Bill Redpath on Steve Kubby Blog Talk Radio program last night

Guests: Bill Redpath, Mary Ruwart

Hosts: Steve Kubby, Richard Cowan

Callers: I don’t have audio to check, but off the top of my head I remember Todd Andrew Barnett, Rob Latham, Rob Power, Less Antman, David Nolan and me. If you remember other callers, or listen to the show, let me know in the comments and I will update the entry.

Archived here for your listening pleasure.

14 Responses to “Bill Redpath on Steve Kubby Blog Talk Radio program last night”

  1. ABW Says:

    Thanks for getting Barr off of the top of the page. I’m sick of hearing him mislead the media by telling them that he IS the Libertarian candidate for president. No he’s not—and no he won’t be. Real Liberatrians aren’t that stupid.

  2. Steve LaBianca Says:

    I’ll be sure to listen this evening. I tried to get it live last night, but couldn’t find it for some reason.

    Thanks Paulie.

  3. Paulie Says:


    Not so sure he won’t be, but I find this troubling:

    — In [email protected], “Dick Clark” wrote:

    > Okay, this is absolutely awful:

    > *…Mr. Barr said he still opposes abortion and the legalization or
    > decriminalization of drugs, just as he did as a federal prosecutor during
    > the Reagan administration and as a Republican in the U.S. House.

    > Some Libertarians hold the opposite view…

    > *********


    > Article published May 13, 2008
    > Barr to woo Libertarian base for funds


  4. Paulie Says:

    # Steve LaBianca Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 2:57 pm e

    I’ll be sure to listen this evening. I tried to get it live last night, but couldn’t find it for some reason.

    Thanks Paulie.

    You’re welcome!

  5. Steve LaBianca Says:

    Paulie, this will likely be troubling for Barr. I have yet to see and hear the press conference from yesterday, but what is the source of the Washington Times, saying Barr on the drug issue, is just like he was as a congressman and as a Reagan appointed U.S. attorney?

  6. Paulie Says:

    As far as I can tell it is coverage of his announcement conference.

    Also from that article,

    “The former U.S. attorney also said he would strictly enforce immigration laws. ”

  7. disinter Says:

    Ernie Hancock for LNC chair!

  8. disinter Says:

    Good lord Robbie Power-monger is even goofier on audio.

  9. Former LP Life Member Says:

    After a torrent of insults about Ruth Bennett, disinter said:

    Email me if you want juicy details.

    I have asked disinter to send me the details, but he apparently has none.

    I assume he will now make additional posts quoting himself and continue to provide no backup for his claims.

    I used to respect disinter’s comments, but he appears to be just another Joe McCarthy.

  10. Stefan Says:

    Ernest Hancock is ma very nice and dynamic man indeed and would be an
    excellent choice.

    I read this on another thread/site:
    Bob Barr was agianst the Iraq war from the beginning and is calling for an immediate withdraw.
    The following is a video of him calling for immediate draw down and withdraw and the other is a 30 minute radio interview from 04 about the Patriot Act and the Iraq War. Bob Barr specifically says the Iraq war, Weapons of Mass Destruction, etc are bogus”.
    On Iraq war and the Patriot Act from 2004

  11. Stefan Says:

    Note: This thread is NOT about Barr, so nothing related to him should be discussed, and I only mentioned him after some others are starting discussing him.

  12. disinter Says:

    I used to respect disinter’s comments

    And I give a shit if you respect me or my comments?

  13. Live Free or Choke Says:

    You must be hustling to join Gordan and get a regular check from the Campaign, Stefan or are you already on the payroll ?

    Barr is still a Republican. Burns/Kubby are Libertarians.

    Every libertarian should listen to the Steve Kubby Show, it’s informative and entertaining. However with so many guests and callers it needs to be two hours.

  14. Stefan Says:

    “And I give a shit if you respect me or my comments?”

    LOL funny a very libertarian answer…:-)

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