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From the Root for America campaign:

“Over the course of the last year I have had the privilege of meeting all of our Presidential candidates. Whether it has been at picnics, debates, forums, or over dinner it has been an honor to have gotten to know them. For the most part, the Libertarian Party and the freedom movement have been well served by their participation, service, and dedication to the cause.

In less than two weeks, we as delegates to our national convention in Denver get to decide not only on our nominee for President, but also the direction we as a party wish to take. As Libertarians we know that our message is right, and yet we have languished at the polls and elections for way too many years. This year we have an unprecedented opportunity to influence politics in America as we know it today, and an unprecedented opportunity to grow our party like never before. For this to happen it is imperative we choose a spokesman that can carry our message to the American public- through the media. We need a spokesman that the media is comfortable interviewing and wants to interview. This person is Wayne Allyn Root. That is why I am enthusiastically endorsing his candidacy for President of the United States.

Wayne has demonstrated to me at debates in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Nevada the ability to win over crowds and articulate our Libertarian message in a way that people want to hear. His background as a family man, a father of four, home-school dad, and small businessman resonates with the American public. His magnetism and energy are attributes that will help build and advance the LP and Libertarian message for years to come.”

Louis R. Jasikoff, Chairman
New Jersey Libertarian Party
Delegate, Denver 2008

“The Libertarian Party has a great message- smaller government, less spending, lower taxes, and more economic and personal freedom. Now we need a great messenger. Wayne Root is that messenger. I’ve never been this excited by a LP Presidential candidate. Root is our Libertarian version of Ronald Reagan- a dynamic Libertarian communicator to spread our message and empower liberty to grow. I’m proud and thrilled to endorse Wayne Root for President of the United States.”

Jason Scheurer
New Jersey U.S. Senate candidate 2008
At-large member NJLP
Delegate, Denver 2008

“Move over Ann Coulter & James Carville. Wayne Allyn Root is dynamic, colorful, charismatic,
aggressive, egotistical and LOUD. This brash Ivy League product knows how to amass a fortune, and can savage any politician from the right or the left in a debate. Sparks will fly when this Libertarian rebel rides into town.”
Shelby Whitfield
Former Executive Producer & Director, ABC Radio
Consultant & Author

19 Responses to “More Root endorsements”

  1. Peter Orvetti Says:

    I am neither for nor against Root, but for those who are supporting him: Are you concerned about some of the negative assessments about his business dealings that have been brought up here (such as a “blacklist” of his odds-making service)? Are you concerned how this could reflect on the LP?

  2. Scott Lieberman Says:

    “Peter Orvetti Says:

    May 14th, 2008 at 10:11 am

    “Are you concerned about some of the negative assessments about his business dealings that have been brought up here (such as a “blacklist” of his odds-making service)? Are you concerned how this could reflect on the LP?”


    Wayne Root has had hundreds of employees and tens of thousands of customers over the past few decades. It is not surprising that a couple of fired employees, or a few customers who had a bad experience with Root’s handicapping service, would post negative things on the Internet about Wayne Root. I congratulate Wayne-Root-naysayer Tom Knapp on being able to turn this molehill into a mountain. If you look carefully, you will see that that “blacklist” is sponsored by a company that accepts advertisements from Wayne’s competitors. Duhhh!

    The important thing is - I don’t know of any lawsuits against Wayne Root, so there is no evidence that he has defrauded anyone.

    Any business that has thousands of customers will have a few complaints to the BBB from unhappy customers. The small number of Better Business complaints against him were, to my knowledge, all resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.

    I am sure that Wayne trains his employees to be good salespeople, which means that some of them might be somewhat agressive in their sales techniques. If that bothers you, then I suggest you go back and study some more about free-market economics.

    Besides, if you think about it, isn’t that what the LP is trying to do - SELL libertarianism to millions of people?

  3. Mike Theodore Says:

    Move over Ann Coulter? Oh God…

  4. Peter Orvetti Says:

    That’s a rather hostile response to what I think was a very reasonable question.

  5. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    You write:

    “The small number of Better Business complaints against him were, to my knowledge, all resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.”

    The last time I checked the BBB reports on Wayne’s business—which was this weekend when I was giving him an opportunity to remove the false claim above from a letter Mark Schreiber posted on his campaign site—the BBB showed NO complaints “resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.” Just checked again—same same.

    The BBB reports are handled on a “rolling” basis, so I suppose that it’s possible that Root’s business has, at one time or another, resolved a customer complaint to the customer’s satisfaction. Over the reported period, however, its “resolved to the customer’s satisfaction” batting average with BBB is .000.

    And, as I demonstrated the last time around, Root’s BBB complaint numbers are on the high end both for infomercial/telemarketing sales operations and for sports handicapping services. It only came to my attention after investigating his and Mark’s claims that they’re also high versus stock brokerages and, on a per customer basis, Fortune 500 companies.

