-year history in the Golden State, today announced its affiliation nationally with the newly-formed America’s Independent Party of Fenton, MI. The Party had previously affiliated on a national basis with the Constitution Party of Lancaster, PA.

    The State Central Committee of the American Independent Party voted unanimously in its Friday meeting to make the switch, after which the new 2008 national affiliation was duly filed with the Secretary of State’s office in accordance with the requirements of California’s Election Code.

    State Chairman Edward C. Noonan, on hand in Sacramento for the official filing, stated, “We believe it is time to affiliate with a new party, one that has a will to win. In sixteen years, the Constitution Party has never elected a candidate. America’s Independent Party may be the best chance we have of stopping the never-ending advance of socialism.”

    Friday’s move makes the newly-minted America’s Independent Party the third largest national political party in the United States based on voter registration.

  81. Paul from Says:

    Hello everyone just wanted to say Hi.

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