North Virginia Patriots Interview & Endorse Christine Smith

From Christine Smith for President:

The NVP show with Smith is one of the most powerful interviews you can hear. Many issues were discussed, with all three hosts (Bryan Siemon, Ray Powell & Neil Kiernan ) and listeners expressing support of her candidacy on-air. If you listen to just one interview - hear this one. Stay tuned for discussion between the three hosts including their on-air “official endorsement” of Smith after interview concludes.

“Libertarian Presidential hopeful comes on our show for a great interview! Don’t miss this one, she now has the endorsement of the North Virginia Patriots and many of our listeners,” says the website of the North Virginia Patriots show (heard daily on

(Interview begins at the 20-minute mark- slider at both sites can be fast forwarded to the 20-min. mark.)

LISTEN HERE (Podcast of Show)

Or HERE (BlogtalkRadio link of show)

Topics discussed on the May 12, 2008 interview with Smith included: Foreign policy, terrorism, national security, free trade, embargoes/sanctions, welfare, drugs, firearms, immigration, income tax, creation of jobs, education, abortion, healthcare, energy, environmentalism, the GOP and Democratic parties, anarchism, conservatism, classical liberalism, and libertarian principle.

Smith was also asked about the experience of running as a female candidate, her preference for VP, would she be a VP, and the reasons behind her libertarianism and joining of the LP.

2 Responses to “North Virginia Patriots Interview & Endorse Christine Smith”

  1. Chris Moore Says:

    This has to be one of the poorest written releases I’ve read in a long time.

    Also, I’ve lived in Virginia for a couple of decades, and I have never heard anyone refer to “North Virginia”. The DCized area of Virginia with poor transportation infrastructure that leaches off of the rest of us is called Northern Virginia.

  2. Ross Says:

    Neil isn’t one of the North Virginia Patriots. He was on the show when they talked to Christine Smith, but he endorsed Mike Gravel on his own show today. Neil and his wife are traveling to the convention in Denver as delegates to vote for Gravel, even.

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