Mr. Underwood Goes to Googleland: Ralph Nader visit featured on YouTube

From the Nader/Gonzalez 2008 campaign:

While most of us sit in front of screens typing and searching, Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader still types out his prose on a manual Underwood typewriter.

On Monday, Mr. Underwood traveled to Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Nader is not easily dazzled by technological wonders.

Throughout his career, Nader has confronted head-on the downside of nuclear, automobile, genetic engineering and other industrial advances.

And now he’s questioning the enormous amount of time we spend in front of our computers.

Has Google and the information revolution that it leads made our society better?

Or is it just another mass diversion from the reality of the corporate takeover of our democracy?

At Googleland, Nader took questions for an hour.

And then sat down for an eight-minute interview with Youtube.

Nader/Gonzalez is confronting head-on the reality of the corporate takeover of our democracy.

11 Responses to “Mr. Underwood Goes to Googleland: Ralph Nader visit featured on YouTube”

  1. Jerry Baner Says:

    Yet another reason to avoid voting for Nader.

    Seriously, who goes to google and starts out by saying “the internet sucks.”

    Maybe Gravel’s buddy Ted Stevens, but it doesn’t work for RN.

  2. Ross Says:

    Gravel’s buddy?

  3. Catholic Trotskyist Says:


  4. Sivarticus Says:

    Ha ha ha, oh wow. This all but assures that the ‘net user vote will continue to lay firmly in the arms of Ron Paul, Obama, and maybe Barr. It’s almost hard to believe Nader ever had “rockstar” status among young people in and trendy libs in 2000.

    It’s also a sign that the non-Democratic Party left forces are going to be virtually sunk after this year. The Greens and Nader who dominated the last couple election cycles for third party news are going nowhere fast but down. McKinney will end up embarrassing the GP and not bringing a thing to the table with Obama as the Dem, while Nader will just keep…well, keep being Nader…

  5. Jurgen Vsych Says:

    If you want Google to have Ralph Nader (and other third party candidates) on the debates, you need to write to them, or call Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 Phone: +1 650-253-0000

    Jurgen Vsych
    Author “What Was Ralph Nader Thinking?”

  6. Ross Says:

    I still think McKinney’s slogan should be something like: “Want a woman? Want a black? No need to compromise!”

  7. Scott Says:

    I found it disappointing that Nader would or could not name the specific policy terms that, if adopted by the Dems, would cause him to leave the race.

  8. Ross Says:

    I think he did that in 2004, didn’t he? Let’s see if he does that once there’s a Dem nominee.

  9. Amos Says:

    The guy’s still awsome!
    He’s pushing important issues that should be a part of the national debate

  10. joe Says:

    jeremy, i just watched the video..he never said that. It had nothing to do with talking about the internet or technology. The interview has to do with some tough questions that the puppet candidates never get and never answer.

    As many would do you made an assumption based on the corporate propoganda you see on tv, without watching him speak. Nader speaks to the things that the people want…living wage, more restraints on criminal banks, better environmental conditions, etc. And unlike many in washington he actually has done many things by starting so many non profits. So next time you are on the plane and the person next to you isnt smoking be happy that nader did the work that the vast majority of politicians are too selfish to do. Do your research…all you have to do is click on play for starters.

  11. Sylvia Valls Says:

    In effect, Nader is the only candidate I know who says it like it is… (I don´t know either Gonzalez nor Cynthia, but if she is a black woman she is probably in touch with reality, at least…). He is the brightest of the bunch that I do know, and the most honest and legitimate candidate for the highest office ever… Re the internet: many of us feel that it removes us from our REAL surrounding even more intensely and absorbingly than regular tv, that it is a big waste of time much of the time, and worse, that we can barely do without it as things presently stand. How to turn it into a less enslaving force of “liberation” is an important matter to look at. Only Nader is bound to open up that discussion, if the forces that be allow him to, which they will not. I’m appalled that he is so totally misread.

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