    To put it bluntly, the Root campaign’s characterization of his Better Business Bureau record is 100% pure bullshit. It’s a flat-out lie, and the proof is a click away from anyone’s desktop—demonstrating that Wayne does, at least, have chutzpah.

  6. Peter Orvetti Says:

    For the record, there are things about Root that I like. His is a homeschooling family, for one, and one of the main reasons I rejoined the LP was because the District of Columbia has decided to “crack down” on parent-directed education practiced by families like my own. I also think Root has an upbeat and engaging screen presence. And he did personally answer an e-mail message I sent him, albeit briefly—and I have yet to get any sort of response to several e-mails I sent to my current preferred candidate and her campaign. So I’m not trying to diss Root; I was just askin’.

  7. Scott Lieberman Says:

    “Peter Orvetti Says:

    May 14th, 2008 at 10:59 am
    That’s a rather hostile response to what I think was a very reasonable question.”

    If my response to Mr. Orvetti was hostile, I don’t think Mr. Orvetti reads the comment section of TPW very often.


    Unlike Mr. Knapp, I don’t have the time to spend an hour on the phone with a BBB trying to figure out exactly how to interpret these data.

    However, this is what Mr. Knapp’s link gets you to…

    “Complaint History

    When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

    The Bureau processed a total of 13 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total (13) in 36 months, (6) was/were closed in the last year.

    Complaints concerned:
    3 - Selling Practices

    BBB Definition:

    Selling Practices - Claims of alleged unknown specifics.

    1 - Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices
    1 - Sales presentation used high pressure methods
    1 - General Sales Complaint Issues
    1 - Service Issues

    BBB Definition:

    Service Issues - Claims of alleged delay in completing service, failure to provide promised service, inferior quality of provided service, or damage merchandise as a result of delivery service.

    1 - General Service Complaint Issues
    4 - Billing or Collection Issues
    BBB Definition:

    Billing or Collection Issues - Claim alleging billing errors, unauthorized charges, or questionable collection practices.

    2 - Unauthorized credit card charges
    1 - Unauthorized bank debits
    1 - Failure to substantiate charges
    3 - Refund or Exchange Issues

    BBB Definition:

    Refund or Exchange Issues - Claim of alleged failure to honor company policy or verbal commitment to provide refunds, exchanges, or credit for products or services.

    1 - Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or contract
    2 - General Refund or Exchange Complaint Issues
    1 - Contract Issues

    BBB Definition:

    Contract Issues - Claim of alleged failure to honor contract or agreement, work performed without authorization, or invalid contract.

    1 - Failure to honor a contract or agreement
    1 - Customer Service Issues
    BBB Definition:

    Customer Service Issues - Claims alleging unsatisfactory customer service, including personnel’s failure to provide assistance in a timely manner, failure to address or respond to customer dissatisfaction, unavailability for customer support, and/or inappropriate behavior or attitude exhibited by company staff.

    1 - Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support

    The 6 complaints closed in the last 12 months was/were closed as:

    3 - Resolved

    BBB Definition:

    Resolved - The company resolved the complaint issues.

    3 - Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledged acceptance to the BBB.
    3 - Administratively Closed

    BBB Definition:

    Administratively Closed - The BBB determined the company made a good faith and reasonable effort to resolve the issues, although the complainant was not always satisfied with the outcome.

    2 - BBB determined the company made good faith and reasonable offer to resolve the issues, but the consumer did not accept the offer.
    1 - BBB determined that despite the company’s good faith effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.


    I know Mr. Knapp loves to spin data so that it is totally unrecognizable, but from the above numbers I see exactly ONE complaint that was not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

    So, Mr. Knapp is again trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    If you don’t believe me, click on the link in Mr. Knapp’s post on

    May 14th, 2008 at 11:00 am yourself.

  8. Peter Orvetti Says:

    I read the comments here quite often, and I agree that many of them are extremely abrasive. But just because something is less hostile than the norm does not mean it is not hostile. Are the Root campaign’s representatives going to respond “duhhh!” to voters’ questions or media queries on the campaign trail? When someone raises a concern, will the response be, “I suggest you go back and study some more about free-market economics”? I was asking a question after stating that I was undecided about the candidate. If Root is the nominee, he will meet a lot of voters who are unfamiliar with libertarianism. When they ask his campaign for clarifications, will those voters be told they’re dummies?

  9. Peter Orvetti Says:

    Again for what it’s worth, at the moment I’m most in favor of Kubby, Root, or Ruwart as the presidential nominee (in alphabetical, not preferential, order). Of the so-called major contenders, the only ones I’ve essentially ruled out are Barr and Gravel (or Barbell, to give them a celebrity couple name).

