Video: The Steve Kubby Story

Those who attended the Libertarian Party’s 2004 national convention in Atlanta may remember this video, which was aired in the convention hall. Steve Kubby’s presidential campaign has YouTubed it in two parts for your viewing pleasure.

The bulk of the video is a feature which was filmed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and which aired on Canada’s top nightly news program. The feature is bracketed by an introduction from former NORML executive director—and now Kubby campaign manager—Richard Cowan, and by a statement from Michele Kubby regarding the legal saga’s impact on the Kubby family.

27 Responses to “Video: The Steve Kubby Story”

  1. Yank Says:

    Steve, can you take a brave pro-ASS stance in this party of tit men?

  2. susan santarini Says:

    Thank you Bob Barr for persecuting families like the Kubbys.

  3. susan santarini Says:

    Watching these two videos really pissed me off!

    Republicans like Barr and Root are trying to take over our party, when they still believe in their warped Republican values and their drug war. Oh, they support medical marijuana, if you are really sick and close to death, but they refuse to endorse ending the war on drugs.

    It is disgusting to see so many “libertarians” sucking up to these two media clowns, while they are just promoting their own careers and fundraising prospects.

  4. Trent Hill Says:

    I hope Kubby denounces Barr heavily at the Convention. Kubby, as someone who has suffered from Barr’s legislation directly, is in a unique position to be able to sink Barr’s candidacy.

  5. NewFederalist Says:

    Wow! Trent Hill- You may have no idea just how much your comment might positively impact many people’s view of CPers! Hoo-Rah!

  6. Live Free or Choke Says:

    It’s time to STOP and take another look at the Libertarian candidates. Ruwart was successfully roughed up and discredited. After listening to several episodes of The Steve Kubby show I now know Kubby deserves a second look by everyone. He would be an excellent representative of the LP as the POTUS or VP nominee.

    Jim LIBERTARIAN Burns/Steve KUBBY ‘08
    Become a FAN of the “fat”MAN and the “head”MAN

    www .infowars,com
    the TRUTH will set you free

    STOP Barr the drugWARRIOR

  7. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    Kubby isn’t really in the “denouncing” business when it comes to other Libertarian candidates; he prefers to promote his own candidacy, and to contrast himself positively with the other candidates, rather than to attack them as a matter of course.

    There are exceptions—I think he was personally offended over the Root v. Ruwart thing because he felt that Root had crossed a line into inherently party-damaging territory, and he almost casually brushed off flighty LP newbie Christine Smith’s ham-handed attempt to play the “consistency” card—but versus Barr, Kubby really only has to compare/contrast, not denounce. Res ipsa loquitur, pretty much.

  8. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    As a side note, I like to keep track of the players and their likely interests. You’re a Constitution Party activist, and a Barr nomination would likely cut into the Baldwin ticket’s potential to reach and persuade conservative voters.

    No, I am not saying that Baldwin and Barr are cut from the same cloth—just that they probably have a large audience overlap, and I can understand why you’d rather have the LP nominate a candidate with more “left” than “right” appeal.

    I also think that argument cuts both ways—the LP is better off nominating a candidate who can reach constituencies that Baldwin can’t, than it is nominating a candidate who is basically in a three-way bashup for the “conservative vote.” So I guess we’re strategically aligned here.

    However, Kubby definitely places the party’s interests before his own aspirations. He isn’t after a party-splitting bloodbath in Denver, if for no other reason than that he has freedom-fighting plans that go beyond 2008 and wants a united LP rather than a splintered one there to back his plays. He’ll contrast himself positively with Barr six days a week and twice on Sunday, but he’s probably not going to talk trash about Barr unless the situation—a mano a mano cage match in which Kubby and Barr are the last two left standing and Barr decides to go negative himself—simply demands it.

    That’s just my opinion, btw—not an “official position of the Kubby campaign.” But I know my candidate.

  9. Andy Says:

    “Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    May 14th, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    As a side note, I like to keep track of the players and their likely interests. You’re a Constitution Party activist, and a Barr nomination would likely cut into the Baldwin ticket’s potential to reach and persuade conservative voters.

    No, I am not saying that Baldwin and Barr are cut from the same cloth”

    Yeah, Chuck Baldwin might actually be more libertarian than Bob Barr.

  10. paulie Says:

    I’d like to hear Bob Barr on the Steve Kubby show.

    Gravel, Ruwart and Phillies have been on from presidential candidates, and Redpath, Moulton, Benedict and Keaton from LNC. Maybe some others.

    So far no response from Barr team.

  11. Jared Says:

    Andy nailed it.

