Federal Reserve Continued, Ron Paul, Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party

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  1. Bill Wood Says:

    Nice surprise today. I heard Bob Barr on the Mike O’Meara Radio Show today. Bob did a very good job. He was to the point and he showed some personnality and humor with the Borak question. He did not hide the fact that he is a Libertarian. He admitted that he has lost a lot of business since joining the LP. He was very proud of his fellow libertarians and proud to be a Member. He also mentioned the winning attitude of those in the LP that he has met.

    It is refreshing to hear a Libertarian Party Candidate that wants the LP to win political office to push forward the idea of Liberty and to grow the Party instead of just using a Campaign to educate the public.

    Great job Bob!

  2. Bill Wood Says:

    Mr. Root and Mr. Barr,

    I want to thank you both for joining the Libertarian Party and seeking the nomination of our Party to run for President. I will also admit that when I was close to leaving the Party you joined and gave me renewed strenght to carry on the fight for Liberty. In a week, one of you will be the Libertarian Party Candidate and the other will not. To me that sucks (lack of a better way to say it) for both of you have done so much to grow the LP and to make the LP a viable political party with your ability to gain media access and to generate interest in our party. What I would like to see is the both of you on the LP ticket one as the Candidate for President and the other for Vice President. I think with your energy and working together will do much to bring America closer to the freedoms and liberty that we once had.


  3. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Sorry, Bill, Root would be much better as a campaign media guy than a candidate himself.

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