  10. Scott Lieberman Says:

    Peter says…

    “If Root is the nominee, he will meet a lot of voters who are unfamiliar with libertarianism. When they ask his campaign for clarifications, will those voters be told they’re dummies?”


    Peter, I have seen you post dozens of comments on this blog. You obviously know quite a bit about libertarianism. To the extent that my comment was negative, it reflected my exasperation with Mr. Knapp trying to force this issue into the delegate’s faces for the third, or is it the fourth time.

  11. Peter Orvetti Says:

    Fair enough. I apologize for my overreaction.

  12. Live Free or Choke Says:

    WAR is a reader. So, with libertarian books he will only grow closer to a 100/100 Libertarian each month that passes. I understand the first time he took the world’s SPQ he was 80/100 on the little test. I truly believe in 2012, ‘16 or ‘20 he will make a most outstanding LP nominee for POTUS. And he can most surely become the first LP POTUS.

    Sadly this year a man who is MUCH LESS of a libertarian in almost every category will outpace WAR in the Reform wing of the LP in Denver for the nomination. Hopefully WAR won’t become discouraged and will continue within the LP after this convention. I for one have been pleased to see his movement over this year into a more complete Libertarian. A moderate libertarian is an electable libertarian ! The definition of a moderate libertarian can be discussed for months (by some) however most understand the term.

    I wish WAR would consider running for and winning the LV mayor position. It would be a position from which a credible POTUS campaign could come. Anyway, in less than two weeks the “verbal abuse” will stop from most Libertarians. Thanks for running. Hope to hear from WAR down the road…

    Jim LIBERTARIAN Burns/Steve KUBBY ‘08
    I’ve become a FAN of the “fat”MAN and the “head”MAN

    www .infowars,com
    the TRUTH will set you free

    STOP Barr the drugWARRIOR

  13. Stefan Says:

    Interesting that Root is compared to Ann Coulter and James Carville, who are political analystist, and hardly diplomatic politicians. I think it is fair to rather compare Root to a political activist than a political candidate, but this is only me.

    He said there are about 12 million gamblers to which he would have access and he has the list of about 2 million? (cannot remember how much he said). Well, with such a list and with all his countless media appearances that are so hyped, one would expect a substantial number of people donating to his campaign. And he has been campaigning since several months. Well, so far I count 33 donors, not exactly a big amount…of course there could be more in the meantime, so I stand to be corrected, but doubt it would be more than 50

  14. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    I’m not the one who “forced” this issue into the discussion this time. YOU are.

    I delved into Wayne’s BBB record ONE TIME on my own, and did so with complete accuracy. Wayne responded with inaccurate bluster, so I went into that record a second time in more depth in order to demonstrate the inaccuracy of said bluster.

    After that, I was content to leave it alone. I had pantsed Root in public, and then spanked his red ass when he tried to convince everyone that no, he was just naturally inclined to go with the low-rider style of trouser wear.

    Then, this last week, Root’s campaign manager decided to open the issue up again. Nobody made Mark bring up Wayne’s BBB record. Nobody made Mark lie about Wayne’s BBB record. And instead of jumping on it in public, I spent several hours emailing back and forth with Wayne trying nicely to get him to remove the lie instead of leaving it out there for me—or someone else—to pounce on. I ended up not running with it for the simple reason that I felt perhaps Wayne WANTED me to, and that made me suspicious.

    Then you decided to bring it up here—and to prove that you can’t read as well by pasting in the BBB report which clearly shows not a single complaint resolved TO THE CUSTOMER’S SATISFACTION.

    Six complaints were closed.

    Of those six, in three the customer did not acknowledge acceptance to the BBB.

    Of the other three, the customer refused Wayne’s company’s resolution offer in two, and remained dissatisfied in one.

    Six of 13 complaints closed. Of the six closed, NONE to the customer’s satisfaction. That may be a mountain or it may be a molehill … but the Root campaign is lying about it.

    Lying is usually a bad idea.

    Continuing to lie about issues you’ve already been caught cold lying about isn’t very smart.

    I reject the argument that contesting a lie when you trot it out is “forcing” an issue. If you don’t want to get smacked around for lying, don’t do it.

  15. Yank Says:

    Does Wayne get ass for his customers or not? That’s the question. Unless BBB stands for Bigger Better Booty, you are boring me.

  16. Arizona Indie Says:

    Endorsements from a bunch of unknowns, like most of the ones posted on this site for Root - way to go!

    The only endorsements at this time that would impress me would be those of Ed Clark, David Nolan or Tonie Nathan.

    The best of luck to Mr. Root, but so far I’ve seen nothing to impress. Come back in 4 or 8 years, when you have more than one year in the Libertarian Party (at least he has Gravel beat), and then try and run for President - you won’t look so much like an opportunist then (we already have Barr and Gravel and even the possibility of Ventura trying to vulterize the party this year).