  12. chief wana dubie Says:

    Addiction, is a human frailty, NOT A CRIMINAL ACT It was the 13th amendment, that supposedly ended slavery, by changing, it’s condition, from the color of ones skin, over to, punishment for crime At the time that the 13th was written, crime, was murder, robbery, and treason Today’s, so called crimes, was all acceptable behaviors, at the time of the 13th DEPARTMENT 13 is the result of the 13th amendment There is nothing equal, about there EQUAL OPPORTUNITY SLAVERY DEAD presidents, are the only representation, that Americans have today If you have no CASH, then, your ASS is GRASS The war against DRUGS, is only a racial issue, if the only two RACES, are those with MONEY, PREYING, on those without MONEY What we have here, is a constitutional issue Does the government, have the right to represent, special interest, and declare war upon it’s own citizens??? I dare call it treason

  13. Brent Burk Says:

    Barr changed his tune last I checked, but in order to be a LP candidate you must be 100% right 100% of your life. Any sign of changing your position is considered Romney-esqe and Barr must be doing it for political gain.

  14. Hugh Jass Says:

    “Barr changed his tune last I checked, but in order to be a LP candidate you must be 100% right 100% of your life. Any sign of changing your position is considered Romney-esqe and Barr must be doing it for political gain.”

    No, it’s just that a conversion should be a true conversion. If Barr claims to have changed his stance on the War on Drugs, yet he still supports the illegality of heroin and acid, and he supports giving aid to Columbia in fighting their drug war, and he won’t call for a definite withdrawal from Iraq, and he supports implementing a new 30% tax on everyone, then it is safe to question his conversion.

  15. chief wana dubie Says:

    Brett, you are so right I’ve been a libertarian, since the ‘70’s, only to find myself kicked out of the party, for being to free Only to find the party embracing, the ENEMIES, of the true LIBERTARIAN philosophy, and IDEALISM Just like Paul, in the new testament, he was a Christian killer, that converted, only to sway their enemies, back into their control, and rewrote the bible in his image, BARR is just another WOLF in sheep’s clothing DUPPED AGAIN

  16. chief wana dubie Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I became a libertarian, because, they wanted to end the drug war, for all, not just for sick libertarians. I thought that the party was about the liberation of the HEMP PLANT, the most useful plant on earth, that George Washington, declared legal forever. I thought that the libertarian party, was out to put an end, of the bigotry, associated, with the war against drugs. I guess that I was WRONG!

  17. Trent Hill Says:

    “As a side note, I like to keep track of the players and their likely interests. You’re a Constitution Party activist, and a Barr nomination would likely cut into the Baldwin ticket’s potential to reach and persuade conservative voters.”

    Im a Liberty Activist, affilliated with the Constitution Party—but who also worked in Ron Paul’s campaign and works with the Libertarians in my local and state areas.
    But—I do view Barr as a detriment, both to my party and to the larger Liberty movement. Barr is not a good spokesman for said movement—because he just has too many skeletons. I’d rather split the “Paul vote” 2 ways (between Baldwin and Ruwart, or Baldwin and Kubby) than split the “Conservative Paul vote” 2 ways (Barr and Baldwin) and leave the “Left-Paul vote” at home.

    So I have more than one interest here. I worked closely with Libertarian-leaning Greens during the Ron Paul campaign to try and reach out to young Leftists and college-students in general. Although i’m DEFINETLY on the right-end of the spectrum, I see the Liberty Movement as running across the breadth of the political spectrum.

  18. Trent Hill Says:

    “Yeah, Chuck Baldwin might actually be more libertarian than Bob Barr.”

    Not to mention—he doesnt have as many skeletons in his personal closet. He’s had one wife, never had an abortion, and hasnt radically changed his political worldview over the past 2 years. Also, contributing tens of thousands of dollars to neo-cons is pretty bad too, as well support for the FairTax.

    All in all—-the guy is pro-libery, but shouldnt be seated at the head of the table. If Barr’s conversion is honest, and i’m not convinced it is, then he should spend the next 4 years working to advance Liberty—and then run for President.

  19. Trent Hill Says:


    Im sure Kubby doesnt like to makeany attacks, largely because it could come to the detriment of the party—-but does he put party above the issues? Its become clear that Barr does NOT fully support ending the War on Drugs. Do you or Kubby want Barr representing his position as the Libertarian position? I’d suggest Kubby get up and make a forceful speech denouncing such nanny-statism.