  17. Ken G. Says:

    Root is pond scum. His company is a high pressure telemarketing office. there is no other way to describe him or his comapny. any attempt to make him or his company look any better then you are hiding the truth. I’ve got so much on Wayne Root. I’d love for him to come on any forum, any day of the year. He won’t because he’s a lying scumbag.

  18. Committee for Clarity Says:

    to be clear
    It seems to us that most of our candidates were “recruited” to run for POTUS nomination. Including Root. He didn’t just show up out of the blue one day and say let me be your candidate. He wasn’t appointed to the LNC either. He didn’t drag his feet and hide from scrutiny. He’s been there every step of the way working hard to get your vote.

    This discrediting of his endorser’s is really low stuff. These people have a right to pick a candidate. Just as you have a right to favor yours. But they’ve gone a step further…and stepped up to do so publicly. And more of them have done that for Root than everyone else combined. So, why do you feel previleaged to diride them as nobodies. Who the heck are you? Does anyone know you beyond TPW?

    Like him or not Root has endorsements from LP leaders and activist, the top people in his industry, and media people who he’s convinced on the air. He has won more straw polls than anyone else that cared to compete with him. He’s gotten millions of dollars worth of free air time for the LP. Peter O we are not at all concerned about being represented by Root on air. He’s been there… a lot. He’ll be there again next Friday. He’s not selling a book or riding on who he was in the past. He’s there because he works. The people who endorse him publicly buy that as a good thing.

    Now, most of the negative comments here are about his business, not issues. Most business people who serve the public realize this is much ado about nothing. So, lets be clear. WHO CARES?

    Tom Knapp knows nothing about business. His first attack on Root was an admitted hit piece and Root hadn’t done anything to warrant it…except be the front runner. So, when Ruwart jumped in where was Knapp. When Gravel jumps in where’s Knapp. When Barr jumps in where’s Mr Knapp? He’s already been dumped by Kubby for burying his campaing in negativity.

    Folks, listen, buisnesses using telemarketing, direct mail, Internet etc are “by law” required to give you your money back within 30 days of recieving your order no questions asked. By law.

    I would assume that anyone who gets the goods and doesn’t like them will take advantage of that law. If Root has built a business using direct response advertising etc., take a moment and ask yourself why do people send him money and let him keep it?

    You may not like the method but then you must really hate most American buisnesses out there. That’s sad and not consistent with a free market philosophy we supposedly favor. If Ruwarts vision comes to pass you won’t even have that law to protect the consumer.

    How many compliants do you think Microsoft, McDonalds, or any business that deals with thousands of poeple a day get every day? If Bill Gates were to say he wants to run for president with the LP do you think you’d trot out those complaints to kill his chances. That’s a laugh.

    Did you know that Nike was saved at one point through direct mail. That their products were falling apart for a long time till they got their formua right? There are hundreds of name brands that have customer complaints. And this guy has a dozen or so. Give it a rest.

    We’re sure Bob Barr has a few complaints as well. We’re sure that Ruwart has a few unmarketable positions and Phillies has never been bad mouthed by a student. Gravel wasn’t a very popular Senator when in office so what’s the point of beating a dead horse?

    In short this is really sad comentary and just turns off people interested in the LP. That’s what some of you want. Tom Knapp even said he’d go out of his way to destroy the LP rather than let a Reformer candidate get the nod. So, why do you bother, is this all you have? If so its sad you won’t let someone like Root make it bigger and better.

    the committee
    ...nuff said…

  19. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    “Tom Knapp knows nothing about business.”

    Sez you. I’ve never pretended to be a “business mogul” like Root did at first; therefore I’ve never had to retrench from “business mogul” to “small businessman” in terms of self-description.

    On the other hand, for the last five years I’ve been the de facto CEO of a small business (a daily political publication, with spinoffs) that supports one full-time and four part-time workers (not employees—partners) on a novel “pay what you think it’s worth” revenue model. It may not be big, but the lights are still on and we’ve yet to miss an edition in more than 1,400 (we’ll be taking our first “all at once vacation” next week). So it may just be that I know a little more about business than you think I do.

    “So, when Ruwart jumped in where was Knapp. When Gravel jumps in where’s Knapp. When Barr jumps in where’s Mr Knapp?”

    I support Ruwart as a second choice to Kubby. Attacking candidates I support isn’t in my job description.

    Gravel is down my list—I prefer him to some of the other candidates, and also consider him marginal enough not to need to be attacked.

    I’ve been on Barr like the white on rice.

    And I’ve never, ever, ever threatened to “destroy the LP.” That’s just a flat-out lie.

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