  20. chief wana dubie Says:

    I for one, thinks, that it is time to split the party. The party leaders, have traded party principles, to the prince of darkness, for special privilege. I thought that we were a party of patriots, and rebels, not vein puppets, rejects, from the controlling factions. Is there any free thinkers, left in the party? Or are they all disqualified, because of a prior act of servitude? BEING FREE?

  21. chief wana dubie Says:

    Of course, I have SKELETONS, in my closet, as well as a flaming pot leaf tattooed on my forehead. It’s legal in today’s fascist ” NOT-SEE” America, to push someone over the edge, just don’t dare be the one being pushed, because your party won’t be there to pick up the pieces. I have lived my life according to party principles, and ideals, only to find that the party, is just like the others, just talk. I’m a sheep in wolfs clothing, because all the wolfs are dressed like sheep. I’TS time to shake the party, and expose, and rid the wolfs, if the party is not free, how can we ever expect to have a free country again!

  22. Stefan Says:

    check this out before you judge Barr too harsh on his current stance
    stopthedrugwar . org/chronicle/479/bob_barr_joins_mpp
    politico . com/news/stories/0307/3329.html

    He not only accepts the legality of medical cannibis, he is actively campaigning for it legally. His legal background certainly means he knows the laws and the fact that he was an ex-drugwarrior for the reason that he can persuade the enforcers of these drug war much better and has authority. Also, making it a state issue, where the federal government cannot override it, gives more freedom for people.
    The override of the state drug law policy was started by CLinton and Janet Reno was/is really some vicious woman! (as we can see in this video).

    Kubby and wife and children really look very nice. They must have had quite an experience. Newly Ron Paul and Barney Frank have introduced a medical cannabis bill.

  23. chief wana dubie Says:

    If your not fighting for all the rights of all of the people all of the time then you have no business/ right, fighting for anyone’s rights, any of the time!

  24. chief wana dubie Says:

    Medical cannabis, is not the issue, don’t let them side track, what must be done! The hemp plant, is the only thing, that can rid global warming! If life hands you a greenhouse, then plant it! It’s time to plant the planet, for we have used it up! Hemp will solve the fuel crisis! Hemp will end world hunger! Hemp’s, 50,000 uses will create millions of jobs! You can fight for special privilege, for the few can have their medical cannabis, taking some power from one set of gangsters, to give to another set of gangsters, maintaining the status quo of the drug warriors! Still divided, still only liberty and justice, for those with money! just another privilege class! I choose to fight for liberty and justice for ALL, OR NONE

  25. chief wana dubie Says:

    I’d rather die standing, than live on my knees! Is that why, I’m being ignored, on this BLOG, because, I’m speaking, over everyone’s heads, because, your all living on your knees? Are you telling me, that I’m the last one standing, that’s LIVING, our forefathers stand of “UNITED WE STAND”, and, “GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH” America, is the constitution! For without it were just, MOTHER ENGLAND! If the constitution, is not valid for ALL, then it’s not valid at ALL! The constitution, is the only thing, that gives the government, the right to govern! Without it, there is no government! All of our elected officials, took an oath to uphold, and protect the constitution, from foreign and DOMESTIC ENEMIES! Where did the constitution go? The HIPPIES, nor the FATTIES, smoked, or ate it! Some one is accountable/ the government! I DARE CALL IT TREASON! Is there anybody with me? Or, am I the last American ALSO?

  26. jre Says:

    Hey Chief wana Dubie…....

    I am with ya brother, its getting close to convention time and the factions are lining up. Are we going to be the party of principle and line up behind a strong platform and a strongly libertarian candidate or are we going to line up with a weak platform and a candidate who may also be weak concerning long held libertarian principles. I personally believe that with a strong platform, and that means one that has an end means or end goals, that the delegates as a whole could get behind a Barr, Root, or Gravel ticket and still preserve what our party stands for. But…. if we get the notopian platform and a moderate candidate then the party will be ripe for overtaking by people that are not in the least bit libertarian. I am just one person with an opinion, but that’s how I see it. Everyone should remember that Mr. Barr did not wait for our platform to change before he sought us out…he came on board knowing what we as the party of principle stand for. I can accept that moderate or radical candidates for the lp will “soft pedal” our message to the media as in the way Mr. Barr has spoken lately, but if you totally screw up the underlying principles that are contained in our platform THEN the lp is in trouble.

  27. chief wana dubie Says:

    JRE, I was thinking of a KUBBY/DUBIE ticket, but since I’m kicked out of the party, that’s doubtful. I’d be at the convention, but it be just another case of wasting, time, money, and gas! America, needs something different, not more of the same! I guess that I need to follow the Kubbies, into exile, because we have given our nation to the beast